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					                                                     Internship Proposal Form
                                                               STUDENT INFORMATION

Date                                                     Semester of proposed internship: FALL                      SPRING         SUMMER           20_____

Name                                                                                                   Student ID #
IU E-mail                                                                                              Phone

Major/concentration(s): Accounting                   Computer Info. Systems            Finance       Human Resources            Management          Marketing
Anticipated graduation semester/year:                     FALL      SPRING        SUMMER           20_____

Discipline of internship: Accounting                  Computer Info. Systems Finance Human Resources                            Management          Marketing
Recommended courses*: A311                                    S302          F303 or F305  Z302                                    Z302               M303
 *In order for the internship to be most effective to both the student and the employer, students are encouraged to have completed one course in the major prior the
 starting an internship. Students with more coursework in the major are more likely to be able to apply classroom knowledge and theory to the internship experience
                                   and vice versa. Specific pre-requisite coursework is determined individually by each internship site.

List upper-level (300/400) business courses that you have taken that could relate to your proposed internship

List skills, competencies, or experience you have that could be applied in your proposed internship

If you will be working during your internship, please complete the following:
Employer                                                                                    Job Title
How long have you worked there?                                                             Typical hours per week
Hours per week you will work during the semester of your internship

                                                            PREFERRED INTERNSHIP SITE

Describe what you are looking for in an internship site (specific industry, position, or location; public/private/non-profit;
paid vs. unpaid; hours/week, etc.)

                                        Please provide additional information on the back of the form
                                                                                                                                                      5/5/09 MF
If you have a specific company in mind, please share as much information as possible below:
Company/Agency Name
City                                                                   State                            Zip
Company Website
Is the company:     Public    Private    Non-Profit
Contact Name                                                                                    Phone
E-mail address
Have you contacted the company regarding a proposed internship? Y N If yes, please describe the details of your contact:

                                           **Please attach a current resume**

Return this form, with a current resume attached, to the Division of Business office: CC 116.

                                                               FOR OFFICE USE

                                        DIVISION APPROVAL – to be completed by Business Advisor

 56 credit hours                               Admitted to Division                         one semester completed at IUPUC
 2.5 cum GPA                                   Degree-seeking status                        Integrative Core completed
Student   IS     IS NOT eligible for an internship in the                       semester       Student notified
Business Advisor signature                                                                     Internship coordinator notified

                                   INTERNSHIP MATCH – to be completed by Internship Coordinator

Student selected by                                                                           for internship in
                                           Name of company                                                              discipline

A copy of Employer Proposal Form is attached               All forms forwarded to Division Head for approval on

                                 DIVISION APPROVAL – to be completed by Head, Division of Business

Internship approved on                                by
Course to be added to schedule: BUS                         # of credit hours              Internship Coordinator notified
Faculty Advisor assigned                                                                                  Notified on

                                   COURSE PERMISSION – to be completed by Internship Coordinator

 Course added to schedule                      Student PERMISSION assigned                     Student notified on

                                        4601 Central Avenue, Columbus, Indiana 47203
                                        Telephone: 812-348-7273 • Fax: 812-348-7276
                                             Email Contact:
                                                                                                                                     5/5/09 MF