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Since launching our first sculpting liquid in 1979, our enhancements, treatments
and color have created new possibilities for the nail professional—and have become
the worldwide choice for providing the highest-quality manicures and pedicures.

Now, CND product systems have a new, simplified look. Of course, our award-
winning formulas remain unchanged—CND continues to offer all the reliability
and results you’ve come to expect.

And you can count on more to come. Our commitment to scientific research
means you can continue to look to CND for innovative products and solutions
that will help you set new standards of beauty for hands and feet
                                                                                        From manicure and pedicure essentials
                                                                                        to stunning nail enhancements, CND
                                                                                        product systems let you create new
                                                                                        colors and design original styles to
                                                                      treatments for
                                                                            perfectly   tailor your treatments for each client.
                                                  HAND & BODY        groomed hands
                                                     Lotions and            and feet.
                                                washes designed
                                               to soften skin and
                                                soothe the spirit.

                        Everything for the
                       proper preparation
           COLOR             and finishing
Naked neutrals to         of a meticulous
 dazzling darks, a             nail service.
  kaleidoscope of
   possibilities for
every nail service.

                                                                                                                               Perfect, beautiful
                                                                                                                               nails sculpted
                                                                                                                               with liquid &
                                                                                                                               powder or gel.
CND                                          CND                                                CONCEPT CND
INSTITUTE                                    EDUCATION                                          The place to experience unequalled
                                                                                                beauty for hands and feet. Our flagship
A new era in education. Our Los Angeles-
                                             TRAINING & CERTIFICATION                           salon in Los Angeles offers premier
based learning venue will provide
                                             CND offers learning opportunities for salon        nail creations and spa treatments from
comprehensive training for the nail
                                             professionals of every level—from novice           the finest CND-trained professionals.
professional. From application techniques
                                             to advanced. Programs range from four-             In Malta, Concept CND exists at Wispers
to fashion and art to salon management,
                                             hour to two-month curriculums, available at        outlets in Sliema / Gzira. You too can
the CND Institute focuses on every aspect
                                             our CND Institute and satellite locations around   participate in Concept CND to make
of total beauty for hands and feet.
                                             the globe. In Malta, please contact Wispers on     your business an icon for superior quality.
In Malta, CNA ( Creative Nail Academy )
                                             21314895/6 or Ilske on 9944-4299                   Please contact your local official distribu-
are responsible for delivering these pro-
                                                                                                tor for more detail.
grams to you at Wispers - in Sliema/Gzira.
- Tel: 21324895/6

                                             COURSE OFFERINGS
                                             • CND Novice Courses
                                             • CND Systems Showcase
                                             • CND Master Courses
                                             • CND Specialty Seminars
                                             • CND Road Shows
                                             • CND Leadership Program
                                             • CND School Partner Program
                                             • CND Distributor Partner Program
                                             • CND Ambassador Boot Camp

                                             See attached for course detail!

As a company founded on scientific innovation, CND has always placed
education as the cornerstone of developmental understanding for the nail
and salon professional.

Now, CND is energizing the education landscape once again with new levels of
expertise and unprecedented learning opportunities. Our updated certification
programs deliver real knowledge of the science behind the systems, as well as
a fashion-forward perspective to help you create exciting new nail expressions.

Every element of this renewed focus on learning will come together with
the inauguration of the CND Institute, a global hub where certified CND
professionals will share advanced ideas and education for total hand and
foot beauty. With new programs for the novice learner to the advanced
professional, we’ve added more layers of specialized training to our already
extensive offering, allowing you to build your career beyond the service level.

Of course, we also continue to bring learning and training opportunities
directly to you through our Road Shows, local distributor events, trade
shows and CND Education Ambassadors in your area.

Together, CND’s educational opportunities ensure that professionals earn
recognition for the high standards they maintain, the client experiences
they deliver, and the unique fashions they create.

Your success is our success. That’s why CND makes support for the nail
and spa professional an integral part of who we are.

CND doesn’t just create products and styles that are easy to adore. We
also make them easy to use and incorporate into your business by providing
accessible, knowledgeable support. Online or by phone, CND offers
information and inspiration at your fingertips.

Visit for detailed information about our product systems
and service techniques. Follow our illustrated step-by-step instructions for
enhancements and other treatments. Find up-to-date information on local
training sessions or search our nail gallery for inspiration to design your
own eye-catching creations.

CND innovations—and answers—ensure you have everything you need
to keep your business growing and evolving.

In Malta, visit - the site designed to help you with all your
wants and needs.
                           Complete illustrated instructions
                                  on a full menu of manicure,
                       pedicure and enhancement services.

                                                                +356 21324895/6

From the simplest styles to the
most intricate creations, the
CND Nail Gallery shows you how
to recreate the looks strutted
on runways around the world.

The core of who we are. Three words, one vision. A leader in professional nail
care, now with a total vision of beauty. Trusted enhancements, treatments and
tools. Unwavering commitment to professional support and education. New
opportunities to share. And new possibilities to create and discover, together.

Always creative. Now simply: CND.





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