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                         Program Coordinator: Christopher Schearer
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             Training Elite Paralegals Since 1993
                             UNLV PARALEGAL PROGRAM OVERVIEW . . .
                             Since 1993, the University of Nevada Las Vegas has been offering the
                             UNLV Paralegal Certificate program. It offers students a high-quality
                             effective educational experience in every aspect of paralegal studies at an
                             affordable cost. Today, graduates of this program are working in law firms,
                             corporations and government positions throughout the United States and
                             many are attending or have graduated from law school.

                             The UNLV Paralegal Certificate Program is an intensive, but
                             comprehensive, 16-week program. This skills-based program will prepare
                             you to become a paralegal without spending two years to change
                             professions, while providing you with the skills necessary to function at a
                             high level within the legal profession and to enter the market place quickly.

So, if you are looking for a challenging, comprehensive and intensive education experience acquiring
paralegal skills with an efficient and effective curriculum, the UNLV Paralegal Certificate Program is for

   •       If you have basic word processing skills and a desire to enter the legal field, you should
           consider this program.
   •       If you are currently employed in a law firm as legal staff, this program is perfect for you.
   •       If you are considering law school, this program will give you an advantage.
   •       If you are making a career change and need to develop new applicable skills, this sixteen
           week program is for you.
   •       If you are involved in a legal matter and want to gain a clearer understanding of the legal
           process this program could be helpful to you.

   Students should have a high school diploma or equivalent to enroll in the program and are expected
   to have their own computer, access to the Internet, basic word processing skills in either Word or
   WordPerfect, and should be comfortable navigating the internet.


Learn more about the Paralegal program during one of these free presentations. You’ll
hear about the program, see the materials, and meet instructors. All your questions will
be answered including financial loan and job potential information. Register for the
program at the Information Session and receive a $300 discount on the program. Ask for
details at the Information session.

                        Information Session . . .
                       12 noon-1pm, or 5:30-6:30pm

                     Call 895-3394 for upcoming dates

The program consists of TWO parts - the core program and three substantive topics – Tort and
Contract Law, and Nevada Practices and Procedures. The fee includes all parts. Students must pass all
quizzes and exams in the program; complete the documentation for a unique case file, participate in all
classroom discussions and activities including library visits and at least ten hours online work each
week. 2.5 CEUs are awarded.

You can choose the format which works best with your schedule:

Daytime format: Tues, and Thurs, 9am-noon,
                      Wed – 4 or 5 visits to Law Library

Evening format: Tues, and Thurs, 6-9pm6-9pm
                      Wed – 4 or 5 visits to Law Library

Weekend format: Sat, 9am-4pm (not offered in summer)

Online:                      You can register and start at any time; details on

                    UNLV PARALEGALS ON THE NET!

      Program dates
      Course descriptions
      Additional course offerings
      The latest in paralegal education
      Individual study guides for each course segment
      Exercises and home study methods for each segment
      Reference materials, including glossaries, citation information, and other sources
                    relevant to the study of Paralegalism
      Links to the best legal web sites on the Net
      E-mail access to instructors
      Posting of graduate resumes, for Nevada attorneys, legal departments, and other
      potential employers
      Resume preparation guides and assistance
      Much, much more!
                   The ParaStudent Website is an inter-active study tool

These services are available only to UNLV Paralegal students and graduates. The Legal
Web Pages are part of our effort to offer the finest learning experience in paralegal
education. The UNLV Professional Development Center in Educational Outreach is
dedicated to quality educational experiences.

                   View our site at:



COSTS . . .
The total cost of the program is about $6,560 as follows:

       $5,995 paid to UNLV includes additional materials substantive classes,
       certificate, and CEUs. Paid to “Board of Regents.”

       $350 Tech fee paid online to
       SHIPPED TO YOUR HOME. This fee includes core text books, access to, LexisNexis and West Law)

       $75 each for two additional text books purchased at UNLV Bookstore for
       Tort and Contract Law.

       Nevada Practices & Procedures text is online to be downloaded to your
       computer and printed, or you can purchase it at the web address above.

       $ 57.50 for Student parking permits.

