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					                 TestKing HP HP2-005 Exam Questions & Answers

HP ProLiant Server Maintenance

Exam number/code: HP2-005
Exam name: HP ProLiant Server Maintenance
Questions & Answers: 308 Q&A
Related Certifications: APS

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                 TestKing HP HP2-005 Exam Questions & Answers

  Exam: HP2-005 Certification Questions & Answers

Question 1:

When visiting site to service a rack mounted server, you notice that the server
rack is sitting on the rack castors. What should you do?

A. Use the castors to move the rack to a more convenient location to service the server.
Lower the castors prior to working on the servers. Raise them back up after to allow for
customer to move the rack back to the operational area.
B. Install the castor stop caps underneath the castors to prevent the rack from moving.
C. Lower the leveling feet to the ground to prevent the rack from rolling on the floor and
notify the customer that you have lowered the leveling feet. Add this information to the
customer site log for future reference.
D. Lower the leveling feet to the ground and raise the rack until the castors are no longer
touching the floor. Advise the customer that the castors are not designed for regular use with
the rack.

Answer: D

Castors are not designed for regular use with racks. If this occurs, lower the leveling feet to
the ground and raise rack until castors are not touching the floor

Question 2:

WhichCDsare contained in the ProLiant Essentials Foundation Pack?

A. SmartStart and Server Setup
B. Smart Setup and Management
C. SmartStart and Management
D. ProLiant Software and Firmware Maintenance

Answer: C

The Foundation Pack includes the SmartStart CD-ROM and the Management CD-ROM.

Question 3: wants to run the System Erase Utility from the SmartStart CD. What will this
do to the server?

A. Erase all drives, erase NVRAM, and erase CMOS.
B. Erase all drives (including bootable storage), erase NVRAM, and erase CMOS.
C. Erase all drives (including bootable storage), erase all non-bootable shared storage,
erase NVRAM, and erase CMOS.
D. Erase all local drives, erase NVRAM, and erase CMOS.

Answer: D

Unlike previous versions of SmartStart , the System Erase Utility for SmartStart 6.x and later
does not erase the configuration of the Smart Array controller. It does erase all drives
(including bootable storage), all non-bootable shared storage, NVRAM, and CMOS.
                 TestKing HP HP2-005 Exam Questions & Answers
Question 4:

What is the best time to record the server baseline performance report?

A. Prior to installing any applications
B. After all applications have been installed and during a regular usage period
C. After installing all applications and when there are no users attached to the server
D. After the initial installation and during normal daily operations

Pending. Send your suggestion to

Question 5:

What does HP recommend as the maximum number of DLT drives that can be daisy-
chained together?

A. 2
B. 3
C. 6
D. 12

Answer: B

Question 6:

How many nodes can the MSA500 support in a Direct Attached Storage role?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 4
D. 6
E. 8

Answer: C

The new Modular Smart Array 500 G2 system adds support for 4-node clusters and a
combined cluster and storage sharing environment.

Question 7:

Where are Service Advisories found?

A. Channel Services Network (CSN)
B. ActiveAnswer
C. Setup and Installation Guides
D. Maintenance and Service Guides

Answer: A

Obtaining Advisories and Bulletins Advisories and Bulletins are available from the following
* Online Agents Reference Set (OARS)
* Channel Services Network (CSN)
* Subscriber's Choice
                 TestKing HP HP2-005 Exam Questions & Answers
Question 8:

What do online spares enable the server to do in the Advanced Memory Protection system?

A. fail over to the spare bank
B. protect against a double bit error
C. read memory faster
D. stripe across DIMMS

Answer: A

Question 9:

When troubleshooting a problem, what is the purpose of evaluating the data?

A. To isolate faults to a hardware or software subsystem.
B. To explain the failure mode to the customer.
C. To verify that you have changed the correct part.
D. To assure that the problem has been corrected.

Answer: A

Question 10:

Along with an operating system backup, what other backup file should you create on an HP
ProLiant server configured with SCU?


Answer: D

Question 11:

When called to service a rack mounted server, you notice that the 42U rack has only two
DL360 servers installed with no other rack options. What should you recommend to the

A. Ensure that the rack is pushed against a wall for added stability.
B. Install additional servers to increase the weight of the rack to the minimum requirements.
C. Install the necessary ballast kits to ensure that the minimum weight requirements are met.
D. Install a rack mounted UPS to add weight to the rack.

Answer: C

Stabilizer options kits increase rack stability and support, and improve safety factors.

Question 12:

When memory is the only component to be tested, which diagnostic option should be

A. QuickCheck
                 TestKing HP HP2-005 Exam Questions & Answers
B. Automatic
C. Prompted

Answer: C

Question 13:

An array controller has just been added to a server. During powerup, POST completes but
the server no longer boots from the hard drive. Using the System Configuration Utility (SCU),
what is the most likely cause of the problem?

A. corrupt hard drive
B. possible IRQ conflict
C. controllerorder
D. operating system configuration problem

Answer: C

Question 14:

What advantages does the AMD multi-processor architecture have compared to an INTEL
based multi-processor system? Select TWO.

A. The memory latency decreases as processor speed increases.
B. It supports online spare memory, memory mirroring, and RAID memory.
C. All DIMM slots can be filled regardless of the number of processors installed.
D. No shared memory bus limits latency
E. The shared memory bus limits latency.

Not B: So does intel
Not C: You must have a processor in the socket adjacent to the four DIMM sockets. To
populate DIMM banks D and C therefore, you must have a secondary processor installed in
the secondary socket.

Question 15:

Which HP toolset can be used to troubleshoot server performance issues?

A. HP System Insight Manager
B. HP Systems Insight Manager and Performance Management Pack
C. HP Performance Management Pack
D. SmartStart Management.

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