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					                             Friday Flyer                                            July 2, 2010

         2010/2011 Board of Directors, left to right, Director Ray Gott, Treasurer Mike Harrison,
         Vice President Benita Ellen, President Scott Meiss, Secretary Gary Dillon, Director Don
         Fickes and Director Britt Johnson

                                            ANNUAL MEETING VOTING RESULTS
Proposal #1 to increase member contribution to reserves by a $108 increase in annual dues: For -- 502 votes; Against – 1,296
votes. The proposal failed.
Proposal #2 to elect two Directors: Gerald Guske – 665 votes; Gary Dillon – 976 votes; Britt Johnson – 1,012 votes; Susan Wolff –
715 votes.

CONGRATULATIONS TO GARY DILLON AND BRITT JOHNSON, who were elected to the Board of Directors for three-year terms
ending in 2013.

2010-2011 OFFICERS ELECTED: During a special open session on June 28, the Board of Directors elected officers for the 2010 –
2011 year: Scott Meiss, President; Benita Ellen, Vice President; Gary Dillon, Secretary; Mike Harrison, Treasurer.

                                          OTHER HIGHLIGHTS OF JUNE 28 BOARD MEETING
The purpose of the special meeting was to organize for the coming year and to participate in a roundtable orientation session. The
Board also accomplished the following:
   Appointed President Meiss, Vice President Ellen and Secretary Dillon to the Steering Committee.
   Authorized the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and General Manager as signatories for LMOA financial accounts and
legal documents.
   Established a calendar of regular monthly Board meetings on the fourth Thursday of each month, with executive session at 6PM and
open session to begin not earlier than 7PM. Exceptions to the schedule are the November and December meetings, which will be held
on the third Thursday due to the holidays.
   Scheduled a work session for the Board of Directors and Committee Chairs for July 19.
   Appointed Director Don Fickes as Assistant Secretary for the Board and General Manager John Korhonen, ECC/Compliance
Administrator Carol Cavanaugh and Executive Assistant Meg Gore as Assistant Secretaries of the Corporation so they may carry out
the responsibilities of their jobs.
   Appointed Director Britt Johnson as Assistant Treasurer for the Board and General Manager John Korhonen and Director of
Business Management Kym Sampsell as Assistant Treasurers so they may carry out the responsibilities of their jobs.
   Participated in a roundtable discussion on the authority, duties and responsibilities of the Board, and considered current and possible
alternatives to routine Board operations.
   Association legal counsel Frank Buck met with the Board in executive session on legal matters and in open session discussed the
fiduciary responsibilities of Directors and the role of the governing documents in the operation of the Association.

                                                  LMOA HOLIDAY SCHEDULE:
   Administration and ECC Offices will be closed on Mon., July 5.
   There will be no ECC meeting on Tues., July 6. July 8 is the deadline to submit applications for the July 13 ECC meeting.
   Trash pick up will run on the normal schedule for July 5 -- 9.
LAKE MONTICELLO TO CELEBRATE INDEPENDENCE DAY ON SAT., JULY 3: Join your friends and neighbors for Lake
Monticello’s traditional celebration of Independence Day. Lots of favorite activities will return, and new ones will be added. The
fireworks display will begin at approximately 9:15PM. Please follow restrictions on parking, etc. that are included in the special flyer
that was delivered to mailbox cubbyholes last weekend. The flyer, including a detailed schedule of activities, is also available at the
Clubhouse, on the website at www.lmoa.org and on the Lake Monticello Owners’ Association Facebook page. Copies of the schedule
of events also will be available at the information table in the Clubhouse backyard on July 3.
   Registration is required for 5-K Run, Lake Swim and Sand Sculpture contest. Forms for the run and swim are available in advance
at the Administration Office and on the website at www.lmoa.org and Facebook. Forms for sand sculpture will be available on July 3 at
the event.

LAKE SWIM: The traditional Independence Day Lake Swim will begin at 1PM from Beach 3 and end across the lake on the Main
Beach. Registration and check in will begin at 11:30AM and end promptly at 12:30PM. Restrictions apply for participants:
 Swimmers may not use flotation devices of any kind.
 Swimmers must pass a swimming proficiency test to qualify for the race, either at the Pool no later than 7PM on July 2, or at Beach 3
between 11:30AM and 12:30PM on July 3.
 Details of restrictions are on the registration form. Please fill out, sign and bring the form to the check-in table at Beach 3 before
12:30PM on July 3.