 - A scholarship/grant search engine developed by the same company that
  developed for job searches.
 - See if you qualify for career transition/training funds through a variety of
  non-profit agencies in the area.
 Federal Grants and Loans Catalog. Listing of various grant and loan programs. Go
 Employer Tuition Assistance - check with your employer to see if they offer education benefits
  and if you are eligible
 Private Loans - Check with your bank/credit union to see if they offer low interest loans for
  education or career training
 Sallie Mae Smart Option Loan - A specific type of Private Loan that requires the university to
  assist in the application process. For more information about this loan, see Sallie Mae Information
  and Application Tips or visit:
 Foundation for an Independent Tomorrow (FIT). Call on Monday morning, 367-4348 at 8am,
  to reserve space in an Orientation Session to learn about this resource.
 Http:// click on Business and Professional for additional information

Time is built into the program to accommodate library sessions. Internet support is substantial and will
be an essential part of successful completion of the program. You will need access to your own computer
and the Internet, spending at least 10 hours each week on the website. The program workload also
assumes that you are working and therefore the homework is assigned in reasonable amounts. A
massive web-site is provided to provide further learning opportunities and assistance to enhance your

There are three dates each year: Spring (Jan or Feb,) Summer (June,) and Winter (Sept or Oct.) For
specific dates and schedules, check the website:

        ►Introduction to the Profession
        ►Introduction to Writing & Research
        ►Evidence and Investigation
        ►Litigation Skills
        ►Advanced Legal Writing
        ►Advanced Research
        ►Advocacy and Motions
        ►Nevada Procedures
        ►Tort Law
        ►Contract Law

The core of the program – “Essential Skills” - consists of over one hundred and fifty contract hours of
paralegal specific skills. They include:

Introduction to the Profession
This program includes an introduction to the paralegal field, including the tasks a paralegal may perform,
       what tasks the paralegal may not pursue, legal terminology, and court structure.
Introduction to Writing & Research
Students will learn to create a legal memorandum, including the concepts of memorandum form and
       development of legal analysis. Students will also be trained to identify basic research materials,
       including legal encyclopedias, annotations, case law, and statutory authority. An introduction to
       citation form will be presented.
Evidence and Investigation
Students will be trained in the skills relating to fact identification, including basic skip tracing techniques,
       on-line investigation, witness identification, identification of various kinds of evidence, and the art
       of client and witness interviewing.

Litigation Skills

One of the most important aspects of paralegal employment is the ability to prepare documents.
       Students in this course will learn to utilize forms and templates, create pleading and discovery
       documents, and organize client files and trial documents.
Advanced Legal Writing & Research
Students will create a Trial Memorandum, utilizing newly learned research skills. Students will learn how
       to research within legal treatises, West Digests, form books, and to Shepard’s Citations.
       Advanced citation form will also be covered.
Advocacy and Motions
Various motions will be discussed, including those most frequently utilized by attorneys. The class will
       discuss the advocating on behalf of a client.
Nevada Procedures
The procedures for litigation and practice techniques are discussed in this program, the Rules of Court,
      the arbitration and settlement processes.

After reviewing the following list, ask an attorney if there is any other area in which she or he would want
a paralegal to be trained. Because this course has been designed by a former paralegal, and is taught by
attorneys, and judges, every aspect of practical paralegalism has been included.

Introduction to the Legal             Deposition Digesting                   Locating Primary Authority
Field                                 Deposition Setup                       Secondary Sources
Thorough Legal                        The Arbitration Process                American Law Reports
Terminology                           The Settlement Process                 Updating Sources
Legal Memorandum Form                 Application of Hearsay Rule            Am.Jur.2d
Legal Analysis                        Interviewing clients                   CJS
Development of Arguments              Interviewing witnesses                 West Digests
Nevada Court Structure                Law Office Investigation               Words & Phrases
Federal Court Structure               The Analytical Process                 Treatise Research
Filing Procedures in Nevada           Application of Court Rules             Legal Periodicals
and Federal Courts                    Blue Book Citation Form                Shepard's
Stages of Litigation                  Informal Advocacy                      State Statutory Research
Government Structure                  Authority Identification               Federal Statutory Research
Ethical Considerations                Strategies for Employment              Form Books
Index Research                        Resume Preparation                     Restatements
Court Rules                           Specific Substantive Skills            Am.Jur. Proof of Facts
Discovery Preparation                 Administrative Advocacy                The Key Number System
Discovery Coordination                Legal Research Skills,                 The TCSL System
Pleading Preparation                  including:                             Additional sources
Utilization of Legal Forms            Law Library Utilization
Preparing for Depositions             Introduction to Law Library

                                               Grow Your Career

While completing the Core program, you will also complete additional substantive topics: Tort Law and
Contract Law plus a module on Nevada Practices and Procedures. You will learn the theory, application
and practice techniques within each of the substantive topic areas. Classes are scheduled within the
regular timeframes of the core program. Your fee includes these two substantive classes.

