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Sample Newsletter Article puff


Sample Newsletter Article puff

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                March Into May Newsletter
               (introduction to program and recruitment for participation)

Have you been thinking about increasing        Just 30 minutes of moderate physical
physical activity? Is your current             activity can offer these health benefits:
physical activity routine getting stale?         reduce the risk of dying
Well get ready... because there is a            prematurely
program coming to Cheshire that is just
for you.                                         reduce the risk heart disease

                                                 reduce the risk of developing
March Into May is a 10 week physical
activity program that is being sponsored
by Cheshire’s Crusade Against Cancer.            reduce the risk of developing high
Participants will set a goal based on their     blood pressure
current level of physical activity and
                                                 reduce the risk of developing colon
keep track of their activity over the
course of 10 weeks.
                                                 reduce feelings of depression and
Many people mistakenly believe that             anxiety
vigorous exercise is necessary to be
                                                 helps to lower blood pressure
healthy. The quantity and intensity of
physical activity necessary to improve           help weight control
health is within the reach of most people
-- 30 minutes of moderate physical               help build and maintain healthy
activity 5 or more days of the week. Of         bones, muscles, and joints
course more intense and longer duration
                                                 promote psychological well-being
will in many cases provide additional
benefits. AND if you're just beginning
an exercise program, lessor amounts may        March Into May will begin March 7th.
provide some benefits as well.                 Pick up your registration form today.
Calories Burned per ½ Hour                       Physical Activity            Calories
Here is how many calories a 150-pound man or                                Burned per
woman would burn by doing any of these                                       Half Hour
activities for a half hour. If you weigh less
you burn fewer calories; if you weigh more you   Soccer                           240
burn more. Mix and match them to reach
1,000 or more per week. And remember:            Treadmill or stair
ANYTHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING!                 exercise, moderate               200

                                                 Aerobics, low impact             170
 Physical Activity               Calories
                                                 Baseball or softball             170
                               Burned per
                                Half Hour        Bicycling, stationary            170

 Leisure                                         Skiing, downhill, light          170

 Dancing, folk or square               190       Calisthenics, light to
                                                 moderate                         150
 Dancing, general Sports               150
                                                 Golf                             150
 Horseback riding                      140
                                                 Ping Pong                        140
 Stretching or yoga                    140
                                                 Water aerobics                   140
 Walking (4 mph)                       140
                                                 Coaching sports                  140
 Walking (3 mph)                       120
                                                 Weight lifting, light to
 Frisbee or bowling                    100       moderate                         100

 Shuffleboard                          100       Around the House
 Cooking                                80       Mowing the lawn (hand
                                                 mower)                           200
 Walking, strolling                     70
                                                 Gardening                        170
                                                 Walking up stairs                170
 Hockey or lacrosse                    270
                                                 Household cleaning,
 Skiing, cross-country                 270       heavy (washing the car,
                                                 washing windows)                 150
 Swimming laps, slowly                 270
 to moderately                                   Lawn mowing     (power
                                                 mower)                           150
 Aerobics, high impact                 240
                                                 Wall or house painting           150
 Ice/roller-skating                    240
                                                 Raking leaves                    140
 Bicycling, light                      200
                                                 Walking the dog                  120
 Jogging                               240
 10 Things to do while walking              Minimum Exercise Guidelines

