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TENDER SPECIFICATION               : Annual Painting Service Contract
TENDER NO                          : T148 /2009
TENDER CLOSING TIME                : 09H00
TENDER CLOSING DATE                : 16/09/ 2009
TENDER CLOSING VENUE               : Room E001 Main Campus – Vanderbijlpark

  1. Conditions of Tender:
     This Tender makes provision for the rendering of an Annual Painting Service
     Contract to The Vaal University of Technology based on the following
        1.1 The tender will run from 1st September 2009 up to the 31st August 2010;
        1.2 Tenderes have to complete the Generic Bill of Quantities used as an
            indication of the tender prices;
        1.3 Tenderes have to provide proof of their BBBEE
                 certified rating; ( BBBEE Verification
                 Certificate must be attached)
        1.4 Valid Tax Clearance Certificate
        1.5 Each tenderer has to provide a detailed specification from their preferred
            supplier similar to the one of Plascon that forms part of this tender as an
        1.6 Each tenderer has to provide proof of an approved supplier’s guarantee
            for seven (7) years after completion of the work for work completed under
            the Supplier’s supervision and making use of only the Supplier’s products.
            This is only applicable on projects above R 75 000-00;
        1.7 Each tenderer has to submit confirmation regarding supervision from
            their Preferred Supplier during execution of the work;
        1.8 A list of previous jobs that were completed successfully need to be
            provided with the tender;
        1.9 Proof of bank rating need to be provided with the tender;
        1.10 Evaluation of the tenders received will be handled as follows:
             Tenders will be opened according to the Procurement Policy of the
             From the tenders received a short list of at least three Pre-Qualified
              Tenderers will be compiled and these tenderers will be informed
            Tendered rates and specification from suppliers will also be considered
              as fixed for the duration of the tender as indicated in the tender
       1.11 Appointment of the successful tenderer will be done separately for each
            project as and when necessary.

2. General Conditions of Contract
   The General Conditions of Contract applicable on this contract are the latest
   edition applicable on the construction of Civil Engineering works as approved by
   the South–African Institute of Civil Engineers, The South African Association of
   Consulting Engineers as well as The South-African Federation of Civil
   Engineering Contractors. Copies of the General Conditions of Contract may be
   obtained from:
           The South African Institution of Civil Engineers;
           The South African Association of Consulting Engineers;
           The South African Federation of Civil Engineering Contractors.

   Allocation of work to Pre-Qualified Tenderers
    The Procurement policy of the University makes provision to call for tender for
    any work estimated above R 75 000-00. For jobs estimated below R 75 000-00
    only quotations are required.

           3.1 Tenders below R 75 000-00
               For tenders below R 75 000-00 measurement of the areas that need to
               be repainted will be done by the University in conjunction with one of
               the preferred pre-qualified tenderers (price will be the prime factor in
               this regard).

           3.2 Tenders above R 75 000-00
               In order to adhere to the Procurement Policy from the University jobs
               that require tendering (above R 75 000-00) approved pre-qualified
               tenderers will be given the opportunity to tender again for these jobs
               individually making use of their own tendered rates in the original pre-
               qualification tender. This will give them the opportunity to the short
               listed tenderers to measure the quantities of the new job to be
               painted, apply their own previously approved tender rates tot the
               measured quantities, make provision for additional items such as
               scaffolding, equipment and other requirements in the tender before
               submission of the tender.

4. Scope of work
      For the Pre-qualified tenders the scope of work consists of the following:
          Preparing and painting of new areas and previously painted areas of
           interior/exterior walls as and when required by the Vaal University of
          Preparing and painting of new and existing floors for existing and new
           buildings as and when required by the Vaal University of Technology;
          Preparing and painting of existing and new ceilings for existing building
           and new buildings as and when required by the Vaal University of
          Painting of new and existing structural steelwork as and when required
           by the Vaal University of Technology;
          Painting of existing chromadeck and galvanized roofs as and when
           required by the Vaal University of Technology;
          Painting of existing concrete roof tiles as and when required by the Vaal
           University of Technology;
          Painting of new and existing road marks on existing roads and parking
          Preparing and painting of existing and new wood inside and outside of
           existing building and new buildings as and when required by the Vaal
           University of University;
          Tenderers should also make provision for the provision and installation
           of scaffolding for the execution of the work in the second phase of

5. Specification
      Each tenderer has to provide a specification of his or her preferred supplier.
      Paint provided by preferred supplier have to adhere to the SABS specification
      and has to be accompanied by the appropriated certification. A copy of
      Plascon’s specification is attached hereto that could be used by any tenderer
      under Annexure A. Certification of SABS approved specification has to
      accompany the tender at all times.