GUEST ENTRY FOR JULY 3: Please make arrangements for your July 3 guests as follows:
  For more than 5 guests, please submit a list to the Main Gate, 24 to 48 hours in advance of their arrival.
  Please give your guests directions to their destination. Main Gate personnel will be very busy and will not be able to give directions.

AD HOC COMMITTEE ON USE OF CONTRACEPTION to control deer within Lake Monticello will meet on Mon., July 12, at 7PM in
the Faulconer Room to elect a chair and secretary and to talk about the committee’s duties, as described in its charge.

PLEASE RESPECT PRIVATE PROPERTY: The Marina Point Council of Unit Owners reminds Lake Monticello residents that Marina
Point is private property and asks all to respect the privacy of Marina Point owners on July 3 and at all other times.

EAGLES NEST NOW OPEN FOR HAPPY HOUR, Mon. – Thurs. from 3 to 4PM. Free wings!

PERSONAL FIREWORKS PROHIBITED WITHIN LAKE MONTICELLO: Please remember that all personal fireworks are prohibited
at all times, anywhere within the community.

Lake Monticello Golf Course Offers Trial Membership: Mark Marshall, Lake Monticello’s PGA
Professional, has announced a new trial membership with reduced rates on weekend afternoons of golf. The
program, effective July through September, will increase play and give working families an opportunity to
enjoy the course at member rates. Find details at www.lakemonticellogolf.org or at the golf Pro Shop (589-

GUARD START is a program for youths who are interested in becoming a lifeguard one day. It will provide a foundation of aquatic and
leadership knowledge, attitudes and skills for future successful completion of the Red Cross Lifeguarding courses. Participants will
learn many lifeguarding skills, but Guard Start does not certify them to perform those skills. This course is a stepping stone for youth,
ages 11 to 14, who are not old enough to become a certified lifeguard. Classes will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4 to
7PM, from July 12 to Aug. 11. Cost will be $85. For more information or to register, call LMOA Recreation Manager Claire Brown at

2011 BUDGET PROCESS BEGINS: A budget kickoff meeting, the first work session of the 2011 budget preparation schedule, will be
held on Tues., July 13, at 6PM in the Terrace Game Room. The Board of Directors, Finance and other committees, General Manager
and Staff will discuss general budget expectations, guidelines, etc. Members are welcome to attend. Time will be allotted for member
comments of 5 min. each on the 2011 budget. Sign up required before the call to order.
EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN TRAINING: If you’ve been considering becoming a valued volunteer for the LM Rescue
Squad, this is your opportunity to get the training you need. Enrollment will be limited, so you must register in advance. Registration
sessions will be held Tues., July 13, at 6:30PM and Sun., July 18, at 4PM at 14 Slice Rd. Classes run Aug. 9 – Jan. 20 at a cost of
$175, which is required at registration. For more information, email EMTinfo@lmvfr.org.

LAKE SAFETY REMINDER: The Lake Preservation Committee reminds residents that contamination of the lake can occur at any
time after heavy rains. Please protect your own health – avoid lake water contact for 24 to 48 hours after heavy rain or until any posted
restrictions have been lifted. Check for alerts at the beaches and the LMOA information resources on cable TV channels 10 (977) and
14 (978) and the LMOA website at www.lmoa.org.

TO BAG OR NOT TO BAG TRASH: Place all household trash into the trash cart. It is not necessary to bag it, but you may bag
garbage for sanitation purposes or to reduce contamination of recyclables. All bags used will be opened. Items that can be recycled
directly as raw material for new items will be retrieved from bagged and loose trash. The remainder will be used to fuel electricity at
James Madison University.

A REMINDER ABOUT PETS RUNNING AT LARGE: Pet owners, please remember that both cats and dogs must be kept under
positive control of their owner at all times when off the owner’s property. Also, please remember that owners are responsible for
cleaning up their pets’ poop. Please don’t expect your neighbors to be responsible for cleaning up behind your pet or living with or
around it.

                                                 CHANNEL 10 PRESENTS
 Thurs. – Wed., July 15 – 21, 9AM and 7PM: A photo account of 2010 Newcomers & Old Friends activities.
 Channel 10 Presents will be on hiatus through August, except for Board meetings and other special shows.