 1. Make plans (weekend, vacation, etc.)    F (Frequency): at least every other
 2. Make a "to do" or shopping list         day; every day if you need to lose
                                            excess weight.
 3. Analyze a recent hassle or think
 how you might cope better next time        I (Intensity):at a pace that causes
 4. Think of something creative             you to perspire, but doesn't make you
                                            huff and puff. (you should have enough
 5. Daydream                                "wind" to be able to talk while
 6. Solve a problem, or break a big         exercising.)
 problem down into manageable pieces
                                            T (Time): at least 30 minutes of non-
 7. Think of a way to eliminate/reduce
                                            stop aerobic exercise per workout; 60
 one of the stressful things in your life
                                            minutes if you need to lose excess
 8. Recite a poem or a verse of             weight.
                                            How fast should you exercise?
 9. Hum a favorite song
                                            When you walk, jog, cycle, or do any
 10. Enjoy the sights and sounds around     other kind of aerobic exercise - be
 you, and let your mind wander              sure to exercise at a pace that
                                            produces a slight shortness of breath
                                            and/or a slight sweat, without
 Walk, don't Weight
                                            producing any sense of strain or
                                            discomfort. If your exercise pace
Forty-five minutes of brisk (4 mph)         causes you to huff-and puff (if you
walking burns up about 244 calories.        can't carry on a conversation), your
This translates into 25 pounds of weight    pace is too fast.
(fat) loss in one year! *
                                            Concentrate on finding a steady,
*244 calories x 365 days = 89,000 extra     rhythmic pace that you can maintain
calories burned in one year; divide this    throughout your exercise period.
number by 3,500 to get number of            Ignore the folks who go faster than
pounds lost in one year. (You have to       you- either they're in much better
burn up 3,500 calories to lose a pound of   shape, or they don't know what
fat.)                                       they're doing.
The best time to exercise                      Interesting stuff about
                                               exercise. . .
 Advantages Before Breakfast

 _ Clears the fog so you can begin your        by Americans is a pair of athletic shoes.
 day refreshed and alert. You have to
 take a shower anyway.
                                               than sedentary people, according to the
 _ Outside exercisers can enjoy the
                                               Journal of the American Medical
 peace and quiet of the early morning
 done in the morning, exercise is "out
 of the way."

                                               our grandparents, but weigh more. The
 Advantages Before Lunch                       reason is simple, say the health experts:
 _ Enables you to work off morning             we get less exercise.

 _ Can help curb your lunch appetite.          of Health, 40% of all U.S. school
 Refreshes you to meet afternoon               children are overweight. Study after
 demands.                                      study has shown that the typical
                                               overweight kid isn't fat because he eats
 Advantages Before Dinner                      more than a kid of normal weight; he's
                                               fat because he gets less exercise.
 _ Clears the day's tensions.

 _ Helps you avoid "just home from the
 office" bingeing and snacking.                a bit more during exercise, research
                                               indicates that you'll generally benefit
 _ Can help curb your dinner appetite.         more from extending time, rather than
 Refreshes you for evening activities.         increasing pace.
(1991 The Hope Heart Institute, Seattle, WA)

                                               area for a half-hour can produce an
                                               exposure to carbon monoxide similar to
                                               smoking one-half to one pack of
                                               cigarettes a day. According to
                                               researchers at the New York Hospital-
                                               Cornell University Medical College, NYC.
                                               If you live in a high traffic area, think
                                               twice about exercising outdoors.

                                               (1989 The Hope Heart Institute, Seattle, WA.)
 The Benefits of Being Fit
BRAIN                                       body is improved.
 Concentration and alertness are            The blood flows through the blood
improved.                                   vessels more easily.
                                             Blood pressure is normally lower and
SKIN                                        strain on the circulatory system is not as
 Fitness promotes a healthy                great
complexion.                                  The tendency to develop
LUNGS                                       arteriosclerosis (hardening of the
                                            arteries) is reduced.
 Lungs can process more oxygen with
each breath.                                BLOOD
 Extra demands for oxygen (e.g.
                                             The blood can deliver more oxygen to
running for a bus) can be met with ease.
MUSCLES                                      The blood can remove more waste
                                            products from cells.
 Fit muscles have better tone,
                                             Blood chemistry is improved so that
strength, and endurance.
                                            risk of heart attack and stroke is
 Muscles can work harder, with less
 Posture and overall appearance are        JOINTS
                                            Joints are more flexible - allowing
                                            greater ease and range of movement,
                                            and making them less prone to injury.
 Bones are stronger and less brittle.
                                            NERVOUS SYSTEM
                                             Stress, anxiety, boredom, frust-
 Digestion and waste removal are
                                            ration, and simple depression are
                                            reduced; exercise is a natural
 Appetite is controlled.
HEART                                        Sleep is sounder.
 A fit heart works more efficiently and
with less strain.
                                             Self-image and sense of "well-being"
 A fit heart beats fewer times per
                                            are improved.
minute while at rest than an unfit heart.
                                             In shape? There's nothing you can't
 The heart can meet extra demands
with ease.
 Blood circulation to all parts of the

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