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									                 TestKing HP HP2-E13 Exam Questions & Answers

Selling HP Enterprise Solutions

Exam number/code: HP2-E13
Exam name: Selling HP Enterprise Solutions
Questions & Answers: 64 Q&A
Related Certifications: ASP, ASC

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                 TestKing HP HP2-E13 Exam Questions & Answers

  Exam: HP2-E13 Certification Questions & Answers

Question 1:

Which HP product family has the unique benefits of a lifetime warranty, free software
updates, and free Design Center support?

A. HP 9000 Superdome
B. ProCurve Networking
C. HPBladeSystems c-Class
D. HPProLiant Essentials Foundation Pack

Answer: B

Question 2:

Which features most accurately describe the HP Business Continuity and Availability

A. tools and methodologies that provide solutions, such as routine backups stored off site
B. a combination of servers, storage, and HPOpenView coupled with HP worldwide services
C. a suite of HP services that customers can purchase to evaluate their existing
D. a combination of HP hardware that customers can use to set up a redundant site for use
in case of disaster

Answer: A

Question 3:

TestKing.com is concerned about the affordability of your proposal. They need to maximize
their IT budget, while protecting their existing investment and required a full HP warranty.
Which program would you recommend?

A. HP Renew
B. HPFS Leasing
C. Return for Cash
D. HPFS Asset Recovery

Answer: B

Question 4:

You are in the final stages of closing a sale. What should you do before sending a written
contract to your customer? Select all that apply.

A. Recommend on-going support.
B. Obtain a verbal agreement with the customer.
C. Refer the customer to the whitepapers and blueprints at the hp.com website.
D. Refer the customer to another customer who has deployed a similar solution

Answer: A,B
                 TestKing HP HP2-E13 Exam Questions & Answers
Question 5:

Which HP website provides an interactive tour of HP products, features, and benefits?

A. Partner Portal
B. ActiveAnswers
C. HP Briefing Room
D. HP Product Bulletin

Answer: A

Question 6:

TestKing.com has a limited IT budget and is interested only in cost savings. Which HP
product or service should you recommend?

A. the cost savings of a Thin Client deployment
B. HP Financial Services for leasing equipment
C. the wide range of entry-level products for best return on investment (ROI)
D. the wide range of cost-effective services to install and maintain equipment, thereby
reducing support costs

Answer: C

Question 7:

According to the current HP roadmap, which HP servers are based on industry-standard
processors? (Select three.)

A. HP 9000 servers
B. HP Integrity servers
C. HPProLiant servers
D. HPAlphaServer systems
E. HP IntegrityNonStop servers

Answer: B,C,E

Question 8:

You are discussing the relationship between environment complexity and virtualization with
TestKing.com. Which statement is most accurate?

A. Virtualization will reduce your TCO.
B. Virtualization will simplify your environment and reduce your costs.
C. Virtualization will decentralize your management functions, thereby reducing complexity.
D. Virtualization will simplify the environment by reducing the automation of the data center

Answer: B

Question 9:

HP works with many solution providers to integrate innovation into solutions. Which partner
helps ensure the latest in microprocessor technology?

B. Lotus
                TestKing HP HP2-E13 Exam Questions & Answers
C. Citri
D. Red Hat
E. Microsoft

Answer: A

Question 10:

ProLiant Data Protection Storage servers are examples of which kind of solution?

A. Modular Smart Array (MSA)
B. Storage Area Network (SAN)
C. Direct Attached Storage (DAS)
D. Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Answer: D

Question 11:

Which statements best describe how to achieve competitive advantage? (Select two.)

A. Learn more about TestKing.com.
B. Turn customer learning into action.
C. Deliver the least costly products and solutions to TestKing.com.
D. Provide products and solutions in the quickest way to TestKing.com.

Answer: C,D

Question 12:

Which features are capabilities of HP Storage Essentials? (Select two.)

A. storage topology visualization
B. on-the-fly replacement of failed drives
C. real-time storage performance monitoring
D. enhanced application analysis and reporting

Answer: C,D

Question 13:

During a BladeSystem sales process, you communicate the benefits of migrating to HP
BladeSystem c-Class architecture. Which features should you emphasize? (Select three.)

A. Systems Insight Manager
B. Thermal Logic technology
C. Virtual Server Environment
D. Insight Control Management
E. Virtual Connect architecture
F. Thermal Control Management

Answer: B,D,E

Question 14:
                 TestKing HP HP2-E13 Exam Questions & Answers
Which statement is true regarding the dual-core Itanium 2 processor? (Select two.)

A. It supports more cores per processor than competing offerings.
B. It supports massively parallel processing for increased performance.
C. It provides increased multitasking performance while using less power.
D. It features dual-core spare architecture, which allows for online CPU spare.

Answer: C,D

Question 15:

Which statement is true regarding the business benefits of the HP Multi-OS strategy?

A. It increases customer flexibility, reduces support costs, and ensures investment
B. It provides cost savings to customers by allowing them to load any operating system onto
any HP server.
C. It reduces costs by allowing customers to choose multiple operating systems at the time
of purchase.
D. It increases the capacity of storage that can be accessed from multiple operating
systems, reducing operating costs

Answer: C

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