FY 09 IPCRB Meeting Schedule Minutes by qye36108


									July 8, 2008
Board Meeting Minutes


Marc, Staley, Chair, Governor’s Office of Management and Budget;
Boyd Fergurson, Vice-Chair, Illinois State Board of Education, Division of Special
       Education Services;
Chris Dirks, Department of Health Care and Family Services, Bureau of Health
Tom Duewer, Department of Human Services, Division of Rehabilitation
Deborah J. Smith, Department of Children and Family Services, Office of
       Planning and Budget.

Brian Brinker, Department of Public Health, Office of Health Protection;
Vacant, Department of Human Services, Division of Developmental Disabilities.

Satu Allen, Beth Burkhalter, Deb Loman, Illinois State Board of Education.

Laura Mann, representing Special Ed Services; Don Rosen, representing Larkin
Center, Robin Adams, Capitol Reporting Service (accompanying Mr. Rosen);
Early Wilson, Delorse Minor, Sharon L. McMurray and Joyce Williams,
representing Hazel Bland Promise Center; and Teri Hogan, representing CCS –
The Mentor Network.

The meeting was called to order by newly installed Board Chair Marc Staley at
1:05 p.m. and roll was taken. Marc asked for a motion to approve the minutes
from the June meeting. Chris Dirks moved to approve the minutes; Deborah J.
Smith seconded the motion. The motion passed and the minutes from the June
3, 2008, Board meeting were approved as submitted.

The court reporter accompanying Mr. Don Rosen requested the Larkin Appeal be
heard first; and the Chair gladly complied. Satu Allen presented the appeal by
Larkin Center based on Section 900.342 and Section 900.344 of the Illinois
Administrative Code. There was a question as to whether the appeal was filed in
a timely manner; but the Board chose to hear the appeal without documentation
of the date the initial rate letter had been received. Mr. Rosen stated Larkin
Center was seeking a rate increase to recoup extraordinary expenses for
organizational changes made necessary by recently mandated changes to
programs under the Department of Children and Family Services. He indicated
the changes would involve personnel who used to be included in the residential
program costs which would now be charged against the education costs because
DCFS had told the provider they must conform to the new DCFS model during
the 2008-2009 school year. Deborah J. Smith said the last DCFS report she had
received did not indicate the proposed rates for the facilities in question had been
finalized, and therefore could not verify their rates for 2008-2009 had been
reduced. Also, she was unaware the changes were actually being mandated and
wanted to check on that. Ms. Allen indicated that the additional costs Mr. Rosen
was referring to would not be incurred, with the exception of a few days during
the current summer session, until the next school year, reminding the Board that
Section 900.342 specifically refers to costs incurred during the current cost
reporting period. Mr. Rosen was asked if these changes had been included in
the plan approved by the ISBE monitor when he recently visited Larkin, to which
he responded he did not think all the changes which would occur had been
included. Ms. Allen indicated she had spoken with the monitor, who said all the
changes indicated by Mr. Rosen were not in place as of the last visit and the
monitor was unaware of any others. Mr. Rosen argued he believes that although
the appeal regards Section 900-342(a)(3) as a precedent to Section 900.344;
Section 900.344 modifies Section 900.342 to allow for predictable future costs.
The Board did not agree. Marc Staley also noted that State law would supersede
the rules and, therefore, only costs incurred in the current reporting period could
be considered. Chris Dirks motioned to deny the appeal based on the fact the
costs in question would not be incurred during the current reporting period; Tom
Duewer seconded the motion. During further discussion, Mr. Rosen stated his
belief that the rules and mandates appear to be in conflict and informed the
Board that his reason for bringing the Court Reporter to the meeting today was to
support clarification of that conflict through another venue in the future. Board
members continued to confirm their agreement the costs must be incurred during
the current reporting period. A vote was taken and the motion passed. The
appeal was denied, leaving the 2007-2008 rate at $177.38.

The second appeal presented by Satu was from Hazel Bland Promise Center,
whose rate had been set at last year’s level due to their failure to provide
requested information. The appeal was based on mechanical/clerical errors
which had since been documented to the satisfaction of rate-setting staff. Chris

Dirks moved to approve the appeal; Tom Duewer seconded the motion. The
motion carried and the rate of $88.79 was approved.

Satu Allen and Beth Burkhalter then presented the rates for the 2007-2008 and
2008-2009 school years. Please refer to the Minutes Attachment for all rates
presented, amounts, and action taken.

Two extension requests for submission of their CFR’s were submitted for the
Board’s approvel. Deborah Smith moved to approve the requests; Chris Dirks
seconded the motion. The motion passed and extension requests for Camelot
Schools and The Pavilion Foundation were approved.


Beth Burkhalter mentioned that she had received confirmation from the Center
on Deafness that no idle capacity costs were included in their costs reported for
the Room & Board rate for 2007-08.

Deborah J. Smith asked about training sessions for the web-based CFR. Satu
mentioned that a power point presentation as well as a User Guide has been
prepared and will soon be available to share with participating agencies. Satu
also informed the Board that four dates had been set so far for training– two in
Aurora and two in Springfield, and that an additional training session will be held
in Alton as soon as an available date can be determined. Deborah J. Smith said
she was not sure she felt comfortable enough with the system to do any training
on her own. Satu indicated any participating agency staff who felt they needed it
would be welcome to attend one of the ISBE training sessions, as well as having
the option of coming to ISBE for more individualized training.

Tom Duewer mentioned the fact it has been quite some time now since the
vacancy on the Board was created by Sandy Easdale’s retirement. He asked if
the law specifically indicated two representatives from DHS should be appointed
since the combination of several agencies into the current single DHS Agency.
Satu Allen stated she believes both representatives should be maintained. Marc
Staley agreed to look into the matter.


Deb Loman passed out a corrected IPCRB Meeting Schedule. The previous
schedule noted December 1, 2008, as the meeting date and should have been
December 2 instead. Boyd Fergurson moved to approve the corrected schedule;
Tom Duewer seconded and the corrected meeting schedule for 2008-2009 was

The Chair asked if there was any more business to discuss. Hearing none, he
asked for a motion to adjourn. Tom Duewer made the motion to adjourn;
Deborah J. Smith seconded. The motion passed and the meeting was adjourned
at 2:25 p.m. The next meeting of the Illinois State Board of Education will be
held on Tuesday, August 5, 2008, at 1:00 p.m. in the fourth floor Board Room of
the Illinois State Board of Education.


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