6. Contractor’s Requirements
   The tenderer should make provision for the following:
    An upfront bank guarantee, sureties or production guarantee consisting of
      10% (ten percent) of the tender amount that has to be forwarded to the
      University prior to the commencement of each project;
    All labour and supervision required;
    All machinery, equipment and material required to complete the contract;
    Comply with the stipulations and regulations of the OHS Act;
    In the event that arithmetic errors occur in Generic Bill of Quantities the
      tendered rate will be assumed correct and the tender amount will be adjusted
    Contractor to provide proof of registration with the following Acts:
      o Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF);
      o Compensation for Occupational Injuries;
      o Diseases Act (COID);
         BBBEE verification certificate to be provided with the tender submission;
         The successful contractor will be required to submit a construction program
          for works prior to commencement of the work for each job.

7.    Contract
      The contract with the successful tender will consist of the following;
       A letter of appointment from the University;
       This specification;
       The said tender from the contractor including the form of tender;
       Signing of the following documentation in terms of the OHS Act;
         o Appointment of contractor in terms of Construction Regulation 5 (3) (b);
         o Written Agreement as envisage by Section 37 (2);
       Any other documentation that forms part of the tender received.
8.    Contract Period
       Contract Period will start from 1st September 2009 up to 31st August 2010;
       Contractor must submit the schedule and time frame to the University before
         commencing with the work for each job.

9.    Guarantee
      A guarantee on work completed to be provided by the preferred supplier for work
      done under his or her supervision and as to his or her specifications provided with
      the tender.

10.   Payment
      Payment to the contractor will be done 30 (thirty) days after receiving of an
      original VAT invoice based on the approved quantities.
      The VAT invoice will be based on the final payment certificate approved by the
      Manager Maintenance and Services. If any interim payments are required by
      the tenderer it must be indicated in the tender document.

11.   Penalty Clause
      A penalty of 0,06% (R0-60 per R1 000-00 tender) per working day for the late
      completion of the work will be applied for late completion on every job.
      The University reserves the right to terminate the contract for the sub – standard
      work done by the contractor.

12.   Retention
      An amount of 6% (Six percent) from the total tender amount will be kept back
      for a period of three (3) months after a certificate of completion is issued.

13.   Site Inspection
      A compulsory site inspection will take place as and when required by The Vaal
      University of Technology. See Plascon Specification on inspection of work done.
14.    Bill of Quantities
       The bill of quantities consists of a Generic Bill of Quantities. For each job that is
       issued to the successful contractor the quantities will be re measured and a
       payment certificate will be issued for that specific job. An order will be issued for
       each job as end when required. The tendered rates will be used and will be fixed
       for the duration of the contract.

15.    Enquiries
       If any further information is required please contact during office hours:
           Mr. C.P. Booysen:
           Director: Projects
           Vaal University of Technology
           Private Bag X021
           Vanderbijlpark 1900
           Tel: (016) 950 9994
           Fax: 086 612 8670

C.P. Booysen                                 24th August 2009
Director: Projects                           Date
                                                                               Annexure A
Plascon Specification
SPEC    SUBSTRATE          PRODUCT           WATER/SOLVENT    LIFE        SUBSTRATE        RATE/m²
NO                           &                 BASED          EXPECT-     /S               All rates per
                          PRODUCT            TEXTURE/FINISH   TANCY                        one m²
                          CODE                                (YEARS)
    1   Interior /        Professional low   Water based      Interior:   Interior:
        exterior          Sheen Pure         Smooth                7      Walls
        Cement Plaster    Acrylic            Low sheen        Exterior:   Exterior:
        & Concrete –      PEM 1000 /                              6       Window
        previously        TLS tint range                                  surrounds
        Water based

    2   Interior Cement   Professional       Solvent based         5      Walls
        Plaster &         Eggshell           Smooth
        Concrete –        Enamel             Sheen
        Previously        PSB 700/
        Solvent based     TEG tint range

3       Interior Cement   Plascon            Water based           3      Bathroom and
        Plaster &         Gehopon            Smooth                       shower
        Concrete –        Water Based        Sheen
        Previously        Epoxy
        water based       GW 3000 range
4       Interior Cement   Professional       Water based        5         Ceilings
        Plaster &         Super              Smooth
        Concrete –        Acrylic            Matt
        previously        PEM 900/
        water based       TSA tint range
5       Exterior Face     Plascon brick      Solvent based      3         Walls
        Bricks -          seal
        uncoated          WBS
6       Exterior Fiber    Professional       Water based        3         Fascia boards
        Cement –          Super              Smooth
        previously        Acrylic            Matt
        water based       PEM 900/
                          TSA tint range
7       Exterior Fiber    Professional low   Water based        6         Plumbing shaft
        Cement –          Sheen Pure         Smooth                       covers
        previously        Acrylic            Low sheen
        water based       PEM 1000/
                          TLS tint range
8       Interior          Professional       Solvent based      5         Cupboard
        Masonite -        Eggshell           Smooth                       doors
        previously        Enamel             Sheen                        Doors
        Solvent based     PSB 700/
                          TEG tint range
9       Interior Wood –   Professional       Solvent based     5          Cupboards
        previously        Eggshell           Smooth                       doors
        Solvent based     Enamel             Sheen                        Doors
                          PSB 700/
                       TEG tint range
10   Interior Wood     Plascon              Solvent based    5            Skirting
     –                 Woodcare             Smooth / clear                boards
     previously        Ultra Varnish        Gloss / suede
     varnished         X33 /X44

