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									             The County School Connection
                          Hi All,
                          This has been a very exciting year in the County Superintendent's office. We have had the aggra-
                          vation of lawsuits by Southwest Gas and Valley Telecommunications, the enlightenment from
May 2007                  the technology trainings provided by our Technology Integration Specialist Val Quarto, the en-
Vol. 1 Number 1           joyment of the Spelling Bee and the Teacher of the Year Awards Ceremonies, the research of the
                          County Professional Development Team that has expanded into the school districts, and the chal-
                          lenge of completing the grant requirements of the Title III consortium and the Title II Improving
Cochise County School     Teacher Quality Grant. For more information on these activities, continue reading the newsletter.
Superintendent’s Office
                          Believe it or not, we still have money available for Science and Math workshops, for data analy-
                          sis for districts, and for supporting Small Schools' activities. This also was the first year to dis-
                          seminate all of the Forest Fees that came into the office, and to reach an agreement to continue to
                          maintain and support the Legal Enhancement fees paid to the County Attorney's office as an al-
                          ternative to the prepaid legal services fees offered to the schools by the Trust.

                          In the last six and a half years, I have had many responsibilities that have contributed to my
                          knowledge base concerning school law and local governance. The most time consuming of all
Trudy Berry,              was serving as the governing board for the Ft. Huachuca Accommodation School District. This
                          has taught me many lessons and has been challenging as well as rewarding. The imminent
Superintendent            change on the horizon is a bill that would establish a five-person governing board for the Fort
100 Clawson Ave.          Huachuca Schools. Senate Bill (SB)1313 is on its way through the house and senate and will
                          then need to be signed by the Governor. I welcome the opportunity for change and feel confident
P.O. Drawer 208           that Ft. Huachuca will benefit from this proposed law. More information will follow.
Bisbee, AZ 85603
                          I have had the pleasure of experiencing all facets of education on the national, state, and local
520.432.8950              levels, including serving as the Cochise County representative to the Arizona Association of     Counties (AACo) which proposes and tracks state legislation. One of the interesting reports this
schools                   year concerns the redistricting committee's plan for Cochise County which will affect Pearce,
                          Ash Creek, Rucker, Elfrida, Valley Union, McNeal, and Double Adobe. All board members from
                          these districts are requested to respond to the proposal by July 30, 2007. The final decision will
                          be made December 30, 2007, and redistricting elections will be held November 2008.

Good teaching comes       It has been exciting and fulfilling, and I thank everyone for making this a great year! I look for-
 not from behind the      ward to serving you in the future. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

desk but from behind      Trudy Berry
                          Cochise County School Superintendent
            the heart.

   Elizabeth Andres

                                                       One to One Digital Learning Initiative

                                         Benson High School was selected as one of seven pilot schools to participate in
                                         one of the initiatives Superintendent Horne mentioned during his State of Educa-
                                         tion Address in January 2007. The One to One Digital Learning Initiative will
                                         financially support the high school in upgrading their infrastructure to support a
                                         wireless network, provide the teachers professional development to find, evaluate,
                                         and use digital resources to support Arizona Teaching Standards, and supply next
                                         year's eleventh graders taking US History and Government with laptops. Benson
                          plans to deliver Arizona Social Studies Standards and 21st Century Work Skills through carefully
                          designed technology-based activities that increase student learning, collaboration, productivity
                          and achievement as they help students develop and practice the responsible use of technology.
                          For more information, contact Lillian Hritz at (520)432-8963 or
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  Technology Tools for Early Learners                                                Math and Science Update

  On Wednesday, May 9, 2007, our office will be hosting           The Cochise County Education Service Agency (CCESA) sent
  Technology Tools for Early Learners presented by Dan            out a Math Training Request Form to all districts within
  Bartch of ASSET (Arizona State University). The work-           Cochise County regarding strengths & weaknesses in math.
  shop will be held at Sierra Vista Middle School, Room           Douglas Unified School District expressed a desire for sustain-
  212, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Attendees will receive         able training and is willing to provide data/test scores to our
  hands-on experience using the many resources specifi-           office. Consequently, Douglas will be provided with training in
  cally targeted to address the Arizona Early Learning Stan-      the areas K-5 (all strands), 8-12 Graphing Calculators, and K-8
  dards for PreK-3. To register, please log on to http://         Discrete Math. Workshops will take place within their district                                           and participants will receive stipends. This service will continue
  schools/Default.htm click                                       to be available, so if you would like training in your district, let
  on the Education Service                                        us know. For more information, contact Cathy Tutor at (520)
  Agency         Training/                                        432-8957 or
  Workshop Schedule link,
  click on “View Course
  Listings” button, and then
  “Click Here to Register”.
  Space is limited and atten-
  dees will be registered on a first come first served basis.

