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Illegal occupation

the The land between the River Jordan and been Mediterranean Sea - called Palestine since the age of Herodotus - has home Torah had for a diverse ethnic mix over its long history. The Jews of the all but 1887 dispersed by the time of the Arab conquest in the 7th century; in Arabs. Assisted of the population of Palestine was Muslim and Christian %5 by Balfour' the infamous in which the British 'declaration support for its use as colonial power occupying Palestine unilaterally declared anti-semitism in Europe and a Jewish homeland, and spurred by vicious Russia, a

wave of immigration increased the European population of Zionist That year, fearing a further colonial siezure of .Palestine sevenfold by 1947 Arabs rejected a U.N. partition plan leading to a their land by Europeans, the .created Israel in possession of most of Palestine Zionist war that left newly Arabs had been driven from their homes and By 1949, more than 700,000 lands (418 cleansed), their holdings declared "absentee property" and villages ethnically Israel, which refuses to re-admit them. The remainder of confiscated by Bank' and 'Gaza Strip' remained free of occupation until the Palestine - 'West in 1967. In contradiction of U.N. Security Council resolutions Israeli invasion and 242 calling for immediate withdrawal from these illegally 338 Israel maintains the remainder of Palestine under ,occupied territories military and connecting 'settlements' constructing militarized Jewish control and is roads, a step condemned by the U.N. as a breach of the Geneva th4 Meanwhile, the Palestinians .Convention repression while Israel receives unwavering political support endure brutal for actions, and massive military and economic aid, from the United its illegal .America States of


More conflict tracing the history of the Israeli-Palestinian maps )BBC(


in 1967 and has Israel invaded the remainder of Palestine - 'Israeli 'Settlements .maintained an illegal and brutal occupation ever since and 338, and the 242 in contravention of U.N. Security Council Resolutions which states Fourth Geneva Convention - Section III - Article 49 Power shall not deport or transfer The Occupying' the territory it parts of its own civilian population into are a component of Israeli policy - '.occupies occupied territories of Palestine and designed to permanently take over the that cleansing ethnic extension of the drive out the indigenous population (an has been on since 1947). Note the strategic placement of settements throughout going the .West Bank


.)2003 Closing the net (July

of Map showing progress of ethnic cleansing settlements ,Israeli-occupied West Bank. Note how illegal Israeli occupation and fragments of their the wall have partitioned West Bank Palestinians into .lands )security fences' (shown above' Israeli construction of 'separation barriers' or and land. Note that the latest aims to separate Palestinians from their jobs approximately 53% of occupied West partitions exclude Palestinians from .Bank says is designed to keep Arab attackers Note also how the wall, which Israel out almost entirely within West Bank and bears of Israel, is in fact constructed the only recognized legal border between ,little relation to the Green Line partitioning off large sections of West Bank from Palestine and Israel. By some Arab towns into virtual concentration camps, Palestinians and enclosing the strategic placement of illegal settlements and aids in wall complements the for incorporation into a 'Greater Israel'. Israeli forces taking over West bank settlers currently control all of West Bank and use deadly and paramilitary .any sign of resistance to their occupation force to eliminate

photo Ronald De Hommel


wall Israeli ,9 July( illegal - International Court of Justice )2004

barrier The International Court of Justice has ruled that Israel's West Bank ruling said is illegal and construction of it should be stopped immediately. The impeded the the barrier's construction was "tantamount to annexation" and .Palestinian right to self-determination

wall Israeli ,Amnesty International, February 19( illegal )2004

the Amnesty International believes that the construction by Israel of is fence/wall inside the Occupied Territories violates international law and .contributing to grave human rights violations

Israel the roadmap, building quietly and quickly redraws )2005 ,Guardian, October 18(

the Jewish settlements during the first quarter of this year rose by 83% on" West same period in 2004. About 4,000 homes are under construction in Israel's Adumim Bank colonies, with thousands more homes approved in the Ariel and Maale number of blocks that penetrate deep into the occupied territories. The total to the West settlers has risen again this year with an estimated 14,000 moving "Bank

The Gaza strip part of Palestine where Israeli forces routinely and indiscriminantly kill Arab civilians, demolish their homes, and brutally eliminate any sign of resistance to occupation.

Illegal Israeli 'settlements' in Gaza strip shown in orange.

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letter Full text of Middle from 50 retired US diplomats urging President Bush to reverse his East )BBC, May 4, 2004( policy

endorsement of We are deeply concerned by your April 14" reject the rights of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's unilateral plan to

refugees to return to their three million Palestinians, to deny the right of settlement blocs in the occupied homeland, and to retain five large illegal West civilians and military doing their jobs ,Bank. You have placed US diplomats dangerous position. It ignores overseas in an untenable and even international settlements illegal. It flouts UN Resolution 194, passed laws declaring Israeli receive affirms the right of refugees to return to their homes or in 1948, which resettling in a compensation for the loss of their property and assistance in support of host country should they choose to do so. Your unqualified Sharon's barrier, its harsh extra-judicial assassinations, Israel's Berlin Wall-like endorsement of military measures in occupied territories, and now your Sharon's credibility, prestige and unilateral plan are costing our country its ".friends

letter Full text of to sent by 50 former British ambassadors to Tony Blair, urging him either May 4, ,BBC( .influence US policy in the Middle East or to stop backing it )2004

