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					14:15    Esselina Macome, Emilio Mosse and Carlos
         Cumbana, Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique
         “Development and implementation of the Master
        programme in Informatics”
14:30   Denise Lakay and Gillian Khan, CPUT
        “The role of supervisors – Reflection of recent
14:45   Discussion
Blue Venue
                  Session: Future research
                   Chair: Prof Anja Mursu

13:30   Jay Barnes, CPUT
        “Design Issues in Internet-based Mental Health Support
        Systems in South Africa”                                      INDEHELA-Context
13:45   Meke Shivute, CPUT
        “Adoption of Information Communication Technologies
        for Health Service Delivery in Namibia”
13:55    Vuyisiwe Moleshe and Marlon Parker, CPUT
        “Information quality frameworks for the Web”
14:05   Yandiswa Klaas and Retha de la Harpe, CPUT
                                                                           Cape Town
        “Student data quality within the faculty of Informatics and
        Design at Cape Peninsula University of Technology”
                                                                          South Africa
14:15   Rossouw Brummer, CPUT
14:25   Cornell Stofberg and Marlon Parker, CPUT
        “The Impact of data quality on maternal healthcare”              5 September 2006
14:35   Discussion

                      15:00 – 15:30 TEA

Red Venue
15:30                        Closing Plenary
                        PROGRAMME                                            “Telemedicine Information Systems: An Overview with
                                                                             reference to South African rural applications”
8:00 – 9:00 Registration (Tea & Coffee)                              12:15   Discussion
                                                                     Blue Venue
Red Venue
                                                                                          Session: Healthcare
                       Opening Plenary
                                                                                      Chair: Dr Esselina Macome
                   Chair: Prof Dewald Roode
                                                                     11:00      Marlon Parker, CPUT
9:00    Welcome
                                                                               “ Development of a data quality framework for SMMPs”
9:10    Key Note: Dr. Rosemary Foster
                                                                     11:15     UCT
        “Director: ICT Services for the Department of Health,
                                                                               “A South African perspective on Information
        Social Services and Housing”
                                                                               Infrastructure in SMEs: An ANT approach”
9:40    Key Note: Prof Mikko Korpela
        “Depicting the 'healthcare system landscape' to
                                                                     11:45   Hein Joubert, CPUT
        information systems developers: Methodological
                                                                             “The flow of funding in the SA private healthcare sector -
                                                                             A medical Scheme perspective”
10:10   Louisa Williamson
                                                                     12:00   Elvis Kamanga and Retha de la Harpe, CPUT
                      10:30 – 11:00 TEA                                      “Investigating Small Private Medical Practices’ (SMMP)
Red Venue                                                                    perspectives of their information needs”
         Session: Information Systems/ Healthcare                    12:15   Discussion
                     Chair: Dr. Gary Wills                                                12:30 - 13:30 LUNCH
                                                                     Red Venue
11:00    Tuija Tiihonen, University of Kuopio, Finland                    Session: Information Systems/Healthcare/Education
         “Creating Framework to Recognize Context-originated                           Chair: Prof Mikko Korpela
         Factors in Information Systems in Organizations”
11:15     Johann van der Merwe, CPUT                                 13:30     Lyn Hanmer, Medical Research Council
         “The need for interactional ontologies for information                “External factors which could affect CHIS success”
         systems design”                                             13:45      Nhlanhla Mlitwa, CPUT (e-IA)
11:30    Anja Mursu, University of Kuopio, Finland                             “Exploring the concepts of the appropriation and usability
         “ Combining work development with information systems                 of community technology – from the Activity Theory
         development – ZipIT project “                                         perspective”
11:45    Walter Uys, Bytes Technology                                14:00     Retha de la Harpe, CPUT
         “Vitalistic Information Systems in SA Public Health Care”             “The organizational implications of data quality: an actor-
12:00     P. Malindi and MTE Kahn, CPUT                                        network theory perspective”