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									                                            THE RESEARCH PAPER
                    (To be used in conjunction with the assessment developed for Standard 5B.J)

Performance Standard 5A.J

Each student will complete a research paper which follows the conventions of the selected format (e.g. MLA, APA,
Chicago Manual of Style). The student will survey a subject, select a topic, narrow the focus to a specific set of
questions to answer, and conduct research to find the information needed to answer the research questions. The
student will write a research paper using the information accordingly:
Research Process
    • Developing research design/questions: develop the central research question; answer the central research
         question in the report thesis; develop answers to the central research question through supporting questions;
         answer the supporting questions in the outline of body paragraphs.0
    • Developing research technique: locate sources of information; document each source; paraphrase or quote
         supporting information.
Research Report
    • Developing documentation format: include required information in works cited/bibliography entries; use
         correct format parenthetical notation in the report; follow the proper format and placement in the text.
    • Integrating sources: use proper introductions and explanations for included information; support both the
         topic sentence of the paragraph and the thesis of the report with the included information.


1.  In order to locate, organize, and use information from various sources to answer questions, solve problems
    and communicate ideas (5A), students should experience sufficient learning opportunities to develop the
    • Survey a subject and select a topic.
    • Distinguish among kinds of data needed to solve a problem, present possible solutions, or extend
         information about a topic or problem (e.g., fact/opinion, example/evidence).
    • Evaluate a number of informational sources for relevancy and accuracy.
    • Develop, collect, and analyze various kinds of information related to a topic.
    • Organize information for a presentation.
2. Have students review and discuss the assessment task and how the rubric will be used to evaluate their work.
3. The student will be familiar with techniques for gathering and evaluating information.
4. The student will have completed an orientation to available resources and technology.
5. The student will be familiar with ways to formulate research questions.
6. The student will be familiar with the purposes for writing (e.g., persuasion, cause/effect, argumentation).
7. The student will be familiar with a standard format for documentation (e.g., MLA, APA).
8. Prepare a set of research topics from which research assignments will be generated. (Note: The teacher may
    brainstorm research topics with the class)
9. Each student will receive an assignment to research a question, problem or situation that requires an action or
10. Using available resources, the student will develop research questions to guide inquiry, answer the questions by
    researching the subject, and record his/her findings using an appropriate system for recording and documenting
11. Once the research is complete, the student will write a research paper to answer the question, solve the problem
    or communicate the results of his/her inquiry, according to the requirements of the assignment.
12. Evaluate each student’s performance using the rubric. Add each student’s scores to determine the performance

Examples of Student Work follow                   Resources
                                                  • Copies of the documentation format
                                                  • Available technology for researching sources and
                                                     writing the report
Time Requirements                                 • A guide to available resources in the school or
• Five to six weeks                                  community (optional)
• Actual class time required should be no more    • Research Rubric
   than ten to twelve class periods, spaced to
   accommodate the teaching of the steps in the

                                                                                  ASSESSMENT 5A.J
                                                  THE RESEARCH PAPER

NAME _______________________________________________ DATE _______________________________

  Exceeds           15 - 16 total points                              Approaches      7 - 10 total points
  Meets             11 - 14 total points                              Begins          4 - 6 total points

                              Research Process                                              Research Paper
        Research Design/Questions         Research Technique            Documentation Format          Integration of sources
 4      • Central research question is • Student locates eight          • All Works Cited/            • All information is
        clearly worded; the report        or more sources of            Bibliography entries          inserted in the report
        thesis clearly and accurately     information                   consistently contain          with proper
        answers the central research      • Student records all         required information.         introductions and
        question.                         necessary information         • Consistently uses           explanations.
        • Supporting questions            to properly document          correct format.               • All information
        develop answers to the central    each source.                  • Parenthetical notation in supports both the topic
        research question.                • All supporting              the report follows the        sentence of the
        • Outline of body paragraphs Information is properly            proper format and             paragraph and the
        clearly and accurately answer     paraphrased or quoted         placement in the text.        thesis of the report.
        the supporting questions.         directly.
 3      • Central research question is • Student locates six            • Works Cited/                 • Most information is
        clearly worded; the thesis can    or seven sources of           Bibliography entries usually   inserted in the report
        be developed from the             information.                  contain required               with proper
        question with some minor          • Student usually             information. Some minor        introductions and
        revision/editing.                 records necessary             information may be missing     explanations.
        • Supporting questions            information for proper        or inaccurate.                 • Most information
        usually develop answers to the documentation of each            • Usually uses correct         supports both the topic
        central research question. One    source.                       format.                        sentence of the
        question may not develop a        • Supporting                  • Parenthetical notation in    paragraph and the
        necessary supporting point.       information is usually        the report usually follows     thesis of the report.
        • Outline usually answers the paraphrased or quoted             correct format and
        supporting questions.             properly.                     placement in the text.
 2      • Central research question is • Student locates three          • Works Cited/                 • Some information
        not clearly worded; thesis        to five sources of            Bibliography entries           is inserted in the report
        sentence is developed from the information.                     occasionally contain some      with proper
        question only with                • Student records             required information. Some     introductions and
        considerable revision/editing.    some necessary                significant information may    explanations.
        • Supporting questions            information for proper        be missing or inaccurate.      • Some information
        develop some of the answers       documentation of the          • Occasionally uses            does not support the
        to the central research           source.                       correct format.                topic sentence of the
        question.                         • Supporting                  • Some parenthetical           paragraph or the thesis
        • Outline may not answer all      information may be            notations in the report        of the report.
        supporting questions.             inaccurately                  contain erroneous
                                          paraphrased or quoted.        information or cite the
                                                                        wrong source.
 1      • Central research question is     • Student locates no to      • Works Cited/                 • Little or no
        vaguely worded or absent.          two sources of               Bibliography entries contain   information is inserted
        • Supporting questions may         information.                 little or no required          in the report with
        develop one or none of the         • Student records little     information. Some              proper introductions
        answers to the central research    or no necessary              significant information may    and explanations, OR
        question. OR supporting            information for proper       be missing or inaccurate.      Information is absent.
        questions absent.                  documentation of the         • Seldom or never uses         • Little or no
        • Outline does not answer          source.                      correct format.                information supports
        supporting questions.              • Supporting                 • Parenthetical notations      the topic sentence of
                                           information is recorded      in the report are misplaced,   the paragraph or the
                                           inaccurately, OR             contain information errors,    thesis, OR support is
                                           supporting information       or are absent.                 unclear or missing.
                                           is absent.

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