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					 Everything I know I learned in
  Kindergarten -- Connections
between K-12 Outreach and and
 Recruitment and Retention in
              Skip Rochefort

      Chemical Engineering Department
          Oregon Sate University
K-12 Outreach Activities with the
  Hewlett Foundation at Oregon
        State University
       Skip Rochefort, Jason Hower, Keith Levien
               OSU Chemical Engineering
             Ellen Ford, Saturday Academy
 Ellen Momsen, OSU COE Women and Minorities Program
And many College of Engineering and High School Students
OSU Hewlett Foundation Grant
• Recruitment and Retention of
  Engineering Students
• PI – Toni Doolen, IME
• $1.1 million - 3 years
• $85,000/year for K-12 Outreach
OSU K-12 Outreach Programs
•   Dr. Skip Rochefort
•   Chemical Engineering Department
•   Director, OSU Precollege Programs
•   Email: skip@engr.orst.edu
•   Phone: 737-2408
OSU K-12 Outreach Programs
  K-8 (OSU based programs)
    – Saturday Academy (Corvallis and Portland)
       • *E-Camp* – middle school girls and boys (summer)
       • LEGO RoboLab Camp – MS girls and boys (summer)
       • *AWSEM *- middle school girls (school year)
    – SMILE - Science Math Investigative Learning
      Experiences (rural communities)
    – Hydroville Project (SMILE associated program)
    – Science Education PartnershipS (SEPS – Corvallis)
    – Adventures in Learning (grades 5-7 summer programs)
    – Expeditions (grades 3-4 summer program)
    – Winter Wanderings (grades 3-7 school year)
    – KidSpirit (sports/arts summer camps)
    – *SKIES* – Spirited Kids in Engineering and Science
      (summer camp)
    – Wood Magic – College of Forestry
OSU K-12 Outreach Programs
HIGH SCHOOL (OSU based programs)
  – Saturday Academy ASE -
    Apprenticeships in Science and
    Engineering (statewide)
  – SESEY - Summer Experience in
    Science and Engineering for Youth
  – Science Connections (Portland)
Oregon K-12 Outreach Programs
COMMUNITY – K-12 and Public Outreach
 (Lifelong Learning)
  – OMSI – Oregon Museum of Science and
    Industry ( statewide connections)
  – MESA – Mathematics, Engineering, and
    Science Achievement (PSU based)
  – 4-H of Oregon (statewide)
  – Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of Oregon (and
    associated programs)
  – daVinci Days (Corvallis celebration of the arts
    and sciences)
• Multiple levels of Mentoring exist in
  all activities and programs
• Every individual from Program
  Directors to the K-12 students
  interact with all levels
* Key to Recruitment and Retention
  in Engineering
Mentoring Pyramid
                   Skip Rochefort
                     Ellen Ford
                    Jason Hower

  Camp                                 Engineering
Coordinators                             Faculty

                High School Students

  High School        Middle School     Elementary
   Programs            Programs         Programs
    SESEY                                SKIES
                     LEGO Camp
      Hewlett Foundation Sponsored Programs
Hewlett Foundation Sponsored
 Summer 2003 Outreach Log
        Pr ogram            Who          Num be r              What                  When
                   High School
  ASE              Students                 8       8 w k. research project      All Summer
                                                    Half -day, week long
  SKIES*           K-8 students           360       science and engineering      All Summer
                   Middle School                    1w k. Engineering day
  E-Camp*          Students
                                                                                 mid. July
                                                    1w k. Residential
                   High School
  SESEY            Students                28       engineering research         mid. July
                   Middle School                    1 w k. Half-day lego
  Lego Camp                                31                                    mid. July
                   Students                         robotics Camp
                   Middle School                    2 w ks. 2hr. Polymer
  AIL                                     120                                    early July
                   Students                         science activities
  Physics                                           half -day sessions on
                   High School Science
  Teachers                                 30       polymer science in high      Late June
  Program                                           school science cirriculum
                   Hawaiian High                    Half -day session on
  BEST                                     15                                    Early August
                   School students                  polymer science activities

  ASE                                               2 day conference on
                   High School
  Midsummer        Students               150       technology and w ork         Early July
  Conference                                        related skills
                                                    2 hrs. Tw ice a month f or
  AWSEM *          Middle School Girls     11
                                                    Four months
                                                                                 Fall - Winter
                   TOTAL                  779
• Spirited Kids in Engineering and
• 11 week-long K-2, 3-5, and 6-8 grade
  level camps
• Content areas include
  – Engineering: chemical, material science,
  – Science: chemistry, physics, biology
• Inquiry-based with hands-on emphasis
SKIES Photos
• 1 wk. Engineering day camp for middle
  school students (15 boys and 11 girls)
• Inquiry-based learning with Chemical,
  Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, and
  Environmental Engineering Themes
• Lessons taught by Engineering faculty,
  graduate, and undergraduate students
• Use of wireless PDAs for data analysis
E-Camp Photos
• Advocates for Women in Science,
  Engineering, and Mathematics
• Served 11 Middle School Females
• 8 Sessions on weekends (2 hrs.)
• Activities designed to interest
  middle school girls in the sciences
  – Chemistry, Anatomy, Math, Engineering,
    Physics, Biology
AWSEM Photos
• Summer Experience in Science and
  Engineering for Youth (High School)
• Week-long research projects in ChE,
  BioE, and Chemistry
• Projects created by Faculty, daily
  work guided by ChE/BioE students
• 19 HS girls, 9 HS boys from 5 states
SESEY 2003 Photos
• Saturday Academy Apprenticeships
  in Science and Engineering
• 8 week summer internship in ChE or
  BioE research laboratories
• Faculty Advisor with
  graduate/undergraduate mentors
• Culminates in research symposium
  with poster and PowerPoint
             ASE Photos
     Four Generations
         of ASE                    Dr. Skip Rochefort: ASE
                                   Superstar, Faculty Mentor
                                   (kind of), likes to eat

                                          Hai Le:
                                          ASE ‘00,
                                          Senior (will
                                          be Oregon
                                          State Univ.
                                          fall ‘01)

Jason Hower: ASE ‘97,
Corvallis High,
Sophomore Oregon State
Univ. Chemical
                         Annie Gai: ASE ‘99,
   Adam Welander: ASE    Sheldon High, Freshman
   ‘98, Central High,    Stanford University
   Freshman Carnegie     Chemical Engineering
   Mellon Chemical
*Flora and William Hewlett Foundation
*Toni Doolen, OSU Hewlett PI
*OSU Enrollment Management for
  Precollege K-12 Program Support
*ALL OSU K-12 Program Directors
* My outreach colleagues Ellen Ford and
  Jason Hower….and all the kids!