ambassadors, high We the undersigned former British" officials, including some commissioners, governors and senior international who others whose experience is have long experience of the Middle East and policies which you have elsewhere, have watched with deepening concern the close co-operation with the followed on the Arab-Israel problem and Iraq, in now been confronted with United States. The international community has the of new policies which are announcement by Ariel Sharon and President Bush Israeli and Palestinian one-sided and illegal and which will cost yet more by the fact that you blood. Our dismay at this backward step is heightened principles which for nearly yourself seem to have endorsed it, abandoning the restore peace in the Holy four decades have guided international efforts to Land successes as those efforts have and which have been the basis for such .produced at a time when rightly or wrongly we This abandonment of principle comes are Muslim world as partners in an illegal portrayed throughout the Arab and

and ".Iraq brutal occupation in

Edward Said's writings

occupied by Every major West Bank and Gaza area is" the grounds Israeli troops who routinely kill and/or detain Palestinians on that houses and shops are ,they are "suspected" terrorists and militants; similarly factories, terrorist often demolished with the excuse that they shelter bomb none asked for by ,cells, and militant meeting places. No proof is given ".without a murmur reporters who accept the unilateral Israeli designation

died September Palestinian-American academic Edward Said .67 in New York after a long battle with cancer. He was 25,2003

the Noam Chomsky on United States and Israel

under Israeli Palestinians have been trying to survive" and brutal military occupation, now in its 35th year. It has been harsh and ,throughout, thanks to decisive US military and economic support diplomatic international consensus protection, including the barring of the long-standing " .on a peaceful political settlement

Desmond Tutuonapartheid in the holy land

safety through Israel will never get true security and" built only on oppressing another people. A true peace can ultimately be ".justice

International )BBC, February 18, 2004( of the Red Cross slams Israeli wall Committee

Cross has The International Committee of the Red" contrary" to" condemned Israel's building of a barrier in the West Bank as proposed route cuts international law. The aid agency said the barrier, whose permissible for an occupying into Palestinian areas, went "far beyond what is ""power

cabinet Israeli West approves next phase of 'security barrier' it is building in the )BBC, October 2, 2003( Bank

connected to the The new fence will not be immediately" ,the US. However ,barrier built so far, as a concession to Israel's main ally the heart of the sections will be built around several Jewish settlements in United Nations West Bank. The Israeli cabinet decision comes a day after a unlawful act of report condemned the barrier as illegal and tantamount to "an "."annexation


people in an Hanadi Tayseer Jaradat, who killed 19" carry out attack on a Haifa restaurant on Saturday, was the fifth woman to such brother Fadi, a an attack since the current intifada began. Jaradat's younger ,militant older cousin year-old Islamic Jihad militant, and their similarly-25 raid on Jenin in year-old Salah - were killed by Israeli forces in a-34 ".June

toll Intifada Sept 2000 - Sept 2005

intifada have cost The five years of the Palestinian" .more than 4,000 lives rights group, has been tracking casualty an Israeli human ,Btselem the Palestinians killed by Israeli security forces in 3,218 :figures on both sides West Bank extrajudicial executions and Gaza including 657 aged under 18, 187 killed in and in the course of assassination including at least 29 aged under 18) killed( 296 444 ;operations Israel including 80 aged under Israeli civilians killed by Palestinians in ".18

by ?What is anti-semitism ,4 Michael Neumann, Trent University Professor (Counterpunch, June )2002

to include 'Inflating the meaning of 'antisemitism" It may be .anything politically damaging to Israel is a double-edged sword handy definitional inflation, like for smiting your enemies, but the problem is that things get to count as any inflation, cheapens the currency. The more ".sound antisemitic, the less awful antisemitism is going to

poses EU poll: "Israel "biggest threat to world peace

in October 2003 A Flash Eurobarometer survey carried out" the EU found for the European Commission in the fifteen member states of that the biggest threat nearly 60 percent of European citizens believe Israel poses threat, North Korea the to world peace. Iran is considered the second biggest at the results, the one third and the United States the fourth. Taking a look education -- the more socio-demographic characteristic that stands out is highly perceive Israel as a threat to educated respondents (66%) are more likely to studies at an earlier stage (16-20: world peace than those who ceased their 59% " .)and 15 and younger: 50%

:Viewpoints and Europe Anti-Semitism

hostility towards Is anti-Semitism really increasing? Is" News Online Israeli policy in the Middle East becoming anti-Jewish? BBC asked 12 reflect on the experts on Jewish affairs from Europe and Israel to ".charge

Amnesty on Palestine International

Israel and ,Their report from Scrutiny - IDF violations in Jenin and the Occupied Territories: Shielded documents serious human rights violations ,Nablus ;prisoners Israeli forces -- "unlawful killings; torture and ill-treatment of by residents still wanton destruction of hundreds of homes sometimes with the

assistance; and inside; the blocking of ambulances and denial of humanitarian ."'the use of Palestinian civilians as 'human shields

on Human Rights Watch Palestine

are extremely The (IDF) abuses we documented in Jenin" investigations serious, and in some cases appear to be war crimes. Criminal are serious needed to ascertain individual responsibility for the most "...violations

2002 ,Hebron, Palestine - October 3

Rachel Corrie

Israeli forces in American peace activist murdered by Gaza strip

To U.S Financial Aid Israel: Figures, Facts, and Impact Summary

one-third of Total U.S. aid to Israel is approximately just .001 the American foreign-aid budget, even though Israel comprises percent world's higher per capita of the world's population and already has one of the .incomes

occupation can more neglected information on the :)be found at (click to go there



?connection a negative Canadian

Imwas, bulldozed and' The site of the Palestinian town of gunpoint or dynamited soon after its inhabitants were driven off at

by invading killed in 1967, is now called the 'Canada Recreation Park' (click on Israeli soldiers )link photo below to




Mail The Globe and .1

Magazine Harper's .2

Science The Christian .3 Monitor

Peace Now .4

Remembered Palestine .5

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