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TestKing 270-231 by lambartdennis


									       TestKing Computer Associates 270-231 Exam Questions & Answers


Exam number/code: 270-231
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      TestKing Computer Associates 270-231 Exam Questions & Answers

  Exam: 270-231 Certification Questions & Answers

Question 1:

When installing Microsoft SQL Server in a Unicenter NSM environment, what network
protocol must be installed for a routed environment?

A. Banyan VINES
B. Named Pipe only
D. TCP/IP Sockets

Answer: D

Question 2:

.What Unicenter feature allows grouping of objects based on specific criteria?

A. Object Business Views
B. View Business Objects
C. Business Process Views
D. Process Business Views

Answer: C

Question 3:

.Which of the following commands opens the Agent Browser to the Windows 2000 System
Agent so that you can configure it?

A. abrowser -c browser.caiw2ckos -s admin
B. abrowser -c browser.caiw2kos -s system
C. abrowser -c browser.caiw2kos -s admin
D. abrowser -c browser.caiW2kOs -s public

Answer: C

Question 4:

.What is the default Read-only Community String supplied when performing a Discovery
using the Unicenter Explorer?

A. hello
B. system
C. public
D. admin

Answer: C

Question 5:

.SNMP relies on which transport from the TCP/IP protocol suite?
      TestKing Computer Associates 270-231 Exam Questions & Answers

Answer: D

Question 6:

.What command directs Event Management to refresh the active Message Record and
Message Action lists immediately with the definitions stored in the Event Management

A. cawto
B. clean_sadmin
C. opreload
D. resetdsm

Answer: C

Question 7:

.What is the name of the tool available to create, modify, and delete Classes in the COR
accessible using Unicenter Explorer?

A. Class Creator
B. Class Modifier
C. Class Editor
D. Class Tools

Answer: C

Question 8:

.What Unicenter database is used to store all Discovered Objects?

A. Common Object Repository
B. Object Store
C. Tracking File
D. Workload Database

Answer: A

Question 9:

.What is the initial Jasmine ii Catalog named that maintains a namespace for all Unicenter
management components?

A. Remote Catalog
B. Server Catalog
C. Global Catalog
D. Local Catalog

Answer: C
      TestKing Computer Associates 270-231 Exam Questions & Answers

Question 10:

.What is the base software component of Agent Technology?

A. Nodeview
B. Agent View
C. System Agent
D. Agent Common Services

Answer: D

Question 11:

. When installing Microsoft SQL Server to be used byUnicenter NSM, which is the correct
sort order?

A. Dictionary order, case sensitive
B. Dictionary order, case sensitive, uppercase preference
C. Dictionary order, case insensitive
D. Dictionary order, case insensitive, uppercase preference

Answer: A

Question 12:

.What is the default Unicenter NSM Administrator username?

A. Cauniunt
B. Caunit
C. Caucint
D. Caunint

Answer: D

Question 13:

.In an Agent Configuration File, what tag defines each Configuration Set?


Answer: A

Question 14:

.Which of the following Pollset information can be created and modified using the Pollset
Browser? (Choose two.)

A. Agent MIB Files
B. Agent Monitoring Thresholds
C. Community Names
D. DSM Domain
      TestKing Computer Associates 270-231 Exam Questions & Answers
E. Polling Intervals
F. Trap Destinations

Answer: C,E

Question 15:

.Which of the following are the main components of the WorldView Layer? (Choose three.)

A. Common Object Repository
B. Real World Interface
C. WorldView Application Programming Interface
D. WorldView Gateway

Answer: A,B,C

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