Levels of Implementation Matrix by qye36108


									                               Illinois Learning Standards
                       Community Involvement Model School Program

                                   Levels of Implementation

                                   Meets                        Exceeds                 Exemplary
Information and           Plan developed to            Plan is implemented to     Parent/community
training sessions         provide for awareness of     engage parent/             members become active
provided to               implementation system        community members to       stakeholders in
parents/community                                      become active              implementation process
about ILS                                              stakeholders

Involvement of            Distributes in written       Written format of          Parents/community
parents/community         format (e.g., existing       existing materials         partner with schools to
with grade level          materials distributed)       customized to provide      collaborate in the
objectives/                                            clearer understanding      development and
expectations                                           for community and          distribution of grade
                                                       business                   level objectives/
Schools monitor and       District and/or school       All educators within       School and partners
evaluate educational      administration monitors      district or school         within the community
environment               and evaluates                monitor, evaluate and      collaborate to monitor,
                          educational environment      address educational        evaluate and address
                                                       environment                educational environment

Parents and               Developing curriculum,       Plan is implemented        Data is generated and
community involved in     instruction, assessment,                                analyzed to drive
alignment of ILS          implementation plan for                                 instruction and guide
(curriculum,              ILS                                                     changes in
instruction,                                                                      implementation

Use of media              School is the primary        School collaborates with   Plan is implemented and
distribution to provide   distributor of standards     community to develop       school, parents and
details of ILS            information                  plan for distribution of   community collaborate
implementation                                         standards information      to assure ongoing
system (e.g., websites,                                                           dissemination of
broadcasts,                                                                       standards information

Community resources       Available community          Schools incorporate        Continuous engagement
are used to enhance       resources are identified     aligned resources into     between school and
student achievement                                    curriculum                 community to assure
                                                                                  applicable availability of
                                                                                  resources that are
                                                                                  aligned to the ILS


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