                                                     SCHEDULE OF EVENTS
                                        [LMOA events & activities are printed in bold type.]
Sat., July 3          Independence Day Celebration – see flyer for details
Sun., July 4          1PM                 Circle of Friends, EN
Mon., July 5          Clubhouse Closed
Tues., July 6         8AM                 Aerobics, TR
                      9:30AM              Basket Weaving, TR
                      8:30AM              Steering Committee, TBR
                      1PM                 Canasta, FR
                      1PM                 Casual Bridge, FR
                      7PM                 Pinochle, TGR
                      7:30PM              Flotilla 88 General Meeting, FR
Wed., July 7          7:30AM              Rotary Club, AG
                      9AM                 Line Dancing, TR
                      9:30AM              Ladies’ Bridge, FR
                      7PM                 Buildings, Roads, Grounds Committee, FR
                      7PM                 Crafting Group, TBR
Thurs., July 8        8AM                 Aerobics, TR
                      12:15PM             Mah Jongg, FR
                      1PM                 Piecemakers, TR
                      1:30PM              Low Vision Support Group, TGR
                      3PM                 Election Committee, TGR
                      6PM                 Girl Scouts, Juliettes, TGR
                      7PM                 Computer Users’ Group, TR
Fri., July 9          8AM                 Aerobics, TR
                      9:30AM              ME-MAY I, FR
                      1PM                 Hand & Foot, FR
AG – Ashlawn Grille; ATC – Ashlawn Tennis Courts; BBF – Bunker Ball Field; CBY – Clubhouse Back Yard; CH – Clubhouse; CR –
Crofton Room; OB – Operations Building; EN – Eagles Nest; FR – Faulconer Room; GC – Golf Course; P – Pool; PS – Pro Shop; TGR
– Terrace Game Room; TBR – Terrace Board Room; TR – Terrace Room; TL -- Tufton Lake
FISHING PIER FUNDRAISING UPDATE: In a June 23 report, Bo’s Pier Group reports that $19,026 has been raised for construction
of the community fishing pier. That’s 76% of the estimated $25,000 required. Still more is needed to begin this community project. Send
your donations of any size to Bo’s Pier Group, 265 Turkeysag Trail, Suite 102, #130, Palmyra, VA 22963. Make checks payable to
LMOA, marked for the pier fund. Donation forms are available at the Administration Office and at

                                                      COMMUNITY NEWS & EVENTS
  “LAKE NO WAKE” kayak/canoe outing, Fri., July 9. Launch from any location and have fun paddling from 9 to 10AM. Meet at the
Main Beach at 10AM with snacks to share. Open to all Lake residents. Sponsored by Newcomers & Old Friends. Questions? Call 591-
  HABITAT FOR HUMANITY GOLF TOURNAMENT, Sat., July 17, at 1PM. (Rain date: July 24) Men’s and women’s teams. Prizes,
raffles. Additional information available at the Pro Shop and by calling 589-4292.

PRO SHOP: Open 7AM – 6:30PM. Carts due 30 minutes before sunset. For tee time or in inclement weather, call (434) 589-3075. For
information go to the website at www.lakemonticellogolf.org.
MARINA: Open 10AM to 7PM daily, selling plus grade gasoline for cars and boats, ice, bait, propane. For information, call (434) 589-
LEAF DISPOSAL SITE inside the fenced area at Tufton Lake is open from 7AM to 7PM daily for leaves only. Dumping of trees,
branches, brush, other yard waste or trash of any kind is not permitted.
EAGLES NEST: New Hours: Open Mon – Thurs,7:30AM – 8PM; open Fri. – Sun., 7:30AM – 5PM. Happy Hour, 3 – 4PM, Mon. –
Thurs. Chair lift available. To-go orders welcome -- call 589-3512. For information or to schedule a meeting or other event, ask for or
email Manager Jet Thompson at Jet.EaglesNest@gmail.com.
ASHLAWN GRILLE: Open Tues. – Sat. 4:30-9PM, and for Sunday brunch from 10:30AM to 2PM in the Clubhouse. For information,
call (434) 591-1151.
POOL: Open daily from 11AM to 7PM. Daily fee $6 adults and kids over 2 years. Under 2 years, free. Trip books and memberships
available. 589-3165.
HORSESHOES, Mon., Tues., Wed. at 10AM at Ashlawn Pits. All over 18 years welcome. For information call 589-4225.
ORGANIZED TENNIS at 8:30AM. Ladies’ tennis – Mon. & Thurs.; men’s tennis – Tues., Wed., Fri.; and mixed doubles tennis -- Sat.

The Friday Flyer is an official weekly publication of the Lake Monticello Owners’ Association. It communicates matters of
general interest and presents information on policies, procedures, activities and events. The editorial staff is responsible for content
based on guidelines set forth in policy. Deadline for submission of announcements and news is 5PM on Wednesday, unless otherwise
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