11   Exterior          Professional         Solvent based    3            Beans
     Wood –            Gloss                Smooth                        Doors
     previously        Enamel               Gloss
     solvent           PSB 1000 /
                       TEG tint range

12   Interior/         Professional         Water based      Interior :   Windows
     Exterior          Plascosafe 200       Smooth               7        frames
     Aluminium –       Water Based          Sheen            Exterior:
     pre-coated        Enamel                                    6
                       PPS 1 OR 2/
                       TPS tint range
13   Interior Mild     Professional         Solvent based        5        Burglar bars
     Steel-            Plascosafe 200       Smooth                        Cupboard door
     Previously        Water Based          Sheen                         frames
     Solvent based     Enamel                                             Door framers
                       PPS 700/
                       TEG tint range

14   Exterior Mild     Professional Gloss   Solvent based        3        Burglar bars
     Steel –           Enamel               Smooth                        Cupboard door
     previously        PSB 1000/            Gloss                         Frames
                       TGE tint range
     Solvent based                                                        Palisade fence
                                                                          Security gates
15   Exterior          Professional         Solvent based        3        Down pipes
     Galvanized iron   Gloss                Smooth                        Gutters
     - pre-coated      Enamel               Gloss
                       PSB 1000/
                       TEG tint range
16   Exterior          Professional Gloss   Solvent based        3        Down pipes
     Galvanized Iron   Enamel               Smooth                        Gutters
     - previously      PSB 1000/            Gloss
     based             TGE tint range
                                                            Annexure B

Spec                 Description              Unit   Qty    Tender       Amount
No.                                                          Price
 1.    Interior Walls                         m²     1600
 2.    Exterior window:
           (i) Surrounds                      m²      20
           (ii) Blocks                        m²      20
  3.   Exterior Walls plastered:
           (i) New walls                      m²     100
           (ii) Previously painted            m²     100
  4.   Floors:
           (i) Epoxy                          m²      60
           (ii) Stoep enamel                  m²      30
 5.    Interior/Exterior Ceilings             m²     600
 6.    Exterior face brick walls              m²     400
 7.    Exterior fascia boards                 m²      30
 8.    Exterior plumbing shaft covers         m²      10
 9.    Interior Masonite-cupboard doors       m²     240
 10.   Interior wood - cupboards doors        m²     240
 11.   Skirting Timber:
          (i) Painted                         m²      60
          (ii) Varnish                        m²      60
 12.   Exterior wood:
          (i) Painted                         m²      30
          (ii) Varnish                        m²      30
 13.   Exterior/interior – aluminium window
       frames                                 m²     110
 14.   Interior mild steel
          (i) burglar bars                    m²      50
          (ii) cupboards door frames          m²     140

Total carried forward to next page                                   R
Spec                   Description                   Unit   Qty    Contract       Amount
No.                                                                 Price

Total carried forward from previous page                                      R
 15.    Exterior mild steel
           (i) burglar bars                          m²      50
           (ii) balustrade                           m²      60
           (iii) cupboards door frames               m²      50
           (iv) palisade fence                       m²     200
           (v) Pipes not exceeding 200mm dia         m       10
           (vi) Waste pipes not exceeding
                  150mm dia                           m      20
           (vii) Posts pipes not exceeding
                  150mm dia                          m       20
           (viii) Security gates                     m²      10
           (ix) Window frames                        m²     100
 16.    Exterior galvanized iron pre-coated
            (i) Down pipes/gutters                   m²      50
 17.    Exterior galvanized iron
            (i) Down pipes/gutters                   m²      50
 18.    Exterior structural steel                    m²     120
 19.    Exterior structural steel (spec)
            (i) Steel Columns                        m²     200
            (ii) Beams                               m²     250
            (iii) Steel rods not exceeding
                  100mm dia.                         m      100
            (iv) Purlins, bracing etc                m²     100
 20.    Roofs (spec)
            (i) Pre-coated roof sheeting             m²      500
            (ii) Galvanised roof sheeting            m²      200
            (iii) Flat torch on waterproofing roof   m²     1000
 21.    Road marking
            (i) Demarcation line 100mm               m      5000
            (ii) Stop Signs                          No      20
            (iii) Arrows                             No      15
            (iv) Yield Signs                         No      15
            (v) Chevrons                             m²      50

Total Tender Amount before VAT                                                R

VAT @ 14%                                                                     R

Total Tender Amount including VAT                                             R
NAME:                 ____________________________________
ADDRESS:              ____________________________________
TEL: OFFICE:          ____________________________________
CELL:                 ____________________________________
FAX:                  ____________________________________
CONTACT PERSON:       ____________________________________

___________________                        ____________
SIGNATURE                                  DATE

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