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TestKing 642-972


									                TestKing Cisco 642-972 Exam Questions & Answers

Data Center Application Services Design (DCASD)

Exam number/code: 642-972
Exam name: Data Center Application Services Design (DCASD)
Questions & Answers: 58 Q&A
Related Certifications: Sales

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                 TestKing Cisco 642-972 Exam Questions & Answers

  Exam: 642-972 Certification Questions & Answers

Question 1:

Which three command-level actions can be defined by an administrator using role-based
access control? (Choose three.)

A. Error notification
B. Monitor
C. Create
D. Debug
E. Delete
F. Logging

Answer: B,C,D

Question 2:

Which describes the function of the Cisco GSS?

A. offloads SSL for the server
B. offloads the DNS name server and adds intelligence to the DNS response
C. provides DHCP services
D. acts as the primary D-proxy for an organization

Answer: B

Question 3:

When migrating from a CSS to a Cisco ACE appliance, you should review hardware
resources and identify upgrades and configuration changes required for successful
migration. Which of these identifies the benefits of doing so?

A. reduces the possibility of downtime or other costly disruptions during migration
B. reduces the risks associated with a production migration
C. helps take advantage of Cisco planning experience and best-in-class methods and
procedures in migrating to Cisco ACE
D. strengthens the ability of your team to meet aggressive deployment schedules
E. reduces the possibility of expensive, time-consuming rework at a later date

Answer: B

Question 4:

Which two statements are true of a DSR configuration? (Choose two.)

A. Stateful security tracking is not possible; TCP flows must be timed out to be removed
from memory.
B. SNAT can be used to redirect return traffic to the Cisco ACE appliance.
C. Layer 4 load balancing is not possible.
D. PBR can be used to redirect return traffic to the Cisco ACE appliance.
E. Layer 7 load balancing is not possible.

Answer: A,E
                TestKing Cisco 642-972 Exam Questions & Answers

Question 5:

When configuring firewall load balancing for all outbound client traffic, which best describes
the required Cisco ACE configuration?

A. a VIP with IP address is used as a catchall
B. no VIP is configured and all policy is based on class-default
C. an inspect policy is used to forward traffic to the firewalls
D. a VIP with IP address is used as the catchall

Answer: A

Question 6:

Which three of these are features of Cisco ACE virtualization implementation? (Choose

A. global administration and monitoring
B. administration per context, but a single configuration file created per module
C. separate image versions per context
D. separate management and data resource controls per context
E. ability to utilize the same IP address across multiple contexts
F. separate routing tables per context

Answer: A,D,F

Question 7:

Which two compression algorithms are supported by the Cisco ACE 4710 Appliance?
(Choose two.)

B. gzip
C. Shrink
D. compress
E. Lempel-Ziv

Answer: A,B

Question 8:

Which three resources can be allocated to a context? (Choose three.)

A. number of supported VIPs
B. flash allocations
C. control plane priority
D. SSL bandwidth
E. data connections per second
F. number of xlates

Answer: D,E,F

Question 9:
                TestKing Cisco 642-972 Exam Questions & Answers
Given a design to load-balance a web application based on browser type, which type of
decision will the Cisco ACE appliance need to make?

A. a Layer 7 decision based on the HTTP reply header field Browser_Type
B. a Layer 7 decision based on the HTTP request header field Browser_Type
C. a Layer 4 decision based on TCP port 80
D. a Layer 7 decision based on the HTTP request header field HOST
E. a Layer 7 decision based on the HTTP request header field User_Agent

Answer: E

Question 10:

Which two interception mechanisms support load balancing across more than two WAEs?
(Choose two.)

B. inline
C. Cisco ACE

Answer: C,E

Question 11:

The easiest way to migrate from a CSS to a Cisco ACE environment would be to use the
CSS conversion tool found in which location?

A. on the HTTP status screen for the Cisco ACE Appliance
B. under config mode on the ACE Module
C. under config mode on the ACE Appliance
D. on the HTTP status screen for the Cisco ACE Module

Answer: A

Question 12:

Which two statements about digital signatures are true? (Choose two.)

A. They use public and private key pairs.
B. They hash only the source IP address of each packet.
C. They hash the source and destination IP addresses of each packet.
D. They verify the identity of the sender.
E. They encrypt application data so that it cannot be read while in transit.

Answer: A,D

Question 13:

Which statement about encryption is true?

A. Symmetric keys are primarily used in creating digital signatures.
B. Symmetric encryption uses a public-private key pair.
C. Asymmetric encryption is more processor-intensive than symmetric encryption.
D. SSL connections switch from symmetric to asymmetric encryption after the initial key
                TestKing Cisco 642-972 Exam Questions & Answers
E. SSL connections use only asymmetric encryption.

Answer: C

Question 14:

The Cisco GSS serves as an authoritative name server for one or more domains. When
deploying it behind a firewall, which three of these must be configured on the firewall to
permit communication through to it? (Choose three.)

A. keepalive protocols (KAL-AP, ICMP, HTTP, and user definedTCP Ports)
B. other protocols (FTP, Telnet, SSH, SNMP)
C. CDP messages
D. routing protocol updates
E. keepalive messages between the router and Cisco GSS
F. DNS queries

Answer: A,B,F

Question 15:

Your customer wants to implement a global load-balance solution into their network. The
customer also wants to ensure that client requests are sent through to the closest data
center based on the lowest RTT measurement. Which Cisco GSS load-balancing
mechanism should be used?

A. source address and domain hash
B. global sticky DNS database
C. DRP-based dynamic network proximity
D. DNS race

Answer: C

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