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									Volume 2, Issue 4
                        Biz Buzz         702 Seacoast Drive * (619)424-3151                                      July 2006

         The I.B. Business Improvement District & The I.B. Chamber of Commerce

            Restaurant Review                                            CALENDAR OF EVENTS
                                                                  Sponsored by The City of I.B. / Chamber of Commerce
By The BID Biter
                                                                  Fri           July 14         I.B. 50th Anniversary Sock
   This edition of the Biter takes us to the “Most                                               Hop by the Sea
Southwesterly Bar in the United States”. The Forum was our                                      (Portwood Pier Plaza)
destination for dinner the other night. I was pleased to see      Sat           July 15          I.B. 50th Anniversary
the recent changes in the dining area. New windows with                                          Forever Classic
much better ventilation, fresh paint and new décor made our                                      Fifties Festival
experience very comfortable.                                                                     (Football Field - MVHS)
   The special of the night was the Fish Fry but I opted for      Tues          July 18           I.B. 50th Anniversary Time
one of the best burgers in town. My dining companion had                                         Capsule Opening
the fish and we were both satisfied with our meals. The fish                                     (Triangle Park)
fry has been a hit for many years and you will not leave          Fri           July 21           I.B. 50th Anniversary
wanting more.                                                                                    “Mayor’s Breakfast”
   On this night it was a bit crowded but our server was very                                    (Marina Vista Center)
made every effort to get our drink order to us and our meals      Fri – Sun    July 21 – 23       Sandcastle Weekend
were delivered in a reasonable time for as busy as it was.        Fri          Sept 15           Wine Tasting Dinner
   I have to say my burger was cooked to my request and           Sun          Aug 27           17th Annual I.B. Chamber
was quite good. The fish is deep batter fried but we always                                      Triathlon/Duathlon
ask that the fries and fish are separated; this keeps the fries   Sat – Sun    Sept 9 – 10       Imperial Beach Film
fresh and not buried under the fish.                                                             Festival
   After a second round of fish (full to the gills) it was time   Sun          Oct 1             Beach Blast
for the check.                                                    Sun          Oct 8             Fifth Annual Taste of I.B.
   For a fun time in a bustling environment, try the Forum.       Sun          Oct 8             Bodyboarder Int’l Assoc.
You won’t be disappointed and you won’t leave hungry!                                            Pro Tournament
   Open 7 days a week the Forum is located on the corner of       Sat          Nov 11            I.B. Art Guild Winter Sale
IB Blvd and Seacoast Drive.                                       Sat          Dec 9             5th Annual Christmas
                                                                                                 Comes to I.B.
Until next time, enjoy IB.                                                                       (Portwood Pier Plaza)
                                                                         THANK YOU TO ALL THE FOLLOWING
                                                                             FAITHFUL MEMBERS WHO
INSIDE THIS ISSUE                                                               RECENTLY RENEWED
                                                                               THEIR MEMBERSHIP!!
1     Restaurant Review, Calendar of Events, Member Renewals
                                                                          Kamal Husain, Dee McLean, The Bridge,
2     Monthly Meetings, New Members, Bus. For Bus. Program              Sitting Low, GP Plumbing, Beach Club Grille,
                                                                                Jalisco Café, Spirit Real Estate
3     New Members, Articles

4     Miscellaneous                                               Do you have giveaways for the Triathlon / Duathlon goodie
                                                                    bags? If so please bring into the Chamber office ASAP
                                                                   before it’s too late!! Questions, please call 619-424-3151

