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									                                      Powder Puff Football

                          Taylor Vollmer
                      PAW PRINTS REPORTER

As preparations proceeded for Tuesday, Nov. 17, coaches got their girls
ready for the annual Powder Puff Tournament, a 16-team event. Many had
an intuition about this year’s game. As precautions go, all girls wore proper
footwear and a school-provided mouthpiece.
  As Mr. Gozzard, tournament organizer, would mention, he would never
want a repeat of what happened three years ago when a player suffered a
spinal cord injury.
  An experienced player, Lauren Kulp, said, “It doesn’t matter if you win or
lose. Win or lose, your friends are there to support you.”                                                                                        Photo by Paw Prints Staff
  As Gozzard claimed, this event is a great time to have everyone together so     Alex Staves, Bryn Kandel, Ashley Dyer, Christine Turner, Rachel Dolly, Julia Merlo, Jackie
support a good cause. Powder Puff raises money for cancer research and to         Vega, Kelsey Yelicannan, Breean Wilson, Marta Weisel, Jacy Heckler, Ashley Guenst.
give girls a unique experience on the football field.
  This year’s Powder Puff game was on Tuesday Nov. 17 at Alumni Field.
Spectators paid $2 for admission to the event, which began at 3:30 p.m. and
ran until 7 p.m. Alexis Eustace Rickabaugh won the T-shirt design contest.           Lauren Kulp, a senior on the team “Extreme Nintendo Fury, shared the experience on
She drew a football with a paw print inside.                                      the
  The history of Powder Puff has been going on for years. It was run by Dr.       field.
Stephens before Mr. Gozzard took over three years ago Mr. Gozzard said,              “It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it just matters what you are there for a good
“Powder Puff is a great experience that I think girls should try; it’ll give      cause,” she said. “Win or lose, friends are there to support you.”
them a chance in the spotlight.”                                                      It has been said that the games are really competitive and it is recommended to have
  Steff Tompkins, 17, is a senior who played with “Extreme Nintendo               a teacher, coach, parent, or adult be the coach of the team. Powder Puff is a great ex-
Furry.” She said this year’s Powder Puff tournament ,“is going to be friggin      perience for the fact that everyone is a worthy opponent. You get the chance of a life-
awesome! Because you’re with friends and the practices ahead of time are          time and get to meet new people whether they are teammates or opponents.
fun and at the game it’s a really cool experience to see your family cheer you      Mr. Murphy, a well-known Math teacher, was a Powder Puff coach for “The Daisy
on.”                                                                              Dukes.” He said, “Powder Puff is a fun time to get together; it’s a healthy competition
  So far in the three years Mr. Gozzard ran Powder Puff, there have been          in a fun, organized manner. This year it’s going to be a high level of competition.”
only low-level injuries such as sprained ankles.

     TeamTeams                     Captains
     I got it from my Mamma        Amber Kuestner
     The Daisy Dukes               Megan Rhyner
     Under Rapz                    Amanda Senteneri
     Victorious Secret             Lauren Shermer
     Pageant Misfits               Shawn Marlin
     Blast from the Past           Kristine Turner                                                                                  Photo from Paw Prints Files
     The Tabloids*                 Kristine Jackiewicz
                                                                                        Random members of Powder Puff teams in uniform (Left to right): Mor-
     Demon Devils                  Shelby Nice                                          gan Gawronski, Alyssa Glass, Ashley Guenst, Stephanie Zischang,
     Natural Disasters             Kelly Schlupp                                        Nicki Wicks, Victoria Travor, and Amanda Kahn.
     Extreme Nintendo Fury         Steff Tompkins
     Mrs. NFL                      Nicole Soskin
     Cereal Killers                Meghan Hendricks
     The Super Villains            Tiffany Stauffer
     Tropical Thunder              Molly Davish                                  The Tabloids won the tournament with team members Kristine Jackiewicz, Marta
                                                                                 Weisel, Katie Hooven, Juli King, Cassandra Landis, Lauren Starzecky, Vicki
     The Leading Ladies            Jill Caldwell                                 Gluck, Steph Zischang, Jess Camburn, and Ashley Guenst.
     Faculty                       Mr. Stettler

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