Tennessee Farm Bureau 87th Annual Meeting Convention

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					                                                   Tennessee Farm Bureau
                                                    87th Annual Meeting
                                                        & Convention
                                                  This is your special reminder to be a part of this year’s
                                                  Tennessee Farm Bureau annual meeting.

                                                   This year’s theme is “We’ve Been Expecting You” and,
                                                   as expected, our program will be filled with today’s
                                                    agricultural concerns and provide much needed

Market Square Trade Show
    Sunday, December 7 • 1:00 - 4:30 ��
           Marriott - Salons 1-4                     FARM ISSU ES SHOWCA
                                                                                nessee Face in
         Exhibits to include                                     W hat Will Ten
                                                                                omic Crisis? inistration
 Farm Bureau and Value Plus partners                               Today's Econ nanceand Adm
                                                                   , Comm. of Fi
     along with folks featured in                      DAV E GOETZ
                                                                                    ike Chicken
  Tennessee Home & Farm magazine                                     etime Feel L FORBES WALKER, UT
                                                        Do You Som WKINS & DR.
                                                        DR. SH AW N                                      ?
                                                                                           Go From Here
                           Buy a copy of                            Agricultural Credit Credit
                           Pettus Read’s               Where Does N N IE W IN T E R S, Farm
                            new book.                                                 ost on Empty
                           He’ll be there to                   Is the Fuel Gauge Alm Administration
                                                                              , Bredesen
                           sign it for you!                    W IL L PIN K S           n Cities Coali
                                                                  DAV E P E LT O N, Clea

                                 Sunday, Dec. 7        1:00 ��      Registration Opens
                                                       1:00         Market Square Trade Show
                                                       5:30         Presidents Dinner
                                                       7:45         Memorial Service

                                 Monday, Dec. 8        7:15 A�      Membership Awards Program
                                                       9:00         Farm Issues Showcase
                                                       9:15         Women’s Conference
                                                                    Membership Services Conference
                                                       11:15        Women’s Luncheon
                                                       Noon         Commodity, Extension Agents, and
                                                                      TRH Luncheons
                                                       1:30 ��      Business Session with President’s Address
                                                       6:30         Banquet featuring “The Whites”

                                 Tuesday, Dec. 9       6:45 A�      Caucus Breakfasts
 “The Whites”                                          8:30         Business Session with address by
Banquet Entertainment                                                 Senator Bob Corker