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									                YOUR VOTE, YOUR VOICE
Volume 1, Issue 3             FORSYTH COUNTY ELECTIONS AND REGISTRATION                                   Dec 2003

 Ethics Training Session Held Nov 18th
                                                          Chocolate Cake, Sponge Bob, Junie B. Jones
 The first Ethics Training Session presented by the       win election at Coal Mountain Elementary
 State Ethics Commission and hosted by the
                                                          Charlotte Shook, a teacher at Coal Mountain Elementary,
 Forsyth County Elections Office concerning how,          wanted to teach students about elections from a relevant
 when, and under what circumstances to properly           point of view. She asked Gary Smith, Director of
 fill out the campaign disclosure forms was held on       Elections to hold a training session for about 125 third
 November 18th. The Elections Office also put             grade students.
 together an extensive manual on candidate and
 campaign procedures, which was presented at the          The students were very attentive and asked many
 training session. The Candidate and Campaign             questions. "They asked better questions than many
 Election Manual is an attempt to conveniently            parents," Smith said, adding that he was exhausted after
 organize the most pertinent information in regard to     the more than 45 minutes of detailed grilling at the hands
                                                          of the students.
 running a campaign and election from the
 standpoint of a candidate.      CANDIDATE & CAMPAIGN     Following the question and answer session, the students
                                    ELECTION MANUAL
                                                          voted on three issues:
 As most of you may know,                                 1. If you were stuck on a desert island, what food
 we are required by the                                       would you miss the most?
 State Ethics Board to for-                               2. Who would you visit first on a trip to Bikini Bottom?
 ward information on all        FORSYTH COUNTY
                                                          3. Which of the following books do you like the best?
 candidates who do not file    BOARD OF ELECTIONS
 disclosures on time. It          REGISTRATION
                                                          The students held the election without assistance from
 is our hope that the training
                               Gary J. Smith - Chairman   adults, checking students in on their homeroom lists,
                                                          creating voter cards, assisting anyone with questions and
 session and supporting information will move
                                                          finally collecting and passing out the "I Voted" stickers.
 everyone one step closer to a thorough
 understanding of campaign procedures.                    Who were the winners in the election?
                                                          1. Chocolate Cake, 2. Sponge Bob, 3. June B. Jones
 Adrienne Slater
                                                          Kris Smith

  1          Ethics Training Session Held Nov 18th
  1          Chocolate Cake, Sponge Bob, Win
  2          WELCOME BETSY
  2          Out With the Old

  2          Retirement

  3          Smith Receives CERA Certificate
  3          Hello Friends

  4          New Precinct List

      Your Vote, Your Voice                                                                                 -1-
                     Welcome                                                        RETIREMENT
                                                                                   From a Child's View
Betsy Brown will be joining our department as a
part time employee in January. She worked with
                                                                After the Christmas Break, a teacher asked her young
us on last November's General Election and has
                                                                pupils how they spent their holidays. One small boy
been with us in 2003 scanning the 60,000+ voter
registration forms into our new imaging database                wrote the following:
                                                                "We always used to spend Christmas with Grandpa
Betsy and her husband Rich have lived in Forsyth                and Grandma. They used to live here in a big brick
County for over 20 years and have raised their two              home but Grandpa got retarded and they moved to
sons here. Eric is a Freshman at UGA and                        Florida. Now they live in a place with a lot of other
Andrew is a Junior at North Forsyth High School.                retarded people. They all live in little tin boxes. They
                                                                rode on big three-wheeled tricycles and they all wear
"I'm looking forward to the coming year with the                nametags because they don't know who they are. They
Registration and Elections staff," says Betsy. It's             go to a big building called a wrecked hall, but if it was
been fun working with this group for the past 9                 wrecked, they got it fixed, because it's all right now.
months and I expect to learn a lot more with the                They play games and do exercises there but they don't
elections in 2004.                                              do them very good.

                                                                There is a swimming pool there. They go into it and
                      OUT WITH THE OLD - IN                     just stand there with their hats on. I guess they don't
                         WITH THE NEW                           know how to swim.

