SOmetimes sweet , sometimes sour by banjani


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									Even though you may seem to be the base upon which all situations take place, but you will not at all be consumed by them. The things are sometimes like this and sometimes like that, but your life is independent of how they are. Carry on living positively for the traffic on your way is not where your journey ends. Sometimes you don’t understand why there is a delay in your plans, but a delay does not mean it will never happen, but it is only taking too long. The quicks and delays of life, you have to experience. It is sometimes difficult, and sometimes easy, but your destiny does not depend on that Sometime this, sometimes that, But nobody else can say yesterday was sour than today except you. Nobody will say there was storm yesterday, but today my life is cool except you. You are living to testify and to tell about them not to be consumed by them. Sometimes hard sometime easy, but you are only one who will tell about it. It may be sometimes sweet and sometimes sour, but you are the one to taste.

It may be sometimes crying and sometimes laughing, but you will always be the one to talk about it. Twelve years at school which involves failing tests, attending classes without food, shortage of money all that will not determine whether or not to reach your destiny. Your friends may love you today, and hate you tomorrow, but your destiny does not depend on that. You were joyful yesterday, but today you are sorrowful, don’t worry you destiny does not depend on that. You are the pot that cooks something precious that is why fire is all around your life.

2Corinthians4:7-12 You will be afflicted in every way, but not crushed. You will be perplexed, but not driven to despair. You will be persecuted, but not forsaken. You will be struck down, but not destroyed. As long as you live, summer and winter will always be there until you understand and prepare for each accordingly. Winter will come, but when it goes away, it will not go away with you. Summer will come, but it will stay too long until you forget that winter is coming. Trials and tribulations will come and go, but they will leave you alive.

Wealth and riches will come and may be stay too long until you forget that your citizenship is heaven and get in a danger of living for your wealth until you get into hell.

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