DANIEL R BARBER, Partner, Institute for Career Development, a former paralegal, is the
original creator and caretaker of the program. He has taught attorneys and paralegals on more than 27
campuses throughout the United States, including state university systems in Colorado, Texas,
Tennessee, Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, and New Mexico, as well as major universities in California,
Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, New York City and at UNR. Praised for innovative, hand-on teaching
techniques; Barber is the author of The Interactive Manual for Paralegals, The Paralegal Workbook,
The Paralegal Discourse CD ROM, and the Paralegal Website. Mr. Barber received a B.S. degree
from the University of Southern Colorado and a Paralegal Certificate from the University of Colorado,
Denver Campus. He worked as a paralegal with a law firm in Denver

ALYSSA NAVALLO, Partner, Institute for Career Development, is responsible for
maintaining the various student websites, establishing access to Legal Research programs, and generally
making sure the program runs smoothly for both students and instructors. She developed the site to as a learning resource for students, and she developed the resources for the
online job searches available to UNLV Paralegal students. She is also responsible for the design and
administrative layout that has resulted in a virtually seamless process for our students, instructors, and
administrators. Alyssa graduated from the UNLV Paralegal program shortly after it began, so has first
hand knowledge of the student experience and has been instrumental in the technological enhancements
to the program.

Instructors in the program include judges, and attorneys. The following are the two core instructors,
dedicated to the success of the program through excellent teaching and learning.

                     ALAN BECKMAN, JD is a member of the Nevada Bar, and a former state
                     court trial judge. He served several years as a prosecuting attorney and criminal
                     defense attorney, including an assignment to the Organized Crime Strike Force,
                     Attorney General Janet Reno’s Office. He is a former Solicitor General of the State
                     of Nevada.

                 MARGARET BARTSCHI PICKARD, J.D. is an experienced attorney and
                 instructor. She is a former faculty member in the paralegal studies and legal assisting
                 program at the University of Montana. She is the author of “Business Organizations for
                 Paralegals, published by West Legal Publishing as well as other non-legal books on

        “I want to personally thank you for all your encouraging words, advice and dedication you give to the
program. I also appreciate your extra effort to provide additional resources and materials above and beyond the
course material. I have saved these materials as they contain such excellent resources. Thank you for answering
questions and showing the great patience it took to assist in grasping the "big picture". I found the program
enjoyable, yet challenging. This was a great opportunity for me to get a real feel for the expectations of a paralegal
        “Thank you for your dedication to the program and to the students. I greatly benefited from your
teaching. I sincerely appreciate all your guidance and will not forget your efforts to encourage success.”
Linda P

        Shannon S.: “When I interviewed with…., she mentioned that she had had another employee in the past
who had gone through the program at UNLV and that she was pleased with that employee’s knowledge level and
work. I believe that this positive past experience with a UNLV graduate helped me land my job.”

       “….the company has provided me with some great learning opportunities – both on the job and by
sponsoring my attendance at the UNLV Paralegal Certificate Program. I completed my paralegal training in
October and am now completing my law school application to the William S. Boyd School of Law at UNLV.”

          “I highly recommend this course. Even though I’m doing it on line, it’s very personal and immediate because it’s so
well written and presented. One of the reasons I’m going fast is I can’t put the books down. Every spare moment I have I’m
reading them and I have to make myself stop at night so I can go to sleep! I shall be sorry to finish it. “ L Smith

           John T: I want to thank you and all of the staff in the adult continuing education program for the tremendous
opportunity you've given me. I truly have a real career to look forward to, and not a lifetime of jobs that offer me no more
than subsistence living with not much hope for any chance of retirement. Being 42, I cannot begin to tell you how happy this
makes me; to know I have a chance for real financial security. I can almost hear you thinking that you didn't have much to do
with it, and I know there are probably other schools that offer a paralegal program even if UNLV didn't, but I feel that the
program offered at UNLV is of such quality that I can confidently state to a potential employer that I have a solid educational
background thanks all to the hard work and dedication of the staff of UNLV. You've made it happen! Thanks again for all
your hard work.

