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									Some Tips For Building A Real Work At Home Opportunity
By: Al Terry

When it comes to starting up a real work at home opportunity one must learn quite a bit.
There are some great business models for making money online and many are legitimate,
fun and well worth the effort put in but still so many fail because they either expect to be
rich overnight for doing nothing or start to believe that what they are doing does not
work. The truth is that if one wants to make money online while working at home it is
going to take time, this is building a legitimate business after all, and it must be
something that is worked on with devotion. Here are some tips for making sure that the
work is being done in the right manner.

1) Make sure to do research and have a business plan right from the start! Do not just
jump into a business idea because it sounds fun, or because you think it will make money
online. Do not assume that you have such a great idea and will just need to get it on the
net to make money. Internet marketers are very savvy, and they look at everything
possible when it comes to making money online with any real work at home opportunity.

2) Come up with 3 business ideas that you know about and then research each one to see
if it can be a profitable business. Base the three concepts on such areas as special skills,
hobbies, education and so forth. The object of a great web site is to provide a valuable
resource to the search engines and the visitors so the concepts need to be personal to you
the individual. If you have been doing photography since the age of 5 then that is a great
place to research.

3) base all research of a business concept solely on supply and demand, supply is the
number of other sites using the same concept and demand are the numbers looking for
such a web site. This is easily done by using a keyword program which shows all the
search terms for a business concept and how many are using the keywords each month.
Locate all the keywords for each concept and the numbers of searches for each then go to
the search engines and type each keyword into them. Each time look at the right hand top
corner for the number of results returned, the least number of returned results the better
and especially when the keyword has a high number of searches. Use your common sense
to pick the business concept after this research, which looks most profitable based on
these numbers, high demand and the least supply.

4) Once the business concept for a real work at home opportunity has been researched,
planned and carefully thought out begin to organize the business in the same manner.
Narrow down the concept or broaden the concept into the perfect niche and use the
keywords to outline the site for success. Outline the site based on the most profitable
keywords for the homepage and general theme then use the other profitable keywords for
the sections the site will cover and also find the keywords for those sections that great
and profitable topics can be covered within.

5) Keep attention on the keywords, and what they mean to the visitors, each page must
use the keywords to create content on solely for the visitors. This is why it is important
that you know about the theme you picked and so that every page can deliver the best
content and information to the visitors. For each keyword, you will use to create content
with go back to the search engines and type in the term to look at what the top
competition is doing. Get ideas from them and also figure about what they are not
providing to their visitors that you can provide to them.

6) Keep the goal of creating a high quality web site which visitors will be thrilled to have
discovered. Make the real work at home opportunity the best it can be at all times and the
highest quality both with the pages of content as well as the products or services that are

7) Learn basic search engine optimization and Internet marketing techniques such as on
page optimization for each keyword page and also off page optimization to help improve
search rankings and traffic results. Come up with an easy an effective plan for marketing
and promoting the site based on a few techniques that work out best such as social media,
article distribution and related free directory submissions.

8) Keep the work fun and simple, do not get caught up in obsessions with links or
numbers. Keep the site moving forward by always adding new, fresh and unique content
to the site based on the most profitable and related keywords for the site. This alone in
time brings in great and profitable traffic to the site.

9) Make sure to do research on the best way to create revenue from every page. Revenue
ideas can be the use of affiliate programs, search engine advertising programs, locating
advertising on your own or stocking hard goods and performing services. Make sure to
cater for any products or services on a "on page basis" meaning keep everything targeted
to the visitors coming into the page, and what they may want or need. It makes no sense
to place some affiliate links for airfare to London on a page about where to stay in
France. Keep things logical and targeted to make the most money per page and always
work towards better results and conversions on traffic by experimenting with different

These are some of the best tips for a "keep it simple" approach for a real work at home
opportunity. If you can do some basic work such as research keywords and look at
competition to create a perfect niche business you are ahead of many who try to make
money online. If you back that up with creating great content around profitable keywords
then profitable traffic will come into the site which continues to grow as more and more
keyword focused pages are added. Keep learning the best way to optimize and promote
each web page for better results and make sure to place the best revenue models on each
page to maximize income based on what each page is about. If you can keep things
simple like this but also put in the work then there is no doubt the business takes off!

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