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Chicago, Illinois                                                                            2006-2007 Title II Report Card
                                                                 CONTEXTUAL INFORMATION
Mission:                                                                               Accreditation:
UIC’s mission is to improve schools as learning environments through the               UIC is accredited by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the
preparation and career-long development of education professionals. UIC                North Central Association of College and Schools. The programs for the
graduates work in settings from early childhood through secondary school in a          preparation of elementary and secondary teachers have been approved by the
wide range of roles including teachers, administrators, school social workers, and     Illinois Board of Higher Education, the North Central Association of College and
school nurses. Our diverse professional education programs rely on collaboration       Schools, and the Illinois State Board of Education.
among the Colleges of Architecture and the Arts, Education, Liberal Arts and
Sciences, Nursing, and Social Work.

                                                                                       Teacher Education Vision:
Teacher Preparation Programs:                                                          UIC’s professional preparation programs share a common commitment to respond
UIC offers baccalaureate programs leading to state certification in elementary         to the urban context in which they exist in ways that are grounded in our public,
education and 9 fields in secondary education. Undergraduate candidates seeking        land grant, research identity. In the field of professional education, UIC seeks to be
a secondary teaching certificate major in an arts and science disciplines, while all   a leader in preparing educators who are committed, knowledgeable, and skilled
others undergraduates earn a degree in education. At the graduate level, students      professionals, educators who excel in meeting the needs of urban students.
can earn certification in early childhood/special education, secondary education
(mathematics, history, English, Spanish, French, German, physics, chemistry,)
Reading specialist, elementary education, and special education.
                                                                                        Best Practices:
                                                                                         •    All of the educator preparation programs meet the Illinois Professional
                                                                                              Teaching Standards and the Illinois Content Area Standards for Educators.
Student Characteristics:                                                                 •    All elementary and secondary education students participate in extensive
The 25,000 students who study at UIC come from Chicago and its suburbs and                    supervised field experiences in Chicago area schools prior to their placement
from 48 states and 82 countries. According to US News and World Report, UIC is                in student teaching.
one of the most diverse and affordable universities in the country. Minority             •    All secondary education students major in the arts and science content area
enrollments comprise 50 percent of the total enrollment. Although primarily a                 in which they are seeking certification.
commuter campus, UIC has housing facilities for approximately 2500 students              •    Elementary education students spend two semesters in the same urban
and is currently expanding student housing. Admission to UIC is competitive.                  classroom. In their post-student teaching semester, they spend 3 full days
The median ACT composite score for entering freshmen is 23.

                                                                                        Notable Features and Accomplishments:
Admissions Requirements:                                                                 •   Eleni Katsarou received an award from AACTE for her work with
Admission to Teacher Education Program: Undergraduate candidates for                         dispositions development and assessment
admission to teacher education programs must have completed 45-60 hours with             •   Karen Sakash secured a grant to support ELL endorsement seekers in
at least a 2.5/4.0 overall GPA and minimum grade of “C” in all general education             secondary programs
courses. In the secondary education programs, students must also meet minimum            •   UIC’s teacher quality grant, in it’s last year, is used to deepen partnerships
GPA requirements in their teaching majors of 2.5 or higher. All students must                with schools
pass the Illinois Basic Skills test for program admission and demonstrate written
and oral language proficiencies.
Admission to Student Teaching: Prior to student teaching, candidates must have
passed the Content Area Test in their teaching area, completed all pre-requisite
coursework, and earned a B average or better in all education coursework.
Program Information for the University of Illinois at Chicago

     S.1 Total number of students admitted into
     teacher preparation, all specializations, in       1240
     academic year 2006-2007
     S.2 Number of candidates in supervised student
     teaching in academic year 2006-2007
     S.3 Number of faculty members who
     supervised student teachers:
           S.3A Full-time faculty in professional
           S.3B Part-time faculty in professional
           education but full-time in the institution
           S.3C Part-time faculty in professional
           education, not otherwise employed by the     40
     S.4 Total faculty student teaching supervisors     25
     S.5 Student teacher/faculty ratio (Divide total
     given in S.2 by the number given in S.4)
     S.6A The average number of student teaching
     hours per week
     S.6B The total number of weeks of supervised
     student teaching required
     S.7 Average total number of hours required         450

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