17 helpless cats' lives are at stake

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					17 helpless cats’ lives are at stake!
       “9 honest volunteers were deceived and their 17 helpless
kittens were taken away.”
Please send your signature to Osaka District Prosecutor’s Office in Japan to
rescue these cats and stop such a heartless crime in Japan!

The fact:
         Within just two and a half months, a woman whose initials are M.K. adopted at
least 17 kittens from 9 volunteers who dedicate themselves to rescue and foster stray
cats. M.K. cunningly approached each volunteer by e-mails pretending that she would
be a prospective great cat owner. M.K. promised these 9 volunteers in person that she
would take good take care of a kitten and would send a report of how the kitten is doing
at her place frequently to each volunteer. However, once she obtained the kittens, she
stopped getting in touch with these volunteers and practically disappeared with the
kittens since she lived in secured apartment and never answered her phone calls,
e-mails, and visits by these 9 volunteers demanding the safe return of their cats. If M.K.
ever answered the volunteers, she said that all the kittens were dead due to the illness in
such a short , which was, of course, her lie because all kittens were healthy when they
were adopted. So, it is impossible that all 17 cats were dead within such a short period.
Moreover, M.K. recently moved to another place and changed her contact information.
So far, these 9 volunteers have recognized that they were tricked by M.K.; another 10
kittens in total were seen at M.K.’s house according to these 9 volunteers. This
suggests that there would be a great number of kittens and volunteers as victims of this
atrocity conducted by M.K. At this point, there is no clue to determine whether those 17
kittens are still alive or not, and where those 17 kittens were placed. The volunteers
suspect that M.K. sold those kittens for experimentations or M.K. killed all the kittens.
Now, 7 volunteers of these 9 volunteers took legal steps against M.K. for the 17 kittens
hoping to take their kittens back. However, it is possible that this case will not be
treated as seriously as a similar crime on people because the victims here are cats. So,
we need your help to encourage the prosecutor’s office to immediately conduct
immediately further investigation of this case in order to rescue these kittens from M.K.
and to punish M.K. severely in order to stop such a heartless crime in the future.

The background information:
        In Japan, volunteers individually rescue and foster stray cats. The volunteers
have spent their own money to provide vaccinations, castration/contraception operation,
and any other additional medical treatments for their rescued stray cats. The
volunteers never ask any adoption fees except asking the new owner to provide a good
home for their rescued cats. In addition, each volunteer has a meeting with each
candidate in advance and then, the volunteers deliver their rescued cats to the new
owners to make sure the information provided by new owners are true in order to prevent
placing cats in a bad household. Of course, these 9 volunteers delivered their rescued
cats to M.K.’s place by themselves, but they visited M.K. at different time and so that
caused the delay to discover M.K.’s lies because there was no way for the each
volunteer to know that M.K. obtained another kitten from other volunteers. So, the 9
volunteers entrusted their 17 kittens to M.K. because M.K. let them in her place and
acted as if she were a good person. M.K. took advantage of the volunteers who only
wished to provide a good home for their rescued cats, and presumed on their good
nature. Please sign on the form and send it to Osaka Prosecutor’s Office in Japan via
air mail! It will be a great help!

Please send the form by air mail to:
Special Investigation Department
Attention: Cats fraud case
Osaka District Public Prosecutor's Office
1-1-60, Fukushima, Fukushima-ku,
Osaka, JAPAN Zip Code: 553-8512 Air Mail

You will need 80 cents for the stamp to send the form by air mail with a regular size
envelope from the U.S. to Japan.
It will take at least a week to deliver air mails from the U.S. to Japan.

Please mail the form to be delivered by October 31.

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