                                                          Newsletter 1
                   Monthly Meetings                                     Business For Business Program
                                                                   By Travis Brazil, Co-Chairperson
                                                                   The Imperial Beach “Business For Business” Program
                  HELD THE
                                                                   is a partnership between the City of Imperial Beach and
        4TH THURSDAY OF EVERY MONTH                                the Imperial Beach Chamber of Commerce offering
                                                                   assistance to local businesses or businesses considering
             Place: Dempsey Holder Center                          locating or expanding in Imperial Beach. The Business
               Time: 7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.                         For Business Team offers current or prospective
              Guest Speaker: Hank Levien                           business owners a way to interact with the City,
         Next Scheduled Meeting: July 27, 2006                     Chamber, and local business professionals to connect
                                                                   them with services, programs or contacts they may
     MONTHLY BID MEETING HELD FIRST                                    need in order to develop or maintain a successful
        MONDAY OF EVERY MONTH                                               business in Imperial Beach.
                                                                   For further information, please contact:
                Place: Mickie’s Bar & Grill
                                                                   Tom Ritter, Assistant City Manager:
                Time: 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
                                                                   (619) 423-8615 or
 MONTHLY CHAMBER MEETING HELD THE                                  Travis Brazil, Chamber of Commerce,
   2ND WEDNESDAY OF EVERY MONTH                                    Business For Business Program:
                                                                   (619) 424-3151
                      Place: City Hall
                 Time: 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
  COME TO THE MEETINGS TO LEARN HOW YOU                             Volunteers are needed for the Triathlon/Duathlon
       CAN HELP YOUR BUSINESS, YOUR                                    and also the Sandcastle Chamber Pancake
   CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND YOUR CITY                                 Breakfast. If interested please contact Stacey at

     The Imperial Beach Chamber Of Commerce And Business Improvement District
        ******      Would Like To Welcome Our Newest Members     ******
DAVID R. TAYLOR                            STAINEDGLASSWINDOWS.COM                          O.A.P. FRAMING & GIFTS
CONSTRUCTION                                       Derek Schmid                                      Jim & Deb Janney.
David R. Taylor                                      238 Palm Avenue                                            668 10th Street
Imperial Beach, CA 91932                          Imperial Beach, CA 91932                          Imperial Beach, CA 91932
(619) 575-5058                                        (619) 424-3316                                          (619) 575-7276
E-mail:             E-mail:                            E-mail:

HAPPY DREAM HOME                           PRE-PAID LEGAL SERVICES, INC                                DAVID TUNISON
Jose Alcaraz                                        Pauline Howell                                      Associate Member
2888 Iris Avenue #61                                      232 Roth Ct.                                 1228 Caminito Tulipan
San Diego, CA 92154                                  San Diego, CA 92114                                San Diego, CA 92154
(619) 587-6167                                          (619) 708-8677                                       (619) 683-8600
E-mail:           E-mail:                   E-mail:

