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									                                                                 Vermont Emergency Management                                                       Volume 1, Issue 7
                                                                 A division of the Department of Public Safety
                                                                                                                                                    Oct/Nov 2007

                                                                 VEM N EWS

                                                                                        Multi-Agency Response to Train Derailment
 I   N   S   I   D   E   T   H   I   S   I   S   S   U   E   :


 March Grants
Hazard Mitigation Grants
                                                                                     A train derailment in the
 Valentines Day Storm                                                        3       middle of Middlebury on
Vermont Yankee Exercise                                                          3   Monday October 22nd
                                                                                     posed some immediate
 211 Turns 2                                                                 3
VEM Employee Honored                                                             3   hazards to the town as
                                                                                     thousands of gallons of
 70,000 VEM                                                                          gasoline were dumped
RFP: Emergency Shelter
 Workbooks                                                                   44
Generators                                                                           onto the banks of the Otter
 Distributed                                                                         Creek. However, a quick
                                                                                     response from local and
 KI Recovery Update
FloodDistribution                                                            44
                                                                                     state officials kept most of
                                                                                     the contaminants out of
                                                                                     the river.

                                                                                     The derailment sparked off
                                                                                     a fire that was quickly
                                                                                     extinguished by the
 To receive a Vermont                                                                Middlebury Fire
  Emergency Manage-                                                                  Department, but the
 ment Family Prepared-                                                               hazards caused by the spill      contaminants and found        staff state support
  ness Workbook visit:                                                               of gasoline took days to fully   that only a small amount      functions.
                                                                                     contain. Vermont’s               of gasoline leaked into the                                                                                                     Otter Creek. Most of the
                                                                                     Hazardous Materials                                            Addison County’s
        Or call:                                                                     Response Team was                pollutants that did make it
     (800) 347-0488                                                                                                                                 Community Emergency
                                                                                     dispatched minutes after the     to the river were quickly
                                                                                                                                                    Response Team was
                                                                                     accident to help contain the     absorbed by the booms or
                                                                                                                                                    dispatched by VEM to help
                                                                                     spill and continued working      dissipated as the river
                                                                                                                                                    with traffic control around
                                                                                     around the clock for the next    spilled over nearby falls.    the evacuation area
                                                                                     few days. The team                                             surrounding the
                                                                                     contained most of the spill      The response was a multi-     derailment, and at traffic
                                                                                     on land and also launched        agency response with          points where detours were
                                                                                     booms into the river to          Middlebury taking the lead    set up to divert cars
                                                                                     ensure any gas that made it      and state agencies            around the incident. CERT
                                                                                     to the water was restricted      supporting that role.         teams from surrounding
                                                                                     to the immediate area.           Vermont Emergency             counties staffed those
                                                                                                                      Management activated its      points as well as the
                                                                                     The Agency of Natural            Emergency Operations          response became a 24-
                                                                                     Resources also sent a team       Center to level 2 status      hour operation.
                           Visit Us at                                               to Middlebury to help with
                                                                                     the cleanup. ANR field
                                                                                                                      meaning VEM staff and
                                                                                                                      necessary supporting
                                                                                                                      agencies like State Police,   Continued on Page 2
                                                                                     workers did frequent land,
                                                              water, and air                   Transportation, and others
                                                                                     measurements for                 reported to the EOC to
              Page 2                                                                           Volume 1, Issue 7

                               MIDDLEBURY TRAIN DERAILMENT, CONT.

                                                                              Thursday. It appears most of the
                                                                              gas spill that was not recovered
                                                                              was soaked up by the soil.
                                                                              Vermont Central Rail, which oper-
                                                                              ates the train and is responsible
                                                                              for track maintenance and up-
                                                                              keep, determined the derailment
                                                                              was caused by a faulty rail.

                                                                              The company plans to reimburse
                                                                              residents for expenses incurred in
                                                                              the evacuation following the derail-

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To receive a Vermont    The Agency of Human Ser-
 Emergency Manage-      vices and the Red Cross
                        worked together to open a
ment Family Prepared-   shelter in town where
 ness Workbook visit:   many evacuated residents        spent the night of the inci-
       Or call:         dent.
    (800) 347-0488
                        The derailed cars that had
                        been carrying gasoline
                        were righted over the next
                        three days and the fire
                        crews and Hazmat team
                        completed operations

                                    HAZARD MITIGATION GRANTS
                          The deadline is approaching for munici-       The deadline to apply for the latest round
                          palities that wish to apply for the federal   of HMGP grants will be Friday, December
                          Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP).       14, 2007. A community need not be af-
                          The HMGP provides grants to states and        fected by any declared disaster to apply
                          local governments to implement long-term      for funds. Send applications to:
                          hazard mitigation measures after a major
                          disaster declaration.
                                                                        Ray Doherty
                                                                        Vermont Emergency Management
                          The purpose of the HMGP is to reduce the
    Visit Us at           loss of life and property due to natural
                          disasters and to enable mitigation meas-
                                                                        103 South Main Street
                                                                        Waterbury, VT 05671           ures to be implemented during the imme-
                          diate recovery from a disaster.
                                                                        (802) 241-5258
V E M N e ws                                                                                                     Page 3

