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					Assignment No 5
February 28, 2009
Assignment for Term Work (From Fundamnetals of Software Engineering by Rajib Mall, page no 162-163) Perform Object-Oriented analysis for the University Department Information System described below. This software concerns automating the activities of the various department offices of the university. The deparment offices do a lot of book-keeping activities; the software to be devloped targets to automate these activities. University Department Information System. The summary of the requirements is as follows: • Various details regarding each student such as his name, address, course registered, etc. are entered at the time he takes admission. • At the beginnning of every semester, students do course registration. The information system should allow the department secretery to enter data regarding student course registrtaion. As the secretery enters roll of the each studnet, the computer system bring up a form for the the corresponding studnet and keep track of courses already completed and those to be completed. • At the end of the semester, the instructor grading provide information to the office which the secretary enters in the computer. The information system should be able to compute the grade point average for the semester as well as the cumulative grade point average (CGPA) and prints the grade sheet for each student. • The information system should also keep track of the inventory of the Department, such as office equipmet, furniture etc. • The Department has yearly grant which is spent on buying equiment, books, stationary items, etc. Also, in addition to the annual grant that the Department gets from the University, it gets funds from different consultancy services it provides to different organizations. It is necessary that Department information System keeps tracks of it’s accounts. • The information should also keep tracks of the research project of the Department, publications by the faculties etc. 1


Activities to be Done
• Activity 1 Write the SRS document for the above problem statement. Use the SRS format discuss in the class.(10 Marks) • Activity 2 Build following analysis models. Use UML notations an drawing editors such as dia, xfig, ArgoUML to build analysis models. Submit the print out and soft copy for the same. (15 Marks) 1. Class Diagram 2. Use Case Diagram 3. Write textural description of any two use cases. 4. Draw Sequential Diagram for any two use cases. 5. Activity diagram for student registration. • Activity 3 Implement datbase-driven prototype of the above system and draw an architectural diagram showing the module dependency for the prototype implemented by you. (15 Marks)


Assignment 2

Read the CMMI Development version 2 document and prepare the list of generic goals and practices for follwoing process areas. (10 Marks) • Quantitative Project Managment (Studnets from Batch A) • Requirements Development (Studnets from Batch B) • Technical Solution (Studnets from Batch C) • Risk Managment (Studnets from Batch D)


Schedule for Submission

Batch A

4th April 2009 9AM to 10.30 AM Batch B 4th April 2009 11.AM to 12.30 PM Batch C 4th April 2009 1.30PM to 3.00 PM Batch D 4th April 2009 3.30 PM to 5.00 PM ∗ Schedule may chage if it clashes with other examinations.


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