INSURANCE ISSUES IN MERGERS &
                          Howrey has represented parties involved in mergers and acquisitions in a
                          vast array of insurance issues that could impact a deal or a company’s
                          strategy to acquire or merge. Insurance Recovery attorneys at Howrey are
                          uniquely experienced in helping both buyers and sellers involved in mergers
                          and acquisitions evaluate the complex insurance issues that arise during the
           Howrey has     deal process.
   represented parties
                          Howrey attorneys have experience working with buyers in analyzing existing
   involved in mergers
                          and potential liabilities in order to enable them to have a clear understanding
  and acquisitions in a
                          of whether they can and will be acquiring any insurance coverage for such
          vast array of
                          liabilities from the seller. Howrey attorneys also have experience in
 insurance issues that
                          addressing the fundamental concern of whether insurance coverage can be
could impact a deal or
                          obtained by purchasing the appropriate insurance to the extent that a buyer
 a company’s strategy
                          may be acquiring liabilities. In addition, we also have vast experience in
  to acquire or merge.
                          assisting sellers in assessing the potential impact of transferring policies that
                          may be applicable to liabilities that remain with the seller prior to determining
                          whether such assets should be part of the deal.

                          The following is a summary of some of the key insurance issues that have
                          been addressed by Howrey in the context of mergers and acquisitions:

                             Representation of a utility in identifying existing uninsured liabilities to be
                             assumed by the buyer, as well as identifying and quantifying historical and
                             future insured and self-insured liabilities of the seller and analyzed the
                             insurance coverage programs of the seller.
                             Representation of a major conglomerate in analyzing whether a
                             predecessor’s insurance coverage assets are transferred to the successor
                             as a matter of law.
                             Representation of a major aerospace company in analyzing insurance
                             coverage potentially available to buyer, as well as analyzing the seller’s
                             insurance coverage and identifying and quantifying historical and future
                             insured and non-insured liabilities of the seller.


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