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					                                                                                             NAIL CARE
   At Bassingbourn Village College we operate an ‘open door’ policy and invite all
     learners to share any concerns they may have during their time here. We
guarantee that you will be listened to. If you are unable to approach us personally,
 please put concerns in writing for the attention of the Adult Education Manager or
         email to:   
                                    Adult Education
                              Bassingbourn Village College
                                       South End
                                        SG8 5NJ
                                  Tel: 01763 246136


   1.      Classes may be closed, the length of the course curtailed or fees varied
           if courses are not fully enrolled and financially viable. Fees are
           otherwise not refundable.
   2.      All fees are due upon enrolment and are payable even if the student
           decides not to continue with the course. We will give a partial refund
           for those students who can supply us with a letter from their GP.
   3.      Those students who are on state related incomes as their only source of
           income are entitled to a 25% discount.
   4.      Class membership is at the College’s discretion at all times and
           acceptance of any enrolment does not constitute a right to class
   5.      Health and Safety is a matter for all people using the College and we         Level: Anyone is welcome to attend
           expect each learner to participate in ensuring the College is a safe
   6.      CAR PARKING – The main College car park is in Brook Road but you             START DATE: 24th SEPTEMBER 2008
           may use the car park in South End during the evenings.                       See inside for College half-term dates
   7.      The College is insured against Public Liability but learners are reminded
           that insurance is not provided against theft or accidental damage to                 Tutor: Edwina Parker
           their property.                                                                          £40 x 5 weeks
                                 Where to find us
                                                                                         Venue: Bassingbourn Village College
                                                                                           Over 65 and on a low income?

                                                                                       ENROL ONLINE – DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE

                                                                                           Cheques made payable to: BVC
                                                                     16.       Fast Dry
                                                                     17.       Nail Polish (professional brand ie: Orly/Jessica)

Who is this course for?
Anyone who wants to learn how to look after their hands/feet      Is there anything I need to tell the College about
and nails. It would be helpful to come with a friend or partner   myself before I start this course?
so that you can practice on each other but don’t let this put     All learners have a right to a confidential interview to discuss
you off coming.                                                   their needs and it is our job to ensure that we give you the
                                                                  best opportunity and right conditions for you to take part,
What will I learn on this course?                                 learn and make progress. Your tutor will make you aware of
You will learn how to look after your nails and perform a basic   this opportunity but it will help you and us to make adequate
manicure/pedicure to carry out on yourself or friends and         preparations if you make arrangements to discuss your
family.                                                           requirements prior to starting the course.

How will I learn?                                                 Progression: Make-Up Masterclass at Bassingbourn V C
By practical experience, led by the tutor.
                                                                  What if I require more information?

Will I be using specialist equipment?                             If you require further information about this course, please contact the
There are quite a few things you will need to bring with you      community office and we will put you in contact with the course tutor.
but they are mainly low-cost items. See the list below:-
   1. Towels (2 x small)
   2. Foot Spa or washing up bowl                                 We are closed for classes on the following half-terms:
   3. Small bowl to soak hands                                                 Autumn Term 27th – 31st October 2008
   4. Tissues
                                                                               Spring Term 16th – 20th February 2009
   The following items can be purchased from the tutor
   5. Big foot file (to remove hard skin on feet, not metal)                     Summer Term 25th – 29th May 2009
   6. Foot/Hand scrub
   7. Foot/Hand Wash
   8. Hand/Foot Cream
   9. Orange sticks
   10.      Hoof stick
   11.      Emery boards
   12.      Cotton Wool Discs
   13.      Cuticle oil
   Optional Extra’s (can be purchased from tutor)
   14.      Under coat
   15.      Nail polish remover

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