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					Post School Outcomes –
   State Indicator 14

Chicago Public Schools
Office of Specialized Services
      Pre-Selected Sample Overview
         2006-07 Targeted Sample
ISBE Required contacts:   N=627
ISBE Required schools:    N= 14

Completed:                N=518   82%
Home Visits:              N=315   61%
Via Phone:                N=203   39%
      Pre-Selected Sample Overview

         2007-08 Targeted Sample
ISBE Required contacts:   N= 412
ISBE Required schools:    N= 12
Urban School District Challenges

1) Over 120 High Schools

2) 85% low income families

3) High mobility rate

4) Incorrect directory information
                   Staff Resources

1. Transition Services Staff
  7 Coordinators
  2 Support Personnel
  6 Job coaches

2. Data Collection and Protocol
      Staff Training
      Technical Assistance
      Data Entry
      Supporting Staff completing data collection
      Challenges of Existing Protocol

 Protocol Structure
    Brief
    Focused on two post-school outcome domains
    Employment
    Postsecondary Education
    Limited focus on student perspective
                 Data Collection

 Steps
   1. Prepare written communication
   2. Send out mailing
   3. Await incorrect addresses returns
       a) Home visits to that sample
   4. Prepare Script for phone calls
   5. Conduct calls to homes without returned
       a) Home visits to disconnected phones
   Data Collection Flowchart

                                                               Found –
                                                            Complete Survey
                        Returned      Visits                Not Found                Community
 N=412       Mailing

                                      Phone                    Connect-
                       Not Returned    Calls                Complete Survey

                                               Disconnect         Emergency #’s            Home

                                                                              Found Complete Survey
                                                       Home Visits

                                                                               Not Found
Benefits to the District
   In line with district mission and goals
   Opportunities for data sharing with other CPS
     ETC
     Office of Post-Secondary
        National Clearinghouse data
        State IES data

   Opportunities for sharing with sister agencies to
    target resources
     Community College System
     Institutions of Higher Education
     Workforce Development
Parallel Study
 Post-School Outcome Study
 Supported by the Chicagoland Chamber of
 Sample of 273 CPS school leavers in
  2002 & 2005
 Completed phone survey
 Participants compensated for survey
Parallel Study – Survey
   Survey pilot tested with local students
   Survey includes demographic information
     Gender
     Disability
     High school   completion status
     Ethnicity
   Assesses Four Post-School Domains
     Employment
     Post-Secondary  Education
     Independent Living
     Community Integration
Parallel Study – Survey Structure,
   Survey uniqueness
     From  the perspective of the student
     Includes satisfaction with multiple sources of support
          School
          Family
          Friends
          Adult Service Providers
     Assess    self reported awareness
          Disability
          Rights
          Resources
Next Steps
 Complete 2nd wave of data collection for
  06-07 graduates
 Complete analysis of findings
 Share with stakeholders
     AdultService Providers
     Employers and Business Leaders
     Post-secondary education institutions

   Plan for program and service
Questions & Contact
 Debby Duskey, Interim Chief Specialized
  Services Officer, Office of Specialized of
  Services, CPS
 Eddie Phillips, Manager of Transition
  Services, Office of Specialized Services,

     OSS Main Number, 773-553-1800