        Tammy M.: I was offered the job this morning and
accepted! Thanks…not bad, just one day after graduation.

                                       View our site at:
                       and take a TEST DRIVE OF THE PROGRAM:
If you have additional questions, call Chris at (702) 895-3598 Tues, or Wed, or email

You should complete the entire program within the scheduled time frame. You may, however, return
the next semester and only pay an additional $1,000 to retake the core program. Substantive courses
must be completed in the semester of registration or a $200 per course fee will be charged.

While formalized job placement is not available, completers of this program have met with success in
finding employment through the web page, class networking and requests received by our office for
qualified legal assistants and paralegals. There is no guarantee, nor implied guarantee of job
placement, nor beginning salary.

▪The Division of Educational Outreach reserves the right to cancel any class for any reason it deems necessary
in order to provide students with the best educational experience possible. Course fees for cancelled classes will
be refunded in full
         ▪All requests for refunds must be submitted in writing.
         ▪There are no refunds in the Paralegal program after the first class.
         ▪Refunds for fees are returned to the payee, not the student, unless they are one and the same.
         ▪An administrative fee of $50 will be withheld on refund requests.
For more complete information go to:

        View this list of the skills and areas of knowledge in which UNLV Paralegal Students are trained.
No other program offers the thorough paralegal education that the UNLV Paralegal Program offers, and
at a fraction of the cost of other programs. The UNLV Paralegal Program is able to accomplish this
because we concentrate on Paralegal skills only! But don't take our word for it. Review the course subject
matter listed here and compare with other programs. Then ask yourself:
        ►Do they offer such comprehensive subject matter?
        ►Do they offer the quantity and quality of the paralegal websites, plus specialized
            Paralegal Manuals, in addition to the workbook?
        ►Do they offer ParaStudent Websites to provide the following for their students:
        Access to LexisNexis research                                Paralegal Task Practices
        Access to Westlaw research                                   Paralegal Workshop
        Additional Educational Materials                                Questions
        Additional Lecture Notes                                     Resume Assistance
        Chat Rooms for Students                                      Technical Advice
        Diagrams                                                     Templates and Forms
        Direct E-mail Access to Instructors                          Text Book Commentary
        Literally Hundreds of Exercise                               Text Book Quizzes
        Mock Exams                                                   And Much More!
        On-line Citation Assistance
        On-line Court Rules

        Enjoy the flexibility and freedom of completing course work via technology. These
programs are for professionals who have difficulty attending regular classes at set times and
prefer the independence provided by online courses. This course is for individuals who are
self-starters and interested in changing careers.

           Proven Instructors
           Convenience – 24 hour internet access
           Comprehensive Curriculum
           Low Cost
           UNLV Certificate
           Open Registration (you may begin any time)

       WHAT YOU GET:
          Course materials, which may include manuals, texts, access to software
          Proven relevant educational experience to gain a specific skill
          CEUs – nationally recognized educational units & Certificate of Completion

        After registration has been completed, materials will be sent and an instructor assigned. Once you
have received the materials, you are ready to start the course. You work at your own pace, and when it is
most convenient for you. Work will be submitted by email, fax, or via the web. You must have email
access. You may start at any time, and have up to six months to complete your program. Once you have
completed your course, including passing all exams and assignments, a certificate of completion will be
mailed to you.
        This on-line format allows you to complete this comprehensive program providing skills
necessary for a successful career in the field of law at times convenient for you. This is an intensive
program providing the skills necessary to be successful paralegal. You will need a Windows-
compatible computer with word processing capability, internet and email access

       FEES:          $6,995 payable to Board of Regents
                      $ 525 Tech Fee paid online to

               (Includes Manual, Texts, Exercise Book, LexisNexis and West Law access)
                      TEST DRIVE THE PROGRAM AT

How do paralegal certificate programs compare with longer, more expensive degree and
non-degree programs? The best answer to this question is to determine what weight
attorneys who hire paralegals give these programs.

Legal Assistant Today Magazine publishes a salary survey that is conducted every two
years by the National Association of Legal Assistants. In the most recent survey,
graduates of certificate programs, such as this one, are compensated at a higher rate than
other forms of education. Why? The answer is that attorneys know certificate program
students are trained in only one area – paralegal skills! It also means that the certificate
program graduates wind up being among the most successful paralegals.

