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                         TUFNOL Laminated Plastics

    Phenolic Paper

         Kite Brand

               Excellent electrical insulator with low water absorption and good mechanical
               strength. Can be hot punched. Machines well.

         Heron Brand

               Characteristics equivalent to Kite Brand but with improved Performance in
               high humidity or tropical environments.

         Swan Brand

               Good electrical insulator similar to Kite Brand but available in round rod and
               solid sections only. Machines well.

         Grade 2P/20

               Special warm punching grade available in thin sheet form only. Generally
               similar to Kite Brand.

         Grade 1 P/24

               Special grade similar to Kite Brand and which also meets flammability Class
               FV0 requirements with low smoke emission.

         Grade 1 P/21

               Intermediate electrical grade between Kite Brand and Grade 1 P/ 13

         Grade 1 P/ 13

               Low cost, low voltage material with good all round properties. Machines well.

Rubber-Clad Grades

Many TUFNOL Grades are available clad on one or both faces with neoprene, ethylene
propylene or silicone rubber. Separate data sheets are available on request.

PTFE-Clad Grades

TUFNOL laminates are also available clad on one or both faces with PTFE film or sheet,
subject to special enquiry.

Phenolic Cotton

      Carp Brand

             Fine weave high quality fabric grade. Excellent mechanical strength, low
             water absorption and good electrical properties.

      Lynx Brand

             Fine weave fabric grade. High mechanical strength, low water absorption and
             good electrical properties. Machines well.

      Vole Brand

             Medium weave grade with good electrical and mechanical properties.
             Machines well and is particularly recommended for threaded components.

      Grade 2F/14

             Medium weave grade offering good mechanical strength and improved
             electrical properties.

      Whale Brand

             Medium weave general purpose grade. Robust and versatile with good
             electrical and mechanical strength.

      Bear Brand

             Specially developed for use as a bearing material with water and other
             lubricants. Medium weave with better electrical properties and lower water
             absorption than Whale Brand.

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     Grade 2F/3/PTFE

            Medium weave grade with PTFE uniformly distributed throughout Self-
            lubricating and ideal for dry bearing applications.

     Crow Brand

            Coarse weave fabric grade giving high impact strength. Good wear
            characteristics Tough and rugged.

Phenolic Asbestos

     Adder Brand

            Asbestos fabric grade. Good chemical resistance and mechanical strength.
            Low to medium electrical properties. Can operate continuously up to 165°C.

     Grade 4A/23

            Uses a finer asbestos fabric than Adder. A special curing process gives
            improved dimensional stability and wear resistance.

Epoxy Paper

     Grade 2P/45

            Uses modified epoxy resin to provide superior electrical properties and
            mechanical strength. Low water absorption. Excellent resistance to surface
            tracking. Can operate continuously up to 130°C intermittently up to 140°C.

Epoxy Cotton

     Grade 6F/45

            A fine cotton fabric material providing excellent mechanical and electrical
            properties. Excellent resistance to surface electrical trucking. Low water
            absorption. Can operate continuously up to 130°C intermittently up to 1 50°C.
            Machines superbly to fine tolerances.

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Polyester Glass Mat

      Grade PGM/2

            Electrical grade with assessed burning characteristics. Can be cold punched.

      Grade PGM/3

            Provides assessed burning characteristics plus improved resistance to surface

Phenolic Glass Fabric

      Grade 1OG/24

            A general purpose grade with excellent low smoke and toxicity performance in
            fire tests. Good insulator for use in Class F temperatures. High mechanical

Melamine Glass Fabric

      Grade 1OG/30

            High electrical strength combined with exceptional resistance to electrical
            tracking. High temperature capability.

Epoxy Glass Fabric

      Grade 1OG/40

            Extremely high mechanical and electrical strength. Good dielectric properties
            in both dry and humid conditions. Excellent rigidity and dimensional stability.