                FREE ON-LINE TRAINING
                                                                                    English Language Learners
The Cochise County School Superintendent’s Office currently
has a grant that will pay for middle school math and science      Cochise County has hired Hope Geminder,
teachers (emergency certified and all non-highly qualified) to, as the ELL coordinator for the Title III
obtain professional development through the ASSET programs        Consortium. She is currently the ELL Coordinator for Palomi-
being offered through June 30, 2007. Courses include: Unwrap-     nas School District. She will be gathering school data per the
ping the Science Standard and the Backward Design Model (K-       requirements of the grant and using that data to identify areas
12), Teaching Middle School Life Science (5-8), Virtual Math      for professional development.
Academy (K-12), and Math in Everyday Life (6-8). Course
registration is $21.00 and will be reimbursed by the county of-   In exchange for working with the ELL coordinator, the County
fice. Register on-line at and send an   will reimburse up to 50% of the individual district contribution
invoice to our office at P.O. Drawer 208, Bisbee, AZ 85603.       for ELL activities or training outside of the required 45 hour
For more information, contact Cathy Tutor at (520)432-8957 or     SEI training. This is defined as programs in addition to normal                                          classroom instruction that may include individual or small
                                                                  group instruction, extended day classes, summer school, or
                                                                  intersession school that improve the English proficiency of cur-
                                                                  rent ELL and pupils who have been reclassified as English pro-
         Social Studies and Science Materials                     ficient within the previous two years.

The Arizona Department of Education is pleased to an-             For information regarding the Title III ELL Grant or services
nounce the release of Content-Rich Support Materials              provided by the county ELL coordinator, please contact Robert
for Social Studies and Science K-5. Visit the NEQ Hot             Blakely at (520)432-8952 or
Topics at Go to IDEAL, log in, and
click on Content-Rich Support Materials.
                                                                                Economic Standards —Strand 5
Available April 16, 2007: Social Studies: Grades 2 and 3                      Correlated w/Mathematics Standards
Science: Grades 3 and 4
                                                                  In June 2007, our office will be hosting Economic Standards—
Available June, 2007: Social Studies: Grades K and 1              Strand 5 presented by the Arizona Council on Economic Educa-
Science: Grades 1 and 2                                           tion. The workshop will be held in Sierra Vista. Attendees will
                                                                  learn the Economic Standards—Strand 5 and correlate them
Available August, 2007: Social Studies: Grades 4 and 5            with the Mathematics Standards. For up-to-date information,
Science Grades K and 5                                            please log on to http//
                                                                  Default.htm click on Education Service Agency training/
                                                                  Workshop Schedule link.
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                                                  AWARD WINNERS

                                                                                    Teacher of the Year
                                                                 The 2007 Cochise County Teacher of the Year Awards Cere-
The Cochise County Law Day ceremony was held on May 1st          mony & Banquet was held on March 30, 2007. The 2007
at 10:00 A.M. in Bisbee on the front steps of the courthouse.
                                                                 COCHISE COUNTY TEACHER OF THE YEAR is Diane
This year’s theme was “Liberty Under Law, Empowering             Feacher Smith from Sierra Vista Public Schools. Diane is
Youth, Ensuring Democracy.”                                      also the HIGH School Teacher of the Year. Congratulations
                                                                 Diane! We are proud to have you represent Cochise County.
Congratulations to all of the participants.                      Our MIDDLE School Teacher of the Year is John Gammon
                                                                 from Pearce School District, our ELEMENTARY School
Winners of the Junior High Essays (grades 6-9)                   Teacher of the Year is Rita Long from Douglas Unified
1. Quentin Gunn - a 9th grader at Buena High School              School District, and the EDUCATION SPECIAL PROJECT
2. Brian Becker - a 9th grader at Buena High School              of the Year went to Cynthia Bohmfalk of Douglas Unified
3. Jacob Ostrowidzki - a 9th grader at Buena High School.        School District for “Kids Helping Kids.”
Winners of the High School Essays (grades 10-12)                 District Awards went to:
1. Josh Brock - an 11th grader at Buena High School
2. Anna Streight - an 11th grader at Benson High School          ELEMENTARY
3. Aleesa Baakko - a 12th grader at Buena High School.
                                                                 Rita Long, Douglas Unified School District
Local Winner of the State Essay contest (a different topic was   Sandy Moore, Sierra Vista Public Schools
assigned)                                                        Keith Snyder, Ft. Huachuca Accommodation Schools
Claire Maxey - a 9th grader at Buena High School                 Brad Dale, Our Lady of the Mountains Catholic School
                                                                 Ken White, Cochise School District
Winners of the Poster Contest                                    Linda Marshall, Naco School District
1. Andrea Acuna - a 4th grader at Huachuca Mountain Elemen-
tary School (Mrs. Pvarnik's class)                               MIDDLE
2. Samantha Hernandez - a 4th grader at Willcox Middle
School (Mrs. Wilson's class)                                     John Gammon, Pearce School District
3. Joseph Scholz - a 4th grader at Huachuca Mountain Elemen-     Richard Bernal, Sierra Vista Public Schools
tary School (Mrs. Pvarnik's class)                               Bonnie DeHaven, St. David Unified School District
Graphics Arts Contest                                            HIGH SCHOOL
1. Jessie Clemmer - a 12th grader at Buena High School
2. Anna Van Meter — a 12th grader at Buena High School           Shirley Ortega, Valley Union High School District
3. James Schwantes - an 11th grader at Buena High School         Erin Kilpatrick, Berean Academy
                                                                 Jennifer Fithen, Sierra Summit Academy
                                                                 Dan Jordan, Douglas Unified School District
                                                                 Diane Feacher Smith, Sierra Vista Public Schools
                                                                 Jacqui Clay, Center for Academic Success

