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 MicroWorld announces the launch of eScan for Linux Servers
 Michigan, Detroit, January 24, 2005 - eScan for Linux is a reliable virus scanning software for workstations
 and servers running on Linux. It offers a complete and secure anti-virus security solution that detects and
 removes over 1,00,000 viruses, Trojans and other threats.

 With the successful launch of eScan for Linux Desktops recently, MicroWorld has now introduced eScan for
 Linux Servers to provide the complete security solution suite for Linux based networks.

 eScan for Linux has been developed with a number of features that ensure total security for your servers.
 One of the most useful features is called the "Real Time Monitor" which allows you to configure settings like
 the cache size, number of threads (files) that can be scanned simultaneously and set the maximum size up
 to which files should be scanned. You can also Quarantine infected files. Other features include setting the
 quarantine path and excluding files with specific masks (like .pdf, .txt) from scanning. Monitor allows you to
 exclude specific directories from scanning. (2 of 4) [1/28/05 1:51:05 PM]
IT Backbones - Computing Chips - Latest Computer Industry News, Press Releases, IT Directory & Links

 eScan also allows you to select different objects in your system and scan them for viruses. You can select
 and scan any directory or file, your whole computer, directories in your system and also running process for
 memory resident viruses.
 When infected files are detected, you can set the action to be taken. The actions that can be preset include
 renaming the infected file, disinfect the file and if that fails, either rename or delete the file, etc.

 Some other features include daily updates from the Internet to keep the software updated to tackle on new
 virus attacks, setup automatic scan schedules to scan the system at present times, web based interface to
 administer the software etc.

 "With the release of eScan for Linux Servers, MicroWorld now provides users of the Linux platform with a
 complete suite of products that will ensure total security from virus attacks and other security threats for
 their servers and desktops." said Mr. Govind Rammurthy, CEO, MicroWorld.

 More details about the product are available on the company's website
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