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					                                                                       PRICE BID-(Part-III)

              Quotation for Interior Furnishing work of office premises
                              for SIDBI Branch Office at
                   Jeevan Suman, LIC Building, 1st Floor, Plot No-3, N-5,
                   Near CIDCO Office, Town Centre, Aurangabad-431 003

A)      Civil & Interior Furnishing Work

 Item                          Description                              Unit     Qty   Rate   Amount
  No.                                                                                  (Rs)
A       Civil Work/ Interior Work
1       Main Door-                                                      sq.ft.   24
        Removal of existing door & Providing, making and erecting
        in position fully Glazed door shutter, CP teak wood
        member for shutter frame of 100 mm x 50 mm for top,
        sides and 151 mm x 50 mm bottom rail with the glass fix to
        be of 6 mm th glass and with necessary TW bidding,
        moulding and heavy duty Brass pivots, locks, Decorative
        bended “C” shape SS handles(18” long), door
        stopper/holder, floor spring of ISI approved make etc.
        complete as directed.
        All exposed wooden surfaces to be finished with 3 coats of
        melamine polish. All as per instructions of Client.
2       Vinyl Flooring-                                                 sq.ft.   800
        Providing & fixing in position vinyl flooring 1.50mm.
        Thick of approved colour, pattern on existing floor by using
        approved adhesive of size 300mm x 300mm.. All as per
        drg. & instruction, direction etc. complete
(a)     Full height partition (partly glazed)                           sq.ft.   60
        Providing and fixing partition with frame work rigidly fixed
        to floor and slab having width of 61x 38.10 mm. & 1.10mm
        thick@0.569 kg/m tubular aluminium sections, approved
        aluminium brackets/cleats, anti corrosive sheets metal
        screw etc. all complete as per specification & drawings
        (Vertical sections at max. 600mm centers and at door jambs
        and horizontal section to be at floor level and 2 levels in
        between and at false ceiling level i.e., minimum total 5
        nos.) and vertical members should be fixed to slab. Frame
        work will be measured upto false ceiling level only.
        Also with P/F 8mm. Thick MDF of approved quality &
        make for partitions on both side etc. As per drawing.
        Including cost of making opening for switches, AC facias.
        The rates quoted shall include providing openings for
        wiring and necessary IS specified screws adhesive etc all as
        per drawing & instruction of owner.
        Also P/F 1.00mm thick LAMINATE of approved quality,
        make & colour in specified pattern both sides including
        surface preparation, pasting of laminate with approved
        adhesive & finishing it evenly to make a flat surface
        without bubble etc. Complete as per drawing. The cost of
Item                           Description                               Unit     Qty    Rate   Amount
 No.                                                                                     (Rs)
       openings for switches, AC facia, wooden beading moulding
       skirting should be included I the item having 3 coats of
       melamine polish for all exposed wooden surface. All as per
       instruction of owner.
(b)    Full Height Partition Fully Glazed                                sq.ft.   120
       P/F in position 6mm thick clear float glass for cabins as
       shown in drawings and as per instructions, wooden
       beadings, mouldings etc. All exposed wood to be finished
       in three coats of melamine polish of approved shade etc.
       complete as per drawing and instructions from client. Also
       providing, making and erecting in position Fully glazed
       door shutter, CP teak wood member for shutter frame of
       100 mm x 50 mm for top, sides and 150 mm x 50 mm rail
       with the glass fix to be of 6 mm thick, glass and with
       necessary TW biddings,, moulding and heavy duty Brass
       pivots, locks, Decorative bended “C” shape SS handles(12”
       long), door stopper/holder, floor spring of ISI approved
       make etc.complete as directed.
       All exposed wooden surfaces to be finished with 3 coats of
       melamine polish. All as per instructions of Client.
       Measurements – floor level to ceiling level = length x
       height of glass partition.
4      Painting                                                        Sqft       1400
       Providing and applying 2 or more coats of plastic emulsion
       paint of approved make (Asian/ Berger) on walls. The
       surface shall be thoroughly cleaned and prepared by raking
       old paints (existing) by sand papering and applying in putty
       to achieve smooth and truly levelled surface. Required
       number of coats and type of primer as prescribed by
       manufacture shall be applied before the application of
       finishing coat as recommended by manufactures'
5      False Ceiling                                                   sqft       825
       Providing and finishing seamless false ceiling of 12.5 mm
       th. Gyp. board fixed by using 25 mm long dry wall server
       and to the underside suspended GI channels grid
       compromising of suitable size as per site condition.
       Grid is suspended by GI soffet cleat (37 x 27 x 1.6 mm)
       (using metal expansion fasteners of 12.5 mm dia, 35 mm
       deep, 6 mm dia, & connecting clips and other accessories to
       comply with 1S - 2095-1982 and as per manufactures'
       All joints shall be finished with joint paper and tape by
       using jointing compound of India Gypboard Ltd and
       applying over it 3 layers of the filler compound to provide a
       smooth surface. The rate shall include making cuts for the
       tube lights, spot lights, grills of specified sizes etc. for
       which no extra shall be paid. Area of cutouts will be
       deducted as per IS-1200. Only plan area shall be considered
       for payment. All vertical drops, curved surfaces, recesses,
       waffles and corbellings shall be part of the flat area
       measurements, without any extra for the same.
       Rate shall also include the peripheral plywood
Item                            Description                                 Unit        Qty   Rate   Amount
 No.                                                                                          (Rs)
       boxing/rough wood framing wherever required
6      Non-Reflective Film Over Glass-                                    Sq.ft.   50
       Providing & fixing non-reflective film over existing glass
       partition/doors of approved colour, design as per
       manufacture’s specification & as per direction of
7      Vertical Blinds                                                    Sq.ft.   300
       Providing & fixing in position 100mm wide vertical blinds
       with proper mechanism of open & close of approved
       fabric,colour, shade & design of approved make complete
       as per drawing & direction of client
8      Silicon Sealent                                                    R. Ft.   30
       Providing and fixing filling silicon sealant (Wecker or
       equivalent make) between the gaps of brick masonary/RCC
       and window upto full length as per site condition. complete.
9      Cabinet for niches                                                 Sq,ft.   100
       Providing and making cabinet below window sill with
       fixing teak wood frame of 50 x 50 mm. and 18 mm thick
       plywood shutters external finished with 1mm laminate and
       internally painted with systhetic enamel paint shelves of 18
       mm th ply at 400 mm centre to centre with necessary SS ISI
       mark hardware polishing, painting, screws, hinges, opening
       arrangements, knobs / handles, locks, etc. as directed. All
       edges of shutters/ shelves to be teak wood leaping
10     Display Soft board                                                 no       1
       Providing and fixing in position 12mm th. Soft board
       paneling on existing wall including fabric cover with
       wooden beading(size-25 x 12 mm.) finished with 3 coats of
       melamine polish of approved shade etc. complete as per
       direction of client
       (Size of Board-6’ x 4’)
       (Basic cost of Fabric-Rs.150/- per Rmt.)
11     Artificial Planter                                                 no       4
       Providing & fixing artificial planter of size 2' x 1' 6” x 1' 6”
       ht. with laminate on outer surface and synthetic enamel
       paint internally andteak wood lipping/ moulding with
       melamine finish.
12     Fire Safety (Make- MiniMax/ NewAge/ CeaseFire/
       Safeguard/ NitinFire)
A      Supplying & Fixing Hand held Fire Extinguisher 5 kg                No.      4
       capacity DRY CHEMICAL POWDER with CO2 catridges
       complete with refill,full length back bracket and hose and
B      Supplying & Fixing Hand held 4.5 kg capacity CO2 type              No.      2
       Fire Extinguisher complete with refill, full length back
       bracket and hose and clip
       TOTAL (CIVIL & Interior Work)