                                                                 SPECIAL PROJECTS

                                                                 “Packing Tape Sculptures”, Malinda Zuk, Berean
                                                                 “Peer Mediation Program”, Vivian Watson, Ft. Huachuca
                                                                 Accommodation Schools
                                                                 “Kids Helping Kids”, Cynthia Bohmfalk, Douglas Unified
                                                                 School District

                                                                 Congratulations to ALL teachers who repre-
                                                                 sented their districts!
 Page 4                                                                            The County School Connection
                                                                                             Lawsuits and Settlements
                                                                                          On April 11, 2007, the Cochise
The SIT project is completing the two-year grant cycle this
                                                                                          County Board of Supervisors ap-
June. County public, private and charter schools have taken
advantage of a variety of support and training services over                              proved returning funds to school
the last two years. Training offered has included Intel           districts that requested reimbursement for the Southwest
                                                                  Gas and Valley Telecom judgments. The charges had
Teach to the Future, iSAFE Internet Safety Curriculum,
                                                                  been previously deducted from district accounts.
Thinkfinity Educational Web Resources, IDEAL Arizona
Department of Education’s Web Portal Resources, ASSET
                                                                  The returning of funds will allow school districts to budget
Web Portal Overview, Interactive Whiteboard Integration,
                                                                  for the 2007-2008 school year to repay these amounts.
Webpage Design and Development, and numerous content-
based application integration workshops. Val Quarto, the          The total paid back to the districts from the county general
                                                                  fund is $174,867.65. For more information, contact Trudy
Technology Integration Specialist, has worked with school
                                                                  Berry at or (520)432-8950.
district administrative teams assisting in applying for grants,
completing e-rate applications, and designing professional
development activities to support district and school goals.

The Statewide Instructional Technology Team is currently
collaborating to complete the grant application for                    Professional Development Leadership Academy
continuation of the grant for two more years. We are
looking forward to offering a variety of workshops such as        Bowie Unified School District is working with the Cochise
those listed above, plus:                                         County PDLA team on a pilot professional development
                                                                  project. The County PDLA team met with Bowie on April
Teaching Writing with MS Applications                             13 to analyze their data in order to identify areas for profes-
Teaching Math using Excel                                         sional development. During the half-day collaboration, the
Visualizing Words - Primary Language Arts (Excel                  PDLA team first presented a case study to open a dialog on
Science Projects Collecting and Graphing Data for                 data analysis, and then moved on to Bowie-specific data,
Experiments                                                       backward mapping, and looking ahead to construct an action
Teaching Scientific Inquiry supported by technology               plan. We look forward to working with Bowie at the PDLA
(internet research, smart board, IDEAL Form Assess bank)          summer conference in Phoenix and continuing the partner-
Reading Comprehension Strategies for Reading e –text              ship in the fall for the strategic design, implementation,
Supporting Special Needs Students: Web-resources                  analysis and continuous improvement of the professional
                                                                  development action plan. For more information, contact
Currently, Val Quarto is setting up an ITV Video-                 LeAnn Morrison at (520) 432-
Conferencing room at the County Schools’ Office in Bisbee         8953.
that will be available for professional development
workshops next year. We will also be able to host
professional development Webinars and Video Conferences
for technology integration.
                                                                        Continuity of Operations Preparedness & Training
Exciting things are happening in Cochise County. For more
information, contact the Technology Integration Specialist,         On Wednesday, May 16, 2007, the Cochise County Health
Valerie Quarto at (520)432-8962 or email at                         Department will be hosting School Site Planning presented                                           by Patrick Dameron of TTEC Training. The ultimate goal is
                                                                    to develop a Pandemic Influenza Plan for each district. The
                                                                    presentation will be held at The Palms in Sierra Vista from
                                                                    9:00 a.m. —2:30 p.m., is FREE of charge, and lunch will be
                                                                    provided. This opportunity is limited to fifty (50) partici-
                                                                    pants. To RSVP, please contact Iris Rodriguez at (520) 432-
       Children’s Mental Health Week and                            9431 or email her at
       Teacher Appreciation Week are May 7-
       11, 2007.
 Page 5                                                                              The County School Connection

