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									                            Illinois State Board of Education
              Illinois Pupil Transportation Advisory Committee Meeting

                                 September 19, 2006


Tatia Beckwith
Noel Biery
Arnaldo Cruz
Raymond Gawron
Tim Imler
Sally Jenkins
Jamie Johnson
Tony Klasing
Bob Koehn
Paul Losos
Cinda Meneghetti
Ken Raymond
Charlie Semple
Joe Williams
Jo Ann Wilson
Julie Wollerman


Jean Anderson
Larry Daghe
Tammi Kestel
Debora McCleary
Chip Pew


The meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Chairperson Raymond Gawron


Members of the committee were asked if there were any changes to the minutes from the
June 6, 2006 IPTAC meeting. A motion was made by Tony Klasing and seconded by
Cinda Meneghetti to approve the minutes. The motion carried.

Mike Stier from IAPT attended.


Welcome Mr. Armaldo A. Cruz:
Tim introduced and welcomed to the committee, Armaldo Cruz. Mr. Cruz made brief
remarks regarding his background for the last eight months with the Chicago Public

ISBE Efforts to collect net ROE Costs for Initial and Refresher classes:
The State Board of Education, according to the School Code, is required to request a
budget figure for the School Bus Driver training sessions. This budget line covers only
basic operations and pay for ROE’s to cover the initial bus driver training sessions but
not the cost for refresher courses. The set fee for each school bus driver is $4.00. Now
with a new budget director the issue is raised to present what current costs truly are to see
if we can get a more accurate measure of what the ROE’s are actually paying out of
pocket. Information collected from the ROE’s as to last years figures regarding how
many classes were held (initial and refreshers), number of students in each class, if
classes were held at their own facilities or had to pay for use of a facility, updated
instruction materials, etc. With this information a better idea of how much each ROE is
actually spending can then be submitted for a more accurate reimbursement rate to be
presented to the General Assembly.

Update on FY 2007 Transportation claims and proration :
Jamie gave a report stating that 893 districts have submitted claims for 05/06. That figure
is for downstate and does not include Chicago. Tim gave figures from last year and
estimated figures of $100,268,600 for Chicago and $231,211,430 for Downstate for
Special Ed Transportation and $11,158,600 for Chicago and $294,725,386 for Downstate
for Reg/Voc Transportation. It seems that 100% is requested and, as in last year, the
amount given was 95% proration. These are only preliminary figures given to our budget
person and then it is determined by the general assembly what is actually given to ISBE
for Pupil Transportation.

Legislation Updates:
A summary of last year’s legislation is in the Bus Scoop Newsletter that was provided as
a hand out and can be located at:

Tim, Cinda and Jamie attended an IEA meeting in July and the topic of owning or sub
contracting buses was discussed. Also mentioned was busing for pre school. Tim
mentioned that this has been proposed previously but has been rejected in the past. Every
ISBE division makes proposals each year but only a handful are actually addressed

before the general assembly. Please let Tim know of any other proposals wanting to be
addressed. October 13th is the deadline for ISBE to propose new legislation.

Tony Klasing mentioned that it might be proposed this spring that an electronic safety
board be placed on the back of buses. The boards would NOT be for any kind of
advertising but strictly addressing loading, unloading, stopping, etc. This has shown in
other areas that it has cut back on some stop arm violations and used as more of an extra
alert to the public.

Update on the Illinois School Bus Driver Training Curriculum Revision Committee:
Curriculum is at a stand still right now due to so many other things going on. The
beginning of the school year generates so many calls and emails that all other projects
tend to take second priority. Cinda hopes to have a November Curriculum Revision
Committee meeting to pull this all together.

Feedback on the New School Bus Driver Instructor Certification System:
It was asked how the system was working for the ROE’s. It was stated that they would
like to have addresses and other background information for each instructor entered into
the system to make the system more workable for everyone.

August School Bus Scoop Newsletter:
The School Bus Scoop Newsletter is out on ISBE’s website; but has not been widespread
officially to all ROE’s. Cinda requested that information that you would like to be shared
to be sent to her via email so it can easily be passed along by including it in the
newsletter. The newsletter is now available along with the Superintendent’s Bulletin for
those that receive those emails. Suggestions are welcome at any time. Noel suggested a
“did you know” fact be included in each newsletter regarding past transportation history.

Other Business:


A motion to adjourn was made by Tony Klasing at 11:25 a.m. and seconded by Joe


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