                                                                As you go into their park, there is a dollhouse with a
                                                                little man sitting in it. He watches all day so they don't
2003 is coming to a close and wow did it ever go
                                                                get out without him seeing them. When they sneak
fast…hope that is not an indication of how old I am             out, they go to the beach and pick up shells.
getting….my mother always told me that the days, months
and years go faster after 60….guess she was right.              My Grandma used to bake cookies and stuff but I
                                                                guess she forgot how. Nobody cooks, they just eat out.
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of the people,   They eat the same thing every night; early birds. Some
who have assisted our Elections and Registration Office         of the people are so retarded that they don't know how
during the past year – especially the poll workers who          to cook at all, so my Grandma and Grandpa bring food
make it possible to hold elections and work those 14-16         into the wrecked hall and they call it "pot luck".
hour days rain or shine, the county employees from other
departments such as the tax assessors, parks and rec, tax
commissioner, and the board of commissioners offices            My Grandma says Grandpa worked all his life and
(who spend their time helping us move voting machines,          earned his retardment. I wish they would move back
tally votes etc) and especially those who work tirelessly in    up here but I guess the little man in the doll house
our elections office…..thank you, Merry Christmas and a         won't let them out."
Happy New Year!!
                                                                Sylvia Sewell
2004 is going to be a busy year, considering we expect to
have a minimum of five elections starting with the first one
in March. Training classes for poll workers will begin in
February and we intend to hold the sessions by individual               ELECTION DATES FOR NEXT YEAR
precinct – we had very positive feedback from this method
last year. There are some new things to learn about i.e.             March 2, 2004              Presidential Primary
voter ID, provisional balloting changes, early voting and            July 20, 2004              General Primary
maybe a new and easier way to handle the voter lists. We             August 10, 2004            Primary Runoff *
will be contacting you during January to start setting up            September 21, 2004         Special Election *
your training dates.                                                 November 2, 2004           General Election
                                                                     November 23, 2004          General Election Runoff *
We are looking forward to an exciting year in 2004 and
hope that all of you will be working with us again.                    * - if needed
                                                                , as the president of the NAWSA in 1895. The battle was
Gary J. Smith – Election Superintendent                         arduous and long. It wasn’t until World War I that the tide
                                                                seemed to turn as women made themselves indispensable in
   Your Vote, Your Voice                                                                                         -2-
                                                                the war effort. After much persuasion by Catt and others,
                                                                President Woodrow Wilson even spoke out in favor of an
                                                                amendment in 1918. A year later, the amendment passed
 Smith receives CERA certificate for                     Hello Friends:
         professional paper
                                                         It is that time of year again, when we have
                                                         everything to do and seems like no time to do it
Forsyth County Board of Elections Chairman Gary
                                                         all in. We are going to and fro wondering what
J. Smith's paper is entitled, "Use of Microsoft          will come next, but somehow we manage to get
Project to More Efficiently Run Elections".              most of it done. Doesn’t matter, Christmas
Microsoft Project is a project management program        comes right on time.
that helps build project plans, track work completed
and account for variances.           "Elections lend     I would like to relate a story I read that touched
themselves to the use of a program that deals with       me. I hope it will do the same for you. It’s
the building of a project plan, tracking of work         entitled “Twenty Dollar Bill”.
completed, management of resources and a
deadline," Smith wrote in his paper. We have             A well-known speaker started off his seminar by
defined the tasks, duration, start and finish and        holding up a $20.00 bill. In the room of more
resources available to perform an election. This         than 200, he asked, “ Who would like this $20
                                                         bill?” Hands started going up. He said, “I am
was completed for the March 18, 2003 SPLOST
                                                         going to give this $20 to one of you but first,
election. With over 100 individual tasks to be           let me do this." He proceeded to crumple up the
completed using more than 250 employees and              $20 dollar bill. He then asked, “Who still wants
running weeks to months at a time, the job of            it?” Still the hands were up in the air. Well, he
running an election is enormous.                         replied, “ What if I do this?" And he dropped it
                                                         on the ground and started to grind it into the
Use of the program has forced us to sit down and         floor with his shoe.
develop each phase of our election and to
redistribute resources during our election cycle. It     He picked it up, now crumpled and dirty. “Now,
has helped us to become more efficient, reduce the       who still wants it?” Still the hands went into the
stress caused by overworking some people and             air. My friends, we have all learned a very
concern over forgetting some of the items during         valuable lesson. No matter what I did to the
peak periods.                                            money, you still wanted it because it did not
                                                         decrease in value. It was still worth 20 dollars.
 We constantly try to refine our use of this program
                                                         Many times in our lives, we are dropped,
to reduce the costs of holding an election. With         crumpled, and ground into the dirt by the
potentially six elections coming up, planning and        decisions we make and the circumstances that
preparation is key to a smooth and flawless election     come our way.        We feel as though we are
year.                                                    worthless. But no matter what has happened or
AdrienneSlater                                           what will happen, you will never lose your value.
                                                         Dirty or clean, crumpled or finely creased, you
                                                         are still priceless to those who love you. THE
                                                         WORTH OF OUR LIVES COMES NOT IN WHAT
                                                         WE DO OR WHO WE KNOW, BUT BY WHO WE
             The Power of Just One Vote                  ARE.