                   IDENTITY THEFT ALERT                                                Payroll and Expense Calendar
The following information was summarized by Bill Bennett after           Your Balance of Contract and Summer Runs memo
attending a presentation by Diane Reeves (NPI Compliance Group,          should have been faxed back to our office by now. This
LLC), on “How to Protect Yourself and Your School District from          will let us know how many Balance of Contract employ-
Identity Theft” at the April AASBO meeting.                              ees you have and how many summer runs will be
                                                                         needed. The dates for the end of the fiscal year are as
Identity theft is epidemic in this country. Only 25% of identity         follows:
thefts are financial. The other 75% are Social Security fraud. This
is why schools are extremely vulnerable. A stolen Social Security                          In our office by Noon on:
Number (SSN) from an adult would probably not be useable for
much more than a year. However, a child’s SSN could be used for                          Payroll #23               May 11
several years without bringing much attention.                                           Payroll #24               May 25
                                                                                         Payroll #25                June 8
Because identity theft is running rampant in Arizona it has become                       Payroll #26               June 12
necessary for legislation regarding protection of personal ID’s. This
affects schools who maintain their student data electronically. “The                     Summer Runs               June 19
Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) applies to
every business and individual who maintains or otherwise pos-            For those of you who use Visions/Enterprise, please
sesses consumer information for a business purpose.”                     make sure that all of your Summer Runs are dated June
There can be fines, civil and criminal penalties when employee or
student information is lost under the wrong set of circumstances         Advice of Encumbrance memos will go out on May 4.
and your school district has not taken reasonable measures to com-       Those need to be back in our office by July 18 so we
ply with these laws. The FTC has categorized an impressive list of       know what has been encumbered.
businesses as “non-bank” businesses that may be unaware they are
subject to the law.                                                      As a reminder, make sure that all vouchers for encum-
                                                                         bered expenses are clearly marked “Encumbrance.”
If it is determined that you have not taken reasonable steps to safe-
guard data, your district can be liable for fines up to $1,000,000 per
occurrence, jail time up to 10 years for executives (that’s admini-
stration, business managers and school board members), or re-                                    Contact Us
moval of management.
                                                                         Trudy Berry, Superintendent
So, what are “reasonable” measures? Appoint an Information Secu-
rity Officer, develop an information security policy, provide man-       LeAnn Morrison, Chief Deputy
datory identity theft prevention training for your workforce and                          432-8953
consider establishing an early warning system for data breaches/
identity theft by offering an identity theft plan as an employee         Robert Blakely, Grants Administrator/ESA Director
benefit.                                                                                432-8952

                                                                         Cathy Tutor, Admin Assistant/Project Coordinator
Schools are one of the primary targets for hackers. Pay particular                          432-8957
attention to the security of your web applications—the software
used to give information to visitors to your website and to retrieve     Deb Bauman, Secretary
information from them. For a free copy of the comprehensive com-                            432-8950
pliance guidelines proposed by the FTC, contact NPI Compliance
                                                                         Bill Bennett, Automated Finance Clerk
Group, LLC at (602) 518-7332. The company is also a resource for                           432-8951
identity theft training at no cost to your school district. The FTC
website ( ) is an excellent resource for more ways to         Theresa Yiannakis, Account Clerk
protect yourself as an individual as well as protecting your school.                         432-8954

                                                                         Michael Thompson, Automated Finance Clerk
                      Important Budget Dates                                            432-8956

                                                                         Lillian Hritz, SIT Program Coordinator
 May 15    - Revised budget due to ADE and County Office                                    432-8963
 July 5    - 07/08 Proposed Budget due to ADE and County Office
 July 15   - Publication of Proposed Budget                              Valerie Quarto, Technology Integration Specialist
 July 18   - Adopted Budget due to ADE and County Office                                   432-8962

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