                 SALARY SURVEY
                                         Table 4.9
                             Annual Salary and Compensation by
                                    Type f Paralegal Education

           Type of Education                   Average          Average       # of
                                                Salary        Compensation Responses
►Undergraduate Certificate (if you                $49,674           $52,066       175
do NOT have a degree)
►Post Baccalaureate Certificate (if                $50,488             $53,651           181
you DO have a Bachelor’s degree)
Associate Degree                                   $46,696             $49,402           459
Bachelor’s Degree                                  $46,484             $49,292           109
Master’s Degree                                        n/a                 n/a
Other                                              $49,779             $52,409           183
None                                               $47,827             $50,919           256

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Paralegal Profession Outlook
Despite projected much faster than average employment growth, competition for jobs is
expected to continue as many people seek to go into this profession; experienced, formally
trained paralegals should have the best employment opportunities.

Employment change. Employment of paralegals and legal assistants is projected to grow
28 percent between 2008 and 2018, much faster than the average for all occupations.
Employers are trying to reduce costs and increase the availability and efficiency of legal
services by hiring paralegals to perform tasks once done by lawyers. Paralegals are
performing a wider variety of duties, making them more useful to businesses. Demand for
paralegals also is expected to grow as an expanding population increasingly requires legal
services, especially in areas such as intellectual property, healthcare, international law, elder
issues, criminal law, and environmental law. The growth of prepaid legal plans also should
contribute to the demand for legal services. Private law firms will continue to be the largest
employers of paralegals, but a growing array of other organizations, such as corporate legal
departments, insurance companies, real-estate and title insurance firms, and banks also hire
paralegals. Corporations in particular are expected to increase their in-house legal
departments to cut costs. The wide range of tasks paralegals can perform has helped to
increase their employment in small and medium-size establishments of all types.

Job prospects. In addition to new jobs created by employment growth, more job
openings will arise as people leave the occupation. There will be demand for paralegals
who specialize in areas such as real estate, bankruptcy, medical malpractice, and product
liability. Community legal service programs, which provide assistance to the poor, elderly,
minorities, and middle-income families, will employ additional paralegals to minimize
expenses and serve the most people. Job opportunities also are expected in Federal, State,
and local government agencies, consumer organizations, and the courts. However, this
occupation attracts many applicants, creating competition for jobs. Experienced, formally
trained paralegals should have the best job prospects. To a limited extent, paralegal jobs are
affected by the business cycle. During recessions, demand declines for some
discretionary legal services, such as planning estates, drafting wills, and handling real estate
transactions. Corporations are less inclined to initiate certain types of litigation when falling
sales and profits lead to fiscal belt tightening. As a result, full-time paralegals employed in
offices adversely affected by a recession may be laid off or have their work hours reduced.
However, during recessions, corporations and individuals are more likely to face problems
that require legal assistance, such as bankruptcies, foreclosures, and divorces. Paralegals,
who provide many of the same legal services as lawyers at a lower cost, tend to fare
relatively better in difficult economic conditions.

Source: or Google the phrase: us bureau of labor statistics paralegal

                                            ALSO OF INTEREST
                                     To download a brochure, GO TO

                        UNLV EDUCATIONAL OUTREACH
                       PARALEGAL REGISTRATION FORM

MAIL TO: University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Division of Educational Outreach, 4505 S. Maryland
Parkway, Box 451019, Las Vegas, NV 89154-1019

BY PHONE: You may register by phone with VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express
cards by calling (702)895-3394. Please have class title, start date, credit card number, expiration date
and social security number ready.

BY FAX: Educational Outreach, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, (702)895-4195.

IN PERSON: UNLV Paradise Campus, Room 100, 851 E. Tropicana Ave

Enroll me in the following classroom format:

____DAYTIME          ($5,995)
____EVENING          ($5,995)
____WEEKEND          ($5,995)
____ONLINE           ($6,995)
    $ 350 Tech fee is paid online to
    at least one week before class starts.
Enclosed is my check for $___________made payable to the Board of Regents.

             Last                    First                     M.I.

DAY PHONE_______________________ HOME PHONE_______________________


CITY/STATE____________________________________ZIP CODE_______________

           Confirmation of registration will be emailed

BY CREDIT CARD: VISA, Discover, MasterCard

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