SENDOUTCARDS.COM                                     PAUL INGRAM                         SOUTHWESTERN COLLEGE
Lani Taylor & Patricia Srimongkol                    Associate Member                             Norma Hernandez
237 Citrus Avenue                                     (Trio / Quartet)                                     900 Otay Lakes Rd.
Imperial Beach, CA 91932                                 P.O. Box 711                                  Chula Vista, CA 91910
(619) 423-0440                                    Imperial Beach, CA 91933                                     (619) 482-6301
E-mail:                        (619) 575-7699                           E-mail:
AMAZON LOVE                                                                                       TIP BAUMGARDNER
Cheryl Travers                                 DR. HANONO & ASSOC.                                       Senior Member
276 Date Avenue                                      Dr. Hanono                                     1348 Holly Avenue, Unit 1
Imperial Beach, CA 91932                            894 Palm Avenue #B                              Imperial Beach, CA 91932
(505) 239-0909                                    Imperial Beach, CA 91932                                    (619) 429-1437
E-mail:                      (619) 424-9333
                                                  E-mail:                            (Continued on page 3)
                                                      Newsletter 2
More of Our Newest Members to Welcome
               George Wright
                                                                    SAVE ENERGY AND
                 8341 Lemon Avenue, Ste. B
                    La Mesa, CA 91941
                                                                   HELP THE COMMUNITY
                      (619) 429-5733
                                                                    WITH SUMMER A/C
              I.B. COFFEE & BOOKS                                         SAVER
                     Katy Fallon
                  704 A2 Seacoast Drive
                Imperial Beach, CA 91932                              SDG&E® is encouraging small
                     (619) 863-5524                           businesses to help the community – and
                                                              receive financial incentives – by saving energy
         INTERNATIONAL CAR RENTAL                             during critical times this summer. Summer
                Cesar Macias                                  A/C Saver is a Demand Response program
            710 East San Ysidro Blvd. Ste. “D”
                 San Ysidro, CA 92173                         from SDG&E that helps reduce the region’s
                     (619) 428-5100                           electric load during extremely hot summer
                  E-mail: coming soon
                                                              days when air-conditioning use soars.
     SANTANA MOTORS GRUPO SANTANA INC.                                Summer A/C Saver can help your
                Jorge Santana
                      942 Palm Avenue                         business save energy with no loss of comfort
                Imperial Beach, CA 91932                      for your employees or customers, and without
                       (619) 754-6245
                                                              disrupting your business operations. In fact,
                                                              your business can earn over $8 in annual bill
               LISA’S MOBILE HAIR                             credits for each ton of central air-conditioning
                  Lisa Quisenberry                            capacity at your business with Summer A/C
                   459 Donax Avenue
                Imperial Beach, CA 91932                      Saver.
                     (619) 934-7177
                                                                            How it works
            COX COMMUNICATIONS                                When you enroll in Summer A/C Saver, a
                 Joe Gabaldon                                 small wireless device is installed to each
                    5159 Federal Blvd.
                  San Diego, CA 92105                         outdoor central air-conditioning unit at your
                      (619) 266-5370                          business. On hot summer days, a signal is sent
                                                              to activate each device and cycle the cooling
                   CHERIE PAPE                                unit (compressor) on and off for a few hours.
               Associate Member - Chef                                Air conditioning units can be cycled
                   1030 Georgia Street                        for up to 4 hours per day for 15 events from
                Imperial Beach, CA 91932
                      (619) 429-8974                          May 1st through October 31st – and never on
             E-mail:                 holidays or weekends. Most building
          MIRANDA’S DANCE STUDIO                              occupants don’t notice cycling periods—
                Elena Horak                                   typically room temperatures may increase by
                    1767 Palm Avenue                          only 1 to 3 degrees. The device only works
                  San Diego, CA 92154
                      (619) 429-4892
                                                              when your air-conditioning unit is running and
               E-mail:                    is not an on-off switch.
          D’AMES FITNESS & FROLIC                                     Summer A/C Saver is one of the ways
              Christine LePausky                              SDG&E is developing energy solutions to
                    704 Seacoast Drive                        help the region.
                Imperial Beach, CA 91932
                      (619) 575-7047
             E-mail:                         For details or to enroll in the Summer
             AMOR FLOWERS & TUX                               A/C Saver program, call 1-800-850-1705 to
             Vincent & Merle Villanueva                       reach Converge Inc., the contractor
                      181 Palm Avenue
                Imperial Beach, CA 91932                      responsible for installing, servicing and
                       (619) 628-0446                         removing the wireless device.

                                                    Newsletter 3
               Points to Ponder                            The Imperial Beach Chamber Of Commerce
            “To laugh often and love much:
   To win the respect of intelligent persons and the
                affections of children:
                                                                  AMOR FLOWERS & TUX
   To earn the approbation of honest critics and to                   Vincent & Merle Villanueva
          endure the betrayal of false friends:                            181 Palm Avenue
                To appreciate beauty:
              To find the best in others:                             Imperial Beach, CA 91932
                 To give of one’s self:
 To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy                      (619) 628-0446
child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition -            E-mail:
              This is to have succeeded.”
                               Ralph Waldo Emerson                Full Service Florist & Tuxedo Rental
     Newly Elected Officers & Directors of                  Experienced Designers specializing in Tropical
 The Imperial Beach Chamber of Commerce for                    Arrangements, Weddings & Funerals.
              Deb Janney – President
                                                                Designs for all occasions: Birthdays,
           Mike Osborne – Vice President
      Pat Hutchins – Immediate Past President
                                                              Anniversaries, Graduations, Retirements,
           Cynthia Melcher – Treasurer                        Meetings, Dances, Parties, Get Wells, etc.
            Yvette Snyder – Secretary                       Out of State & International Orders welcome
                 Board of Directors
   Joann Barrows, Jerry Bice, George Braudaway,                        We work with all budgets!
      Travis Brazil, Casey Broach, John Haupt,
           Bill Medlock, Olivia Pickering,                   ** Amor Flowers & Tux: Winner of our Business
       Cheryl Schaumburg, Tommie Schuette,                   Highlight Drawing at Chamber Monthly Breakfast
          David Seeberger, Al Winkleman

  I.B. Business Improvement District
  & I.B. Chamber of Commerce
  702 Seacoast Drive
  Imperial Beach, CA 91932

                                                   Newsletter 4

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