      Grade 1OG/41

            As 1OG/40, but with a special formulation giving controlled flammability.

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       Grade 1OG/42

              Generally similar to 1OG/40, but offers increased mechanical strength at
              higher temperatures.
              (Class F).

       Grade 1OG/43

              The controlled flammability of 1OG/41 plus the heat resistance of 1OG/42.

       Grade 1OG/44

              Similar to 1OG/42, but with improved retention of flexural strength after heat

Silicone Glass Fabric

       Grade 7G/50

              Fine weave glass cloth and silicone resin give exceptional heat resistance and
              low loss dielectric properties in high frequency electrical applications.

       Grade 1OG/50

              High temperature resistance up to 200°C. Excellent dielectric properties and
              low loss tangent

Polyimide Glass Fabric

       Grade 6G/91

              High quality material capable of operating at 260°C for long periods.
              Excellent electrical and mechanical properties flexural strength, rigidity and
              dimensional stability.

                              TUFNOL Rolled Laminated Tubes

A range of rigid, non-metallic tubes which are light in weight, have good concentricity and a
high bursting strength under internal pressure. TUFNOL RL Tubes are an economical
alternative to their moulded counterparts.

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Paper Based Phenolic

     Grade RLP/1

            Low cost 'commercial' quality grade. Suitable for low voltage electrical
            applications and some mechanical uses. Machines well.

     Grade RLP/2

            A good electrical insulator with good dielectric properties. Machines well.

     Grade RLP/3

            Superior mechanical properties to RLP/ 1, particularly with regard to its
            higher bursting strength. Machines well.

Cotton Fabric Phenolic

     Grade RLF/1

            Fine weave cotton fabric grade with good electrical and mechanical qualities.
            Machines well and is suitable for intricate components.

     Grade RLF/2

            Fairly fine weave, developed mainly for its good mechanical strength, but
            suitable for low voltage electrical applications. Machines well.

     Grade RLF/3

            Medium weave grade giving improved wear resistance where surface finish
            and intricate machining are not required. Suitable for low voltage electrical

Glass Fabric Epoxy

     Grade RLG/1

            Woven glass fabric grade with superior electrical properties, mechanical
            strength, rigidity and dimensional stability. Performs well at elevated
            temperatures when compared to RLP and RLF grades.

     Grade RLG/3

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              Similar to RLG/1 but with increased mechanical strength at higher
              temperatures (Class F).

Glass Fabric Silicone

       Grade RLG/7

              Silicone resin and glass fabric give this grade excellent electrical
              characteristics with low loss tangent and very good temperature resistance.
              Ideal for high Frequency and higher temperature Usage.

                                     TUFNOL Red Fibre

TUFNOL Red Fibre Board

       A dense cellulose material, chemically treated to be hard, tough and resilient. A good
       electrical insulator, resistant to arcing and tracking but with relatively high water
       absorption. Good mechanical strength.

       Other colours available: Grey Fibre and Black Fibre

       Sheet Thicknesses: 1.5 to 25mm thick

                                   Filament Wound Tubes

These are strong rigid tubes with a high bursting strength and a smooth, high precision
bore. They are often used for pneumatic cylinders as a replacement for aluminium.

Filament Winding is a versatile process for producing hollow sections by winding resin
impregnated glass fibre on to a revolving mandrel. Special shapes can be custom made using
a wide variety of resins, fibres and winding patterns to provide components with resistance
to stress and deformation where it is most needed.


TUFNOL Pultruded composites are glass fibre reinforced composite profiles suitable for a
wide range of applications, where chemical resistance and structural strength are required.

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Many items are made in pultruded composite sections, including walkways, ladders,
handrails, tank supports, water treatment and chemical treatment plant components, cable
troughs, safety barriers, couch trim and lightweight, corrosion resistant structural beams.

TUFNOL offers one of the largest ranges of pultruded composite profiles available
anywhere. With a choice of 3 standard resin systems, plus a range of special

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