Cast Epoxy Insulators with Fluvex® Cast Resin Systems

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					High-Voltage Insulation Components

Cast Epoxy Insulators with Fluvex® Cast Resin Systems
Fluvex® Cast Resin Systems

Properties                       Standards                        Units        Fluvex®      Fluvex®       Fluvex®      Fluvex®       Fluvex®      Fluvex®       Fluvex®       Fluvex®      Fluvex®       Fluvex®
                                                                               1402         1441          1442         1443          1444         1447          1448          1450         1451          1462

Colour (natural)                 approx. RAL 70 131                            ivory2       ivory2        brown-grey1 black          brown-grey1 brown-grey1 brown-grey1 grey              ivory2        brown-grey1
                                 approx. RAL 10 142

Density                          ISO 1183 / DIN 53479             g/cm3        2.1          2.1           1.8          1.7           1.8          1.8           1.8           2.3          2.0           1.9

Filler                                                                         Al2O3        Al2O3         SiO2         SiO2          SiO2         SiO2          SiO2          SiO2         Al2O3         SiO2

Tensile strength                 DIN EN ISO 527                   MPa          65           45            70           > 40          75           65            70            65           70            70

Flexural strength                DIN EN ISO 178                   MPa          110          60            110          –             110          100           110           110          120           110

Flexural modulus of elasticity DIN EN ISO 178                     GPa          10           8             8            8             11           8.5           8             –            8             8

Charpy Impact strength           DIN EN ISO 179                   kJ/m2        2.2          1.6           2            –             1.4          1.7           1.7           1.5          –             1.8

Glass transition temperature IEC 1006                             °C           120          120           120          150           155          150           120           130          145           120

Coefficient of thermal           DIN 52328                        10-6/K       35           35            35           38 – 40       35           38            35            –            35            –
expansion (CTE)

Relative permittivity εr 50 Hz IEC 250 / 53483                                 6.5          5.5           4.5          –             3.2          4.0           3.2           5.5          6.0           3.5

Dissipation factor tan δ         IEC 250 / 53483                  %            1            1             1            –             0.5          3.5           0.6           2.8          <1            <1
350 Hz

Volume resistivity               IEC 93                           Ω cm         1015         1015          1015         4 x 103       1015         1015          1015          1015         1015          1015

Surface resistivity                                               Ω            1015         1015          1015         –             1015         1015          1015          1015         1015          1015

Comparative tracking             DIN IEC 112                      CTI          600          600           600          –             600          600           600           600          600           600
index CTI (solution A)

Process                                                                        APG / VCP APG / VCP APG / VCP APG                     APG / VCP APG / VCP APG / VCP VCP                     VCP           VCP
                                                                               APG: Injection-casting process                     VCP: Vacuum-casting process

Fluvex® resin systems            1402                                          Solid resin: Bisphenol-A-based epoxy resin         Solid hardener: Phthalic acid anhydride hardener
                                 1441, 1442, 1443, 1444, 1447,                 Liquid resin: Bisphenol-A-based epoxy resin        Liquid hardener: Carbonic acid anhydride hardener
                                 1448, 1451, 1462
                                 1450                                          Liquid resin: Cycloaliphatic epoxy resin           Liquid hardener: Anhydride hardener

The contents of this publication are based on our present experience. They are an indication for application of our products without any liability for ourselves. Notice of legal requirements and existing patent
rights has to be taken. Due to the many application and manufacturing process possibilities, we cannot give any warranty for the technical results in individual cases. (Source PVF-GH 45103)
High Voltage Is Our Passion

                                                                insulation components are able to meet challenging
                                                                specifications regarding mechanical stress even at
      High-Voltage Insulation                                   high service temperatures. As an alternative, epoxy
      Solutions for Our Customers                               systems filled with silica are used in non-corrosive
                                                                environments, for instance for cable sealing ends.
      Insulators for high-voltage switchgear have to meet       And as a specialty, Micafil’s semiconductive epoxy
      very demanding requirements regarding mechani-            system is applied to create functional field-control
      cal, electrical as well as thermal stress. The criteria   electrodes, directly cast into the insulation.
      for selecting insulation components are complex and       The manufacturing technology is based on vacuum
      diverse due to the variety of installations available.    casting. This process technology assures:
      Many installations have unique characteristics that
      require special solutions.                                   Net shape casting
                                                                   Void-free insulation
                                                                   Excellent adhesion to metallic inserts
                                                                   Low-process-induced mechanical stresses within
                                                                    the components
                                                                Therefore, Micafil is in a position to produce insulation
                                                                components meeting excellent quality standards espe-
                                                                cially with regards to
                                                                   Partial discharge
                                                                   Gastightness
                                                                   Mechanical burst strength

                                                                Insulation, Our Area
                                                                of Expertise
      Based on years of experience, we are able to
      address the specific needs of our customers in order      A wealth of creative ideas and solid expertise has
      to provide them with optimal insulation solutions.        made Micafil the preferred partner of the electrical
      Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Therefore,     industry for more than 85 years. Micafil is unique in
      we establish long-term trusting partnerships with our     its breadth of expertise which extends from bush-
      customers.                                                ings to vacuum plants and insulation components.

      Size, shape, insulation properties, etc. – we can         Through a very close collaboration with the ABB
      provide the solution for your insulations needs with      Corporate Research Centre, Micafil has built up a
      insulators based on Fluvex® cast resin systems.           thorough expertise regarding material technology as
                                                                well as manufacturing processes. Micafil’s high qual-
      From initial testing to series production: our special-
                                                                ity insulation components for high-voltage applica-
      ists work in close cooperation with you to deliver
                                                                tions (up to 800 kV) are used as barrier and support
      optimal high-voltage insulation solutions.
                                                                insulators in gas-insulated switchgears (GIS), in
                                                                generator circuit breakers and in HV cable joints and
                                                                sealing ends.
      Outstanding Versatility                                   Micafil offers extended support regarding all aspects
                                                                of material and process technology for cast epoxy
      Micafil can offer a large number of cast epoxy resin      resin systems. New product developments of our
      systems, suitable for almost any electrical insula-       customers can be accelerated using advanced tools
      tion specification. Epoxy systems filled with Al2O3       such as FEM for mechanical and electrical analysis
      enable gas-insulated switchgear to withstand cor-         as well as other simulation tools for the analysis of
      rosive SF6 decomposition products. In addition, the       the curing behaviour of the epoxy system.

Fluvex® Cast Resin Systems
Cast Epoxy Insulators for ...

             Gas-Insulated Switchgears (GIS)
             Micafil combines the extensive knowledge regarding
             material technology with advanced process engineer-
             ing skills to produce GIS insulators with outstanding
             mechanical and electrical properties for voltage levels
             up to 800 kV.

             Generator Circuit Breakers
             Micafil’s insulators for power production installations
             with outputs up to 1,000 MW meet maximum security
             standards and have a long reliable service life of about
             30 years. The insulators are designed for short-circuit
             currents up to 2,000 kA and for creep strength at high

             Cable Accessories:
             Joints and Sealing Ends
             Based on customer-specific designs, Micafil produced
             and delivered insulators for cable accessories to several
             major HV cable manufacturers.

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