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You must be pre-registered and paid in
                                                                           Get Your Michigan
advance at least 5 days before the start of

the seminar. You can register online at or you can mail
registration and make checks payable to:
Great Solutions, LLC

22019 Hanover Ct.
Woodhaven, Michigan 48183.
For information Call: Jerry Pensler at 734-
692-2500 Fax: 877-263-0174.
If you would like to pay by credit card
please either register online or call in your

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                                                                            Banquet Center
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                                                                            Feb 13, 2010
                                                Trenton, Michigan 48 183
                                                  Great solutions LLC

A Michigan CCW/CPL Permit allows you
                                                                            March 7, 2010
                                                     P.O. Box 413

to carry a concealed firearm on your
person (and in your vehicle) anywhere in
the state of Michigan and 35 other states                                   April 17, 2010
(except in designated zones) so that you
may exercise greater responsibility over                                     May 1, 2010
your own personal safety, the safety of
your family, and the safety of other loved                                  8 AM to 5PM
CCW BASIC PISTOL                                state of Michigan..Call now 734-692-2500 or
                                                register at Have a
                                                                                               person will be murdered, two (2) people will
                                                                                               be forcibly raped, nineteen (19) people will

COURSE AND HOME                                 group of 10 or more in your area? Let our
                                                NRA certified instructors come to you.
                                                                                               be robbed, and thirty-six (36) people will be
                                                                                               victims of an aggravated assault. Also, be

SAFETY COURSE                                   SAFETY is of the utmost concern! Safety is
                                                                                               advised that these numbers only reflect
                                                                                               crimes that were reported; criminals, as a
                                                stressed throughout the class and especially   rule, do not report crimes committed
                                                during the range portion to enhance the        against them.
My name is Jerry Pensler and I am a             student’s ability to learn by creating a
registered NRA CCW basic pistol course          comfortable environment. We believe in         Recently, a publishing company - CQ
instructor. GAP Seminars in conjunction         providing a well balanced learning             Press, a division of Congressional
with CCW headquarters and Diamond               experience by mixing course book work,         Quarterly - released its annual crime
Ridgeway, we are committed to teaching          lectures, student involvement as well as       study. They coroneted Detroit as "The
you the correct way to protect your family      Power Point displays. This mix keeps the       Most Violent City in America." The
and yourself in defensive situations. Great     instruction fresh, thought provoking and       study, was the result of an analysis of the
Solutions is a professional company that        stimulating so you the student can learn and   crime statistics reported by American
knows it's a serious responsibility to carry    retain more.                                   cities with populations of more than
                                                                                               100,000, to the FBI. Register Now For
a concealed handgun. Because of this
responsibility, we take the time to train       WHERE ARE WE LOCATED                           Our Next CCW/CPL Class in your area!
you correctly, answer all your questions        We are a Downriver-Michigan based firm
and ensure you are ready to obtain your         specializing in helping you to obtain the      COST OF THE CLASS AND
CCW license. At Great Solutions, it's all       State-required training for a CCW/CPL          BOOKS
about exceeding your expectations when          permit. Our classes are geared to your         Cost for the class is $150.00. Class begins at
you take our course. That is the key to         schedule and could be arranged to meet at a    8:00 am on Saturdays and will finish at 5:00
our success.                                    facility of your choice. We meet all State     p.m. This includes breaks throughout the
                                                requirements & provide you with the pistol-    day, lunch and soft drinks, range time and
Great Solutions is dedicated to teaching        handling knowledge you need to receive a       30 rounds of ammo. You will receive your
                                                CCW. What the State of Michigan requires.      course material the day of class including the
you the correct way! When it comes to
                                                                                               NRA guide to the basics of pistol shooting.
your family’s safety, you owe it to yourself
                                                WHO NEEDS A CCW/CPL?
to be trained by Instructors whose goal is
                                                                                               Upon successful completion of your ten-hour
training you the proper and safe way?
                                                If You Live, Work, Or Play In the Detroit      class and completing 30 rounds with a pistol
Your life may depend on it!
                                                metropolitan area, You Need A                  at the gun range, you will receive your
                                                CCW/CPL!                                       certificate as required by the state of
Our NRA Personal Protection in the                                                             Michigan.
Home course is required to obtain a
                                                The Detroit area is the most violent city in
Michigan CCW/CPL license, this class is         the USA. According to the FBI's crime          A Michigan Concealed Pistol License is now
taught by NRA Certified Firearm                 stats for the first half of 2007 - January     a necessity in the Detroit metropolitan area!
Instructors.                                    through June - the following violent
                                                crimes occurred in Detroit: 210 murders,       We now offer identity theft protection and
Great Solutions is here to instruct and train   357 forcible rapes, 3,445 robberies, and       legal protection through Prepaid Legal at
law abiding citizens in the safe use of         6,539 aggravated assaults.           
firearms. We are focused on giving
students the knowledge and skills needed        Stated another way, each and every single
to obtain a Concealed Pistol License in the     day within the Detroit metro area one (1)