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					Mid-term report card
Surveying elementary school students and teachers
about HIV and AIDS
by Isaac Harvey

     recently did a survey of grade seven                                                         q One thing I found interesting was
     students and schoolteachers at                                                                  that on true/false question 3 (“HIV
     Franklin Elementary School in                                                                   is the same as AIDS”), on average
Vancouver. I wanted to do this project                                                               in all demographics one-quarter to
because I thought it would be a neat thing                                                           one-third of the survey respondents
to do and I thought I would get some                                                                 thought that HIV is the same as
interesting results showing differences                                                              AIDS (incorrect answer).
between teacher/student responses and                                                             q In the surveys completed by
between male/female participants’                                                                    teachers, I found it interesting
responses. The survey showed that                                                                    that one male teacher thought
knowledge of HIV is fairly good for                                                                  that HIV could be transmitted
students and teachers of both sexes.                                                                 through kissing (incorrect). But in
    I administered the survey by distrib-                                                            the true/false section, all of the
uting a questionnaire to students and                                                                male teachers answered every
teachers to complete in private and                                                                  question accurately. Also, there
return to me. The research period took                                                               was an uneven split in the female
place from October 15 – 25, 2006, and                                                                teacher demographic on true/false
the survey consisted of seven true/false                                                             question 5: three female teachers
and four multiple-choice questions that                                                              said that HIV could pass through
I wrote after researching similar types                                                              latex condoms (incorrect), and
of questionnaires on the Internet. (See                                                              five said it couldn’t (correct).
page 35 for a copy of the survey.)                                                                q Students, both male and female,
    I had to get permission from the                                                                 had similar answers to the
school principal and from parents of                                                                 questions. For example, among
students who took the survey. Franklin One male teacher thought that HIV                             male students on multiple-choice
Elementary has a total of 17 teachers                                                                question 4 (“A mark of disgrace
(four male and 13 female). In the
                                           could be transmitted through kissing. or discredit is referred to as…”),
seventh grade, there are 23 students (15                                                         there was a split down the middle in
boys and eight girls). In total, 12 teachers (four male and eight  terms of responses: three on one side choosing answer a) “enigma”
female) and 11 grade seven students (six male and five female)     (incorrect), and three on the other side choosing answer b) “stigma”
participated in this research. Although almost all of the teachers (correct). The results were almost the same with female students,
took part, I was surprised by how few students participated.       except for the fact that there were only five female students who
Some students didn’t do the survey because they did not ask        did the survey. Three female students answered this question
their parents to sign the permission form, or their parents        incorrectly and two gave the correct answer.
would not sign the form. Other students said they didn’t want          I was surprised by the similarity of answers in the different
to participate because they didn’t know much about HIV, or         demographics. I thought there were going to be some major
they were worried they might get the answers wrong.                differences between teachers and students, but there weren’t,
    At the end of the research period, I collected the surveys     which indicates that both seem to have a fairly good grasp on the
and entered responses onto a spreadsheet so that I could           issues. Even though my survey was among a small group, I found
analyze the data. I was looking for any patterns in answers by     this project a neat way to find out what teachers and students
either teachers or students, or by male or female participants     know and don’t know about HIV and AIDS. 5
(teachers and students together).
    Here are some of the results from my research:
q In true/false question 1 and 2 all respondents gave the          Isaac Harvey is a grade seven student at Franklin
   same answer, except for one female student who responded             Elementary School in Vancouver and a BCPWA
   differently to each question.                                       Society Communications Department volunteer.

                                           14        living 5      JanuaryqFeburary 2007
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This suggests the wisdom of regular testing of sex hormone levels        any changes in patient management but we seem to be ahead
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                                            JanuaryqFebruary 2007           living 5       35