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									Executive Education
Entrepreneurship and Family Business 2009/2010

INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Programme

Over the past decade, social entrepreneurship has               Programme content
emerged as a powerful way of meeting global human               During an intensive week, the INSEAD Social
needs. It is a fast growing movement that uses the tools of     Entrepreneurship Programme brings together INSEAD’s
business to create positive results for society at every        renowned faculty with an international group of social
level. By developing and using innovative market solutions,     entrepreneurship leaders to bridge the gap between
social entrepreneurs improve our communities and the            human needs and the resources required to meet them.
world in which we live.
                                                                What is social entrepreneurship?
INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Programme (ISEP)                 — The unique role of social entrepreneurs in society
brings INSEAD’s strength as a global business education         — The balancing act between creating economic value
leader to this dynamic field.                                     and serving a social purpose
                                                                — Applying market mechanisms for positive social
The programme aims to combine theory and practice                 change
equally by balancing the deep academic knowledge of the
faculty with insights from expert speakers. It is designed to   Leadership and change
focus on the business skills and frameworks that will help      — Leading dynamic organisations
entrepreneurs grow their social ventures and improve their      — Building and leading effective and cohesive teams
effectiveness and social impact.                                — Managing organisational change

The discussion of case studies developed by ISEP’s faculty      Managerial skills
provides a platform to analyse the complex issues and           — Managerial accounting for social entrepreneurs
challenges that social entrepreneurs face. In addition, ISEP    — Negotiation and decision-making
creates a forum for exchange of experiences and practical       — Measuring impact and value
knowledge that continues after the week-long programme,
creating a vibrant alumni network.                              Strategy and innovation
                                                                — Business model innovation for the social sector
The alumni of this programme are a dynamic community            — Scaling up and growing social ventures
who collaborate and meet regularly. Through the support         — Building strategic partnerships to leverage growth
of external sponsors, and MBA and executive education
alumni, INSEAD offers to graduates of this programme the        Key Benefits
opportunity to benefit from specialised consulting and          — Understand the role that social entrepreneurs play in
mentoring. As such, this programme is an entry point to a         society and the key challenges that they face in their
stimulating community that offers many opportunities for          work
subsequent learning and development.                            — Build leadership, organisational and negotiation skills to
                                                                  manage a growing social enterprise
                                                                — Become part of a dynamic network of international
                                                                  social entrepeneurs and engage with innovators and
                                                                  those establishing best practises
Faculty                                                      Dates and location
Programme Directors                                          16 – 20 November 2009 in Fontainebleau
Filipe Santos                                                30 November – 4 December 2009 in Singapore
Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship                      15 – 18 November 2010 in Fontainebleau
                                                             29 November – 3 December 2010 in Singapore
Hans Wahl
Executive Director of Social Entrepreneurship                Tuition fee e 2,800*

Participant profile                                          Length 5 days
This programme is open to entrepreneurs and executives
                                                             Contact us
from companies or organisations involved in furthering the
                                                             Europe Campus
common good. Candidates should be either leading – or
                                                             Miranda Helmes
have major operating responsibility for – social
                                                             Programme Manager
entrepreneurial activities. We welcome participants from
                                                             Tel: +33 (0)1 60 72 91 16
both non-profit and for-profit organisations.
                                                             Fax: +33 (0)1 60 74 55 53

                                                             Asia Campus
                                                             Tel: +65 6799 5288
                                                             Fax: +65 6799 5299

                                                             To learn more about this programme and its alumni
                                                             network, visit our website:

                                                             * Fee subject to change.

                                                             ISEP participation is supported by:

“The INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Programme gave           “The INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Programme in
me an opportunity to take a little distance from the work    Fontainebleau brought together a diverse
that Gram Vikas is doing and view it more objectively        representation of case studies and learning from a
and strategically. This reflection was possible because      cross section of relevant businesses and organisations
of the refreshing approach to teaching and handling of       which were extremely beneficial in helping me to
the case studies used. The atmosphere in the classroom       understand how to make my own business more
was charged up and conducive for learning as the             successful. The teaching was personal, passionate and
participants were experienced people with a mature,          supportive. I highly recommend it.”
professional approach. It was indeed good for me and
for my organisation to have participated in this             Cyndi Rhoades, Creative Director ANTI-APATHY
programme in Singapore.”                                     and CEO WORN AGAIN, UK

Joseph Madiath, Executive Director GRAM VIKAS, India

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