Previous FOIA Requests public nonpublic school principal e-mail addresses by qye36108


									Mark Wancket,

                 It is that time of year and I am hoping to obtain your updated list of principal emails for public
and non-public school in Illinois for 2009-2010. 1 sent a freedom of information letter last spring and we are
gearing up for this school year and ready to send our information out again to schools! lndiana and Ohio gave
us the principal emails for public and non-public schools and I hope that you can be of assistance.

          We are trying to find the most efficient and "Green" way to let schools know about our company in
Illinois. We are a fundraising company located in lndiana and had a successful fundraising year last year and are
looking to have an even better year for 2009-2010. We have excellent profit margins, highest of quality
products, fast and friendly service. Our gift wrap is made in the USA and is 60 lbs. The cookie dough products,
candles, candy bars, lollipops, and Historical Documents are very easy to sell in the communities and are some
of our more popular items. Our flower bulbs are our most popular and green fundraiser that we offer with a 60%
profit margin.

       Please feel free to take a look at our website, www.klfundraisin~.comand you may also call me a t 866-
309-7140. 1 hope this is all of the information that you need for the Freedom of Information Request. If you
need anything else please feel free to contact me.

        Thank you again for your time and consideration and I hope that this will be sufficient


Carl Kasten
KL Fundraising

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