 Vermont Emergency               one that is dealt with often     Massachusetts or east to
 Management, Emergency           in regular radiological drills   New Hampshire not the
 Planning Zone towns,            in Vermont. The exercise         normal route north to
 Volunteer CERT and RACES        simulated a ground               Bellows Falls High School.
 teams, and various state        release of radioactive
 agencies took part in a         material from the plant,
                                                                  Sampling teams in the
 graded exercise at the          one that was blown north.
                                                                  field; staff at town
 Vermont Yankee
 Nuclear Power
                                                                           Operations Centers
 Plant on October
                                                                           in Vernon, Guilford,
 17th.                                                                     Brattleboro,
                                                                           Dummerston, and
 The Nuclear                                                               Halifax; and state
 Regulatory                                                                personnel at the
 Commission and                                                            State Emergency
 the Federal                                                               Operations Center
 Emergency                                                                 in Waterbury all       To receive a Vermont
 Management                                                                adapted to the          Emergency Manage-
 Agency require the                                                        change.                ment Family Prepared-
 exercise every two
 years and
                                                                                                   ness Workbook visit:
                                                                         Other organizations
 evaluators from
                                                                         that took part in               Or call:
 both agencies are
                                 Prevailing winds generally       the exercise included the
 on hand to ensure
                                 blow south so most               Windham and Two Rivers,
                                                                                                      (800) 347-0488
 everyone does their job
                                 training is done with the        and Southern Windsor
 properly. Early indications
                                 plume heading toward             Regional Planning
 are that the exercise was a
                                 Massachusetts. The               Commissions, and the
 success, with only a
                                 northern direction of the        Vermont State Police.
 handful of small problems,
                                 plume made for a unique
 and no deficiencies.            situation in that
                                 evacuation routes for            A debriefing by FEMA and
                                 Vermont towns were cut           the NRC in Vernon one
 The success of the drill
                                 off; meaning the public          week after the exercise
 was particularly gratifying
                                 would have needed to             pointed out only minor
 to its players because the
 scenario posed was not          evacuate south to                issues.

            SMITH NAMED EMPLOYEE                          OF THE      MONTH

 Karen Mae Smith, Program Technician II         patchers on training for the pager notifica-
 for Vermont Emergency Management, has          tions as well as the new notification system
 been selected as the Department of Pub-        that automates messages and records avail-
 lic Safety Headquarters Employee of the        ability of responders to respond. This is now
 Month for November 2007. Karen was             incorporated into our State of Vermont
 nominated by Barbara Farr, Director of         Emergency Operations Procedures. VEM
 VEM.                                           and the State of Vermont would not be this
                                                far advanced in such a short time without
 Karen has done an outstanding job over         Karen’s leadership on this system.
 the last year and excelled at starting a                                                            Visit Us at
 new notification program for first respond-    Smith has been with Vermont Emergency
 ers in the Vermont Yankee Emergency
 Planning Zone, VEM and the State HazMat
                                                Management since May of 2005.            
 team. She works diligently with the dis-
Vermont Emergency

103 South Main Street
Waterbury, VT 05671
                                   REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS:
                                EMERGENCY SHELTER GENERATORS
Phone: 800-347-0488
 802-244-8721                  Vermont Emergency          match. Additionally, please
Fax: 802-241-5556
TTY: 888-545-7598              Management is formally          homeland/                       note that all applicants must
Hazmat Hotline: 800-641-5005   requesting cost proposals       NIMSComplianceMetrics_Lo        adhere to Vermont
                               from local towns/cities to      cal.pdf for more                Emergency Management’s
                               provide and/or wire             information).                   Minimum Financial
                               emergency shelter                                               Requirements.
                               generators.                     As the funds are limited, the
                                                               review process will focus       The performance period for
                               As part of the Request for      primarily on the number of      these funds begins
                               Proposal, all applicants will   applications, total project     September 1, 2007 and
                               need to:                        costs, geographic diversity     ends on August 31, 2008
                               1. Fill out a “Request for      and ability to supply           (all expenses and match
                               Proposal: Generator” sheet      match. Additionally, those      components must be clearly
                               with a clear separation of      towns which are NIMS            documented and must be
                               generator and wiring costs;     Compliant will be given         incurred between this time
                               a copy can be obtained on       precedence. It is also          period).
                               our web site,                   preferable for primary
                     , or by            designated shelters to be
 To receive a Vermont                                          American Red Cross
                                                                                               All applications are due via
      Emergency                calling 800-347-0488;                                           email to
                                                               Certified. A Blank Shelter
 Management Family                                                                    no
                                                               Agreement and a Guidelines
                               2. Provide a brief narrative                                    later than noon on
     Preparedness                                              & Shelter Resource Form
                               (one page or less)              must be reviewed, filled out    November 30, 2007.
   Workbook visit:
                               documenting need for the        appropriately and submitted               request; and                    as indicated in order to
        Or call:                                               apply for this certification.
    (800) 347-0488             3. Indicate if your town/city   These forms can be
                               is NIMS compliant (check        obtained by calling 800-
                               the DPS/HSU website at:         347-0488.

                                                               These funds require an
                                                               additional 50% non-Federal

                                           JULY FLOOD RECOVERY UPDATE
                                            FEMA TO CLOSE OFFICE NOVEMBER 9
                               The Federal Emergency           for disaster relief.            $38,000 promised for
                               Management Agency has           So far, FEMA’s Joint Field      State administration.
                               been working in Vermont         Office has obligated a total
                               since shortly after floods in   of $2,675,753 for 233           The Joint Field Office will
                               July that caused millions of    projects under this             be closing on November 9
                               dollars in damage to            disaster declaration.           but FEMA staff will still be
       Visit Us at             several areas of the state.
                               A federal disaster
                                                                                               in the state working with
                                                                                               state personnel to process
                               declaration allowed towns       There has also been an             in Washington, Windsor,         additional $91,000
                                                               allocated for local
                                                                                               the few remaining projects.
                               Orange, Caledonia, and
                               Orleans counties to apply       administration and

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