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You need a new job? You should know about all types of job interview such as
behavioral interview, panel interview, stress interview …

Types of interview questions can include:

1. Interview questions of working experiences

Employer ask questions about your work history.

2. Interview questions of knowledge and education

Such as: diploma, certificates…

3. Interview questions of management and leadership skills

• Conflict resolution
• Strategic planning
• Coaching skill
• Leadership skill
• Management skills
• Motivation skill
• Goal Setting
• Change management

4. Interview questions of soft skills

• Analytical skill
• Interpersonal skill
• Decision making
• Problem solving
• Negotiation skill
• Time management
• Persuasion skills

5. Interview questions of abilities and personalities

• Employee ambition
• Initiative / creativity ability
• Teamwork
6. Stress interview questions

7. Situational interview questions

8. Tough / difficult interview questions

9. Interview questions by departments

• HR interview questions
• Sales interview questions
• Marketing interview questions
• Accounting interview questions
• Finance interview questions

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