Sl.No   ITEM DESCRIPTION                                     Quantity   Unit    R   At
        Point wiring in areas with false ceiling in PVC
        Heavy gauge electrical conduit partly in walls,
        slabs, beams columns and partly suspended
        above false ceiling (The point shall be measured
        from Distribution Board and no extra payment on
        account of circuit mains is payable) complete
        with FRLS stranded conductor:
        1) Continuous G.I. earth wire of specified sizes
        in secured conduit.
        2) Wiring with single PVC insulated stranded
        copper wire as current carrying conductors of
        specified sizes.
        3) Internal earth conductor using single PVC
        insulated stranded copper wire of specified size.
        4) Requisite flush mounting electrical accessories
        such as single pole switches, 3 pin plug sockets,
        ceiling roses, etc.
        5) Conceded switch boxes made of galvanized
        mild steel 16 gauge all for light / fan / bell / 5
        Amp plug / 20 Amp metallic plug points as
        specified below and as per additional
        6) Necessary MS flat 25 x 4 mm suspenders for
        securing conduit above false ceiling if any.
1.01    Point wiring all as above for 15 Amp 3 Pin
        sockets all as per item 1.0 but, with single PVC
        insulated 4 sqmm x 2 stranded copper wires &
        2.5 mm earthing completed with accessories as
        follows :

