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									                TestKing Nortel 920-807 Exam Questions & Answers

Nortel Unified Communications Solutions: Business &
Technology Fundamentals

Exam number/code: 920-807
Exam name: Nortel Unified Communications Solutions: Business &
Technology Fundamentals
Questions & Answers: 56 Q&A
Related Certifications: NCSS

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                TestKing Nortel 920-807 Exam Questions & Answers

  Exam: 920-807 Certification Questions & Answers

Question 1:

Which type of security is included in the basic Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) protocol?

A. no security
B. authentication
C. biometrics
D. encryption

Answer: A

Question 2:

In terms of confidentiality, SIP applications will be used for various services or features in a
VoIP or unified communications design. The defined use must be documented and
understood by all users and technicians of the design. Which item should also be
documented on an application level in order to address confidentiality?

A. the additional equipment that has to be purchased
B. the users who will be utilizing the application
C. the way users will communicate with the application
D. the cost of the application

Answer: B

Question 3:

The ability of a hacker to modify field information in a SIP message without validation is
called Message Tampering. Which item would not be a use of this vulnerability?

A. Eavesdropping
B. Misdirection
C. Denial of Service
D. SPAM over Internet Telephony

Answer: A

Question 4:

A large companys infrastructure consists of a centralized data center with two branch
offices. A threat is identified which may affect the companys current VoIP configuration. The
equipment vendors website contains very limited information regarding the threat, but more
information will be available soon. It does not appear that the threat is capable of being
catastrophic in nature. Which action should be taken first?

A. Evaluate the threat before taking any action.
B. Notify end users of the threat.
C. Immediately isolate the affected systems.
D. Wait for a patch to be released.

Answer: A
                TestKing Nortel 920-807 Exam Questions & Answers
Question 5:

Which reason should be considered the most important for conducting a unified
communications pilot project?

A. to allow the company to be first in accepting new technology
B. to allow the company to stay ahead of its competitors
C. to minimize the financial risk in the event of deployment failure or end-user non-
D. to prove to the world that the company is the most technically capable

Answer: C

Question 6:

In the review and validation steps of a unified communications proof-of-concept scope of
work document, which task should be completed first?

A. Calculate the financial return on investment (ROI) benchmarks.
B. Measure key performance indicators (KPI) for reporting purposes.
C. Create upper management reporting templates.
D. Create a monthly project assessment template to collect UC project data points.

Answer: D

Question 7:

An insurance company employs telecommuting and remote insurance claim agents from
home using DSL or cable modem Internet access. Which solution provides these agents
with the ability to offer first call problem resolution to their customers?

A. self-service insurance claim agent access through an automated attendant
B. real-time access to level 2 or level 3 customer service agents through
presence/availability and IM
C. self-service web-site with frequently asked questions and answers
D. implementation of unified messaging with mobile email access

Answer: B

Question 8:

A company has an existing traditional TDM PBX and wishes to implement a unified
communications project. At the present time it is more feasible to add a second VoIP-
enabled PBX into the existing configuration to complete the project rather than replace the
existing system. To make this system work as designed, the company must purchase and
configure which other piece of hardware for this solution?

A. New telephone sets
B. This solution is not possible
C. Router
D. IP gateway

Answer: D

Question 9:
               TestKing Nortel 920-807 Exam Questions & Answers
Which VoIP protocol was introduced to specifically handle security aspects of the original
H.323 protocol?

A. H.225
B. H.450
C. H.235

Answer: C

Question 10:

Dual mode devices are devices that can utilize the carriers mobile data network or a local
corporate Wi-Fi hotspot. Which reason is the primary reason for using such a device in a
corporate environment?

A. to ease access to data
B. to reduce carrier usage and per minute charges
C. to enhance security
D. to simplify the use of applications

Answer: B

Question 11:

To implement Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption across a multi-vendor solution
using SIP, which port should be opened on the companys firewalls?

A. 21
B. 5061
C. 80
D. 443

Answer: B

Question 12:

A company that is implementing unified communications (UC) has a mobile workforce that
utilizes mobile end point devices such as PDA devices. Which security methodwill be
needed to secure UC dialogue between the PDA devices?

A. Encryption
B. Authentication
C. RFID tagging and tracking
D. One time passwords

Answer: A

Question 13:

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) uses clear text communications between endpoint devices.
Which protocol was developed to encrypt all messages between each endpoint in a SIP

A. Transport Layer Security (TLS)
B. Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSM)
                TestKing Nortel 920-807 Exam Questions & Answers
C. UNISIM by Nortel Networks
D. Multi Protocol Layered Switching (MPLS)

Answer: A

Question 14:

When determining whether to proceed with a unified communications proof-of-concept
project, which steps are decision points for a Chief Financial Officer? (Choose two.)

A. developing a UC project plan that spans 6 to 9 months
B. creating an acceptable UC project budget
C. obtaining an acceptable preliminary financial ROI return
D. defining who should be on the UC project team

Answer: B,C

Question 15:

Two companies want to provide VoIP trunking to each of their companys voice networks.
There is no need to link the companies data networks at this time. Which technique can be
used to ensure that only voice packets can transverse between each companys networks to
the other?

A. additional firewalls
B. service restrictions
C. user restrictions
D. service registration
E. session registration

Answer: B

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