Graduate Certificate Program in Japanese Language Teaching (JLT) by xtq29964


									                                                College of Arts and Sciences Department of Foreign Languages and Bilingual Studies | pages 61–67

Graduate Certificate Program in                                                                            FRNH446 Business French I (3 hrs)
                                                                                                           FRNH447 Business French II (3 hrs)
Japanese Language Teaching (JLT)                                                                           FRNH451 Readings in French (1 hr)
                                                                                                           FRNH452 Readings in French (2 hrs)
The graduate certificate program in Japanese language teaching is designed
to assist applicants in attaining the equivalent of a superior level of profi-                             German Courses:
ciency in the Japanese language, as well as a broad knowledge of the geogra-                               GERN425 German Literature from the Middle Ages to the
phy and cultures of the regions where the Japanese language is spoken, and                                     Baroque (3 hrs)
to improve overall teaching effectiveness.                                                                 GERN426 German Literature from 1750-1850 (3 hrs)
                                                                                                           GERN427 German Literature from 1850-1945 (3 hrs)
Admission Requirements                                                                                     GERN428 German Literature from 1945 to the Present (3 hrs)
  1. Applicants in this graduate certificate program must demonstrate at                                   GERN443 German Syntax and Advanced Composition (3 hrs)
     least intermediate low level of Japanese proficiency using the ACTFL’s                                GERN444 Advanced German Conversation (3 hrs)
     Oral Proficiency Interview or Level 4 of the Japanese Proficiency Test                                GERN451/452 Readings in German (1/2 hrs)
     developed by the Japan Foundation, or equivalent.                                                     GERN456 Technical German I (3 hrs)
  2. Conditional admission may be granted to candidates evidencing de-                                     GERN457 Technical German II (3 hrs)
     ficiencies in Japanese proficiency. Such candidates must successfully
     complete deficiency courses including, but not limited to, JPNE344                                    Japanese Courses:
     Japanese Conversation, JPNE345 Japanese Composition, and                                              JPNE494 Seminar in Japanese Studies (3 hrs)
     JPNE444 Advanced Japanese Conversation.
  3. Submit a copy of Japanese Teaching Certification or Departmental                                      Spanish Courses:
     permission.                                                                                           SPNH444 Advanced Spanish Conversation and Composition (3 hrs)
  4. Submit a statement of reasons for pursuing this certificate                                           SPNH445 Spanish-American Prose (3 hrs)
  5. Meet the requirements for admission to the graduate school                                            SPNH448 Modern Drama (3 hrs)
                                                                                                           SPNH449 Romanticism (3 hrs)
This certificate requires 14 hours of course work to be distributed as follows:                            SPNH454 Modernism in Spanish America (3 hrs)
                                                                                                           SPNH455 The Generation of 1898 (3 hrs)
Required Courses........................................................................12 hours           SPNH456 Scientific and Technical Spanish I (3 hrs)
    FLAN611 Theory and Methods of Modern Language Teaching (3 hrs)                                         SPNH457 Scientific and Technical Spanish II (3 hrs)
    FLAN613 Using Technology in the Foreign Language Classroom (3 hrs)                                     SPNH465 Modern Novel (3 hrs)
    JPNE544 Graduate Japanese Conversation (3 hrs)                                                         SPNH471 Culture and Literature of the Hispanic Groups in the United
    JPNE 594 Intensive Seminar in Japanese Studies (3 hrs)                                                     States (3 hrs)
                                                                                                           SPNH482 Language of the Hispanic Groups in the United
Elective Courses............................................................................2 hours            States (3 hrs)
     One course from the following:
          CURR510 Developing Creativity in the Classroom (2 hrs)                                           General Language and Bilingual-Bicultural Education Courses:
          CURR552 The Pedagogy of Group Learning (2 hrs)                                                   FLAN421 History and Theory of Bilingual Education (3 hrs)
          CURR650 Improving Instruction through Inquiry and                                                FLAN490 Internship in Language and International Trade (3 hrs)
               Assessment (2 hrs)
          FLAN540 Cultural Issues in Language Teaching (2 hrs)                                             Language Courses:
          FLAN612 The Proficiency-Based Curriculum (2 hrs)                                                 LNGE425 Second Language Acquisition (3 hrs)
          RDNG506 Storytelling (2 hrs)
          SOFD535 Multi-cultural and International Education (2 hrs)                                       TESOL Courses:
          TSLN501 Theoretical Foundation of Second-Language                                                TSLN410 TESOL Methods (3 hrs)
               Pedagogy (2 hrs)
          TSLN520 Foreign Language Testing and Evaluation (2 hrs)

Program Total ............................................................................14 hours

                                                                                                           Department of
Undergraduate Courses for
Graduate Credit
                                                                                                       Geography and Geology
                                                                                                                            Campus Address: 205 Strong
The following courses may be elected for graduate credit; course descrip-                                        Internet:
tions may be found in the undergraduate catalog. A maximum of nine                                                            Telephone: 734.487.0218
hours of approved 400-level course work may be permitted in the earning                                                     E-mail:
of any graduate degree.
      If you intend to enroll in any of the following undergraduate courses                                     See pages 202, 204, 207 and 209 for course descriptions.
for graduate credit, you must submit a request form from the Graduate
School to receive permission before enrolling in the course; otherwise, you
will receive undergraduate credit.

       French Courses:
       FRNH431 Studies in French Theatre (3 hrs)
       FRNH432 Studies in French Poetry (3 hrs)
       FRNH433 Studies in French Prose (3 hrs)
       FRNH443 Advanced French Grammar and Composition (3 hrs)
                                                                                                      The department offers master of science degrees in geographic information
                                                                                                      systems (GIS); urban and regional planning; historic preservation — gen-
                                                                                                      eral studies; historic preservation — conservation and technology; historic
                                                                                                      preservation — heritage interpretation; historic preservation — tourism
       FRNH444 Advanced French Conversation (3 hrs)                                                   and administration; historic preservation — planning; and graduate certifi-
       FRNH445 French Phonetics (3 hrs)                                                               cates in historic preservation, GIS and water resources.


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