1.1     Power plug point all as above with 15 Amp/ 5         10         Point
        Amp 3 Pin plug socket and 16 Amp modular
        switch with indicator light and fuse (glass bulb
1.2     Providing fan hook using 2 anchor bolts in slab      5          Point
        and switch box with electronic fan regulator.
1.3     Modular Switch Plate
1.3.1   Supply, erecting, testing and commissioning of
        concealed type power plug points complete in all
        respect including wiring with 3nos. x 2.5 sqmm
        copper PVC insulated wire in PVC conduit
1.3.2   Set of Modular plate type 6Ax2Nos. socket            7          Nos.
        outlets with 16A switch & 6/16A Switch socket
        (switches with indicator) for computer power to
        be mounted on partition/wall.
1.3.3   Modular plate type 16A switch with indicator         7          Nos
        and 6/16A socket to be mounted on partition/wall
        with back box.
1.3.4   3 pin socket of 20Amp with plug top & 25A SP         6          Nos.
        MCB with metal enclosure on wooden
        partitioning/wall/below      false     floor     on
        independent circuit with 3 core 4sqmm copper
2.0     Ceiling Fans
        Supplying, erecting, testing & commissioning of
        ceiling fans in following sizes / sweeps suitable
        for 230 / 250 Volts single phase 50 C/S AC
        supply with 300 mm long GI / painted down rod,
        canopies, suspension shackle and 2 x 23 / .0076”
        insulated copper flexible wire leads.
        1200 mm                                               5    Nos.
        including M S suspension pipe rod suitable
        fabricated for suspending ceiling fan (the pipe
        rod shall be of specifications of standard down
        rod supplied with ceiling fan) complete with 3
        core PVC insulated and sheathed 1.5 sq.mmm
        flexible copper wire with extra loose wire for
        connections.(Make- Usha, Bajaj, Khaitan)
3.0.1   Supplying, erecting, testing & commissioning of
        light fixtures complete with lamps, copper
        ballast, lamp holder with Nend cap, etc. duly
        wired complete for use on 240V single phase
        50Hz AC supply including all fixing accessories
        such as suspension rods/ mouting brackets etc. as
        required as per drawing. Exiting wiring to used
        with necessary extension/ modification in circuit
        and including additional wires wherever required
        a) 1x 36 W flouricient tube MIROLTA PHILIPS
        /DECORA GE light fixture with copper ballast          10   Nos.
        complete as approved

        b) 1x 36 W flouricient tube Striplite (Patti type)    5    Nos.
        fixture with copper ballast as approved

        c) Removing and refixing of the existing light        10   Nos
        fitting including necessary modification and
        extension in wiring etc. complete

