Retreat Package Reiki Universal Healing Energy Traditional Usui Reiki by xtq29964


									                                  Retreat Package
                           Reiki Universal Healing Energy
                            Traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho:
                                Reiki Level 1 Retreat
                               14-20 November 2009

Open yourself to the healing powers of the universe.

The retreat will cover the all the following elements over a 5 day period:
   • History of Reiki
   • The Lineage of Japanese and Western Reiki
   • Reiki and scientific base on energy work
   • Healing hands and positioning
   • Chakra system
   • Reiki Best practice
   • Benefit of Reiki to other therapies
   • Reiki as the form of complementary medicine
   • Attunement to the Reiki Universal Healing Energy
   • Reiki for personal and self development
   • Self –healing to promote optimal physical, emotional and spiritual
   • Touch and energy channelling during treatment
   • Body scanning
   • Alignment of chakra and energy field
   • Transform negative to positive energy
   • Directing Energy
   • Awareness of energy practice
   • Preventing depletion of energy
   • Practical sessions

The retreat will be over a five day period from 9.30am to 12.30pm
a after which you will receive a Reiki 1 certification and an
accompanying manual to assist you further when at home.

It may be beneficial to join in a Chakra Balancing meditation each morning at 7.30am
approx 30 minutes duration during the 5 days of the retreat.
Day 1 The Root and Sacral Chakra
Day 2 The Solar Plexus Chakra
Day 3 The Heart Chakra
Day 4 The Throat Chakra
Day 5 The Third Eye and Crown Chakra
Minimum 5 people, maximum 18
About Lena Moore

                         Katherine Lena Moore (Reiki Master - Teacher, Vibrational Healer) is
                         passionate in her belief of a holistic approach to physical, emotional
                         and spiritual health and wellbeing with over twenty years experience
                         in the UK prior to moving to Hua Hin two years ago. Lena has various
                         skills including working with energy sources that help promote self
                         development through positive change of emotional and physical

Lena worked in the financial and business sector for 20 years before making the
transition to Holistic Healing. Initially using crystals with the seriously and terminally ill
led Lena to explore many other therapies including counseling and personal development.
After many years Lena has utilized all her skills for holistic healing and coaching on
personal development with several groups of people by sharing this harmonious journey
to health and well being. Lena brings her vast skills of healing arts to heal and help
people regain “Balance”.

Retreat Package Prices
One of the many amazing things about our property is the option of accommodation to
suit your needs, be they simple or extravagant, as well as a price option to suit any

Your Retreat Price Includes:
7 Nights
Round trip Airport transfer by Toyota Camry
Breakfast, Dinner, Snacks
5 Day Retreat
6 Spa Treatments (1 a day)
1 Artistic Expression Experience

Single occupancy (1 person)                                        Double occupancy (2 people sharing)
Evason Studio                                                      Evason Studio
Baht: 101,250.00                                                   Baht: 161,400.00

Evason Pool Villa                                                  Evason Pool Villa
Baht: 122,250.00                                                   Baht: 182,400.00

Hideaway Duplex Pool Villa                                         Hideaway Duplex Pool Villa
Baht: 132,750.00                                                   Baht: 192,900.00

Hideaway Pool Villa                                                Hideaway Pool Villa
Baht: 143,250.00                                                   Baht: 203,400.00

Hideaway Pool Villa Suite                                          Hideaway Pool Villa Suite
Baht: 157,250.00                                                   Baht: 217,400.00
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