VPL System Appeals to Primary Care Physicians

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					VPL System Appeals to
Primary Care Physicians
     B Y B O B K R O N E M Y E R , A S S O C I AT E E D I T O R

    Fast, effective, safe and the ability to effectively                Dr. Bevitz believes “any doctor would do well to
treat all skin types, are just some of the reasons pri-             purchase the Ultra VPL. Although it has a fairly
mary care practices have incorporated the Ultra VPL                 steep learning curve, once you get used to it, it is real-
from McCUE Corporation, Inc. (Belton, Mo.) into their               ly easy to achieve maximum benefit. Company sup-
aesthetic medicine treatments. Minimal patient dis-                 port is also excellent. One phone call and they are
comfort and a reasonable price are two other motivat-               there in a heartbeat, if I need them.”
ing factors for acquiring the variable pulsed light                     “I’m most excited that the Ultra VPL is effective
(VPL) system. With VPL you can selectively target, and              in treating Fitzpatrick skin types I through VI,”
that makes treatment results much better.                           said Nova Law, M.D., who practices family medicine
                                                                    in Birmingham, Ala. “I looked at a lot of different
                 Bruce Bevitz, M.D.                                 machines on the market. But many of these devices
                 Altamonte Springs, FL                              were very painful, even for skin types II and III.
                                                                    The Ultra VPL, in contrast, has minimal patient
                                                                        Echoing Dr. Bevitz, Dr. Law pointed out that the
                                                                    Ultra VPL has features found in much more expensive
    At a selling price of around $60,000, the Ultra VPL             units. “The system is Windows XP-based and is like
is price positioned between high-end pulsed light sys-              operating a computer,” she said. “By experimenting,
tems that can cost in excess of $80,000 and low-end                 I’ve been able to achieve some really good results. For
salon models. But the Ultra VPL has as much power
and the same features as significantly pricier devices,                            Nova Law, M.D.
according to Bruce Bevitz, M.D., an OB/GYN in                                      Birmingham, AL
Altamonte Springs, Fla. “The Ultra VPL allows you to
deliver the maximum dose, with minimal side effects.
I’ve also advertised on the radio that the procedure is
virtually pain free.”
    Hair removal and veins are the two leading indica-              example, I treated a woman who is going to be married
tions that Dr. Bevitz treats with the Ultra VPL. For                in May. This woman had a beard and a very hyperpig-
hair, “usually 95% of the hair is gone,” he said. For               mented spot. After three treatments, she noticed a sig-
                                                                    nificant difference. She was so happy.”
                                                                         Dr. Law often treats age spots on the face, decol-
“I’m most excited that the Ultra                                    lete, arms and hands. She also combines the Ultra VPL
                                                                    with other aesthetic treatments. “This enhances
VPL is effective in treating                                        results. I may also prescribe skincare products. Skin
Fitzpatrick skin types I through VI.”                               lightening helps get rid of the dark spots faster.”
                                                                         Dr. Law feels the Ultra VPL is a good investment
                                                                    for general practices that seek to expand into aesthet-
veins, “there is resolution of between 90% and 100% of              ics. “The cost and the power of this system are attrac-
veins.” Dr. Bevitz has also had success using the Ultra             tive,” she said. “Being able to effectively treat all skin
VPL for skin rejuvenation to “tighten up the skin and               types safely and with minimal patient discomfort is
decrease wrinkles.”                                                 beneficial, too.”                                        I

38    Aesthetic Buyers Guide Primary Care Edition Spring 2006 www.miinews.com