1845    By a single senatorial vote Texas became the     Count your blessings, not your problems.
        28th state.                                      Remember, amateurs built the ark…
1846    One vote decided on war with Mexico. The         Professionals built the Titanic. “Jesus is the
        United States won the war with Mexico and        reason for the season.”
        with that victory added five states.
1867    One vote gave the United States the state of     I wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and
        Alaska.                                          Happy New Year.

        "History is proof of the lasting ramifications   Sylvia Sewell
        one deciding vote can have".

   Your Vote, Your Voice                                                                        -3-
                                       2004 UPDATED PRECINCT LIST
                                 (Please note highlighted changes and additions )

       1   Big Creek          First Redeemer Church                   2135 Old Alpharetta Rd (address change)
       2   Brandywine         Calvary Chapel                          200 James Rd (address change)
       3   Chattahoochee      Chattahoochee Elem School               2800 Holtzclaw Rd
       4   Chestatee          Chestatee Clubhouse                     6945 Keith Bridge Rd
       5   Coal Mountain      North Forsyth High School               3645 Coal Mountain Dr
       6   Crossroads         Lanierland Music Park                   6175 Jot Em Down Rd
       7   Cumming            Forsyth County Library                  585 Dahlonega Hwy
       8   Mashburn           Mashburn Elem School                    3777 Samples Rd
       9   Matt               Matt Elem School                        7455 Wallace Tatum Rd
      10   Midway             Midway Park Clubhouse                   5100 Post Rd
      11   Sawnee             Sawnee Elem School                      1616 Canton Hwy
      12   Pleasant Grove     Pleasant Grove Baptist Youth Center     9730 Waldrip Rd
      13   Absentee           Main Office                             110 East Main St Ste 200
      14   Lakeland           Bennett Educational Center              1200 Baptist Medical Cent Dr
      15   Heardsville        Sawnee Mt Park Clubhouse                3995 Watson Rd
      16   Otwell             Sawnee Cultural Arts Center             1090 Tribble Gap Rd
      17   Johns Creek        Lowes Store                             3580 Peachtree Pkwy
      18   Daves Creek        Daves Creek Elem School                 3740 Trammel Rd
      19   Old Atlanta        Old Atlanta Clubhouse                   5745 Old Atlanta Pkwy
      20   Piney Grove        Gateway/Larc                            5110 Piney Grove Rd
      21   South Forsyth      South Forsyth Middle School             2865 Old Atlanta Rd
      22   Vickery            Vickery Creek Middle School             6240 Post Rd
      23   Oakmost            Midway Elem School                      4805 Hwy 9 N
      24   Sharon Fork        Sharon Fork Library                     2820 Old Atlanta Rd
      25   Windermere         Windermere Lodge                        4444 Frontnine Dr (address/name change)
      26   Lanier             Deer Creek Shores Presbyterian Church   7620 Lanier Dr
      27   Concord            Concord Baptist Church                  6905 Concord Rd
      28   Mountainside       Piedmont Learning Center                1130 Dahlonega Hwy
      29   Polo               Polo Golf and Country Club              6300 Polo Club Dr (new)
      30   Riverclub          Chattahoochee Riverclub                 4110 River Club Dr (new)
      31   Saint Marlo        Saint Marlo Country Club                7755 St Marlo CC Pkwy (new)

We hope you continue to enjoy news and updates from your Elections Office. We are
still hoping for input from all of you. This is Your newsletter. If there is
anything you would like to read about; new legislation, topics of interest or
forthcoming events or elections, please drop us a line, call or email and let us


                        Thank you all for your continued support and have a

Gary Smith, Sylvia Sewell, Janet Munda, Adrienne Slater, Kris Smith
NOTE: If you know you will not be able to work next year, please
contact Janet Munda at (770) 781-2118 Ext. 2578 so we can take your
name off the list.
Your Vote, Your Voice                                                                                       -4-
Your Vote, Your Voice   -5-

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