Sewage System Agreement Multiple Users by redpjd


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                         AGREEMENT FOR JOINT USE AND
                        MAINTENANCE OF SEWAGE SYSTEM
                                (Multiple Users)

       This Agreement is entered into this ___ day of _______, 20__, by and between M.D.P.
and L.M.P., husband and wife, GRANTORS, and R.G.J. and Y.P.J., husband and wife,

       WHEREAS, Grantors are the owners of the land described as follows:

                Here type full legal description of grantors’ real estate
       WHEREAS, Grantors intend to develop their land and multi-family residences will be
constructed thereon at some future time, and it is necessary that Grantees’ residence and all of the
said multi-family residences shall be connected to a common-use sewage disposal system,
referred to herein as the sewage system, and
       WHEREAS, Grantors intend to install the said sewage system, which shall be of adequate
and sufficient size to serve all of the residences, and shall conform to or exceed the requirements
of all state and local governmental agencies, and
       WHEREAS, it is the parties’ intent that Grantees and all of the future owners of the
multi-family residences shall be equally responsible for the costs of operation and maintenance
of the sewage system.
       Now Therefo
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