        d) Providing and fixing modular type switch
        plate , switches with necessary GI box and cover      30   No.
        plate etc. complete and making necessary
4.0     DB’s and Cabling, MCB Dbs and MCBs
4.0.1   Supplying, erecting, testing & commissioning          1    Set
        complete with single earth connection TPN MCB
        DB with following:
             a) with 63 A Double pole MCB as
             b) outgoing 10 A MCB– 6 nos. & 15 A
                  MCB- 6 nos.
             Including necessary wiring & termination
             (For Lighting/Fan & Computer only)
4.0.2   Supplying, erecting, testing & commissioning
        complete with double earth connection TPN
        MCB DB
          a) with 63 A MCB 4 Pole incomer
          b) 20 A MCB- 8 nos.
          Including necessary wiring & termination
          ( For raw power and A/C )                         1    Set .
4.0.3   Supply, erecting, testing and commissioning of
        PVC insulated Copper conductor armoured, 1.1
        KV grade cables with bare copper earth wire
        erected          on         walls/ceilings/wooden
        partitioning/false ceiling/with M.S.spacers and
        G.I. saddles as required as mentioned below:

        i),                                  30   Mtr
            14SWG Copper Stranded Wire(Light &
            capacitor=5 KVA x 4 no.))
        ii) 4core x 10 , Copper Stranded Wire         45   Mtr
            14SWG (Power)
        iii) 2 core x 6 sq. mm , Copper Stranded Wire       30   Mtr
            14SWG (Computer)
4.0.4   Cable end terminations with crimping type
        Copper lugs & Siemens type glands complete in
        all respect;
        ii)       4 core x 6 & 10 sq. mm                    24   No
        iii)      4 core x 25 sq. mm                        8    No.

4.0.5   Supply & erecting continuous length of flexible
        earth wires as mentioned below:

             i)      12 SWG copper bare earth wire          50   Mtr
             ii)     12 SWG copper bare earth wire
                     (Main)                                 50   Mtr
             iii)    14 SWG copper bare earth               60   Mtr

5.0     Earthing Pit                                        1    No.
        Providing earthing as per IS/3043 with 600 x 600
        x 3 mm Cu. Plate with necessary Cu. Strip 25 x 3
        mm as earth conductor upto inspection point
        from earth electrode complete with 2” GI pipe
        inspection chamber, chamber frame and hinged
        cover with brass mesh necessary charcoal, salt,
        black cotton soil etc. complete
6.0.1   Telephone-
        Supply & Installation of telephone socket with
        shutter to be mounted on wall / Partition as
6.0.2   RJ 11 single socket                                 2    No.
6.0.3   Telephone outlet box of MK make (1 to 3             02   Nos.
        module size) fixed flush in wall for mounting
        telephone socket module plate (without module
6.0.4   Supplying, erecting, testing & commissioning
        crone connector telephone junction boxes in
        powder coated sheet steel enclosure with hinged
        cover for connecting number of telephone cable
        pairs as follows:

          10 pair                                          1      Nos
6.0.5   Supply & Installation of telephone wire drawn in   50     Rmt.
        provided under floor trunking/conduits including
        end terminations. 2pair, 0.5mm
7.0     UTP cabling
        Supply & installation of LAN system
        including termination of I/O’s, UTP & fibre
        cables complete in all aspect as per approval
        of Client. I/O jacks or face plates shall have
        integrated dust free cover.
7.0.1   4pair, Cat 6, UTP cable from data socket to jack   150    Rmt
        panel through trunking /conduits as required.
7.0.2   Cat 6 UTP jack (I/O Port), Tool free.              10     Nos
7.0.3   Face plate, dual                                   10     No.
7.0.4   Patch cord, cat6, 7 feet, Jack panel end           10     No.
8.0     RACKS & LOCAL ACCESSORIES                          1      Set
        Supply & Installation of Closed door rack, 6 U,
        floor mounted
        Horizontal cabke Manager, 1U (12 Nos.)
        Gang Box for face plate (12 Nos.)
8.01    Supplying, erecting, testing & commissioning of
        16 guage PVC Heavy gauge electrical conduit
        complete with necessary accessories surface
        mounted on walls, columns, beams, above false
        ceiling etc. to act as duct for drawing in
        telephone / LAN / fire alarm cables or for any
        other purpose in following conduit sizes.
9.0     19.4 mm (3/4 inch) conduit                         50      Mtr
                                                           TOTAL ELECTRICAL WORK

  A Civil & Interior Work                                                    Rs.
  B Electrical &/Telephone/LAN work/Airconditioner                           Rs.
    GRAND TOTAL                                                              Rs.

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