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					                        Hosted By
           Eanes I.S.D. and Lake Travis I.S.D.
                   Westlake High School
                        Chap Court
                     March 28, 2009

Welcoming Remarks:                     Leslie McCulloch
                                       Transition Facilitator
                                       Eanes I.S.D.

Global Mission of Transition:          Cindy Martin
                                       Director of Special Education
                                       Eanes I.S.D.

Introduction of Participants:          Benita Montgomery
                                       18+ Program
                                       Lake Travis ISD

Special Thanks:
                                       Bountiful Bakery
                                       Marye’s Gourmet Pizza
                                       The Grove
                                       Great Harvest
                                       Texas Honey Ham
                            Local and State Agencies

1.     Kristin Page
       Austin Travis County MHMR
       5225 N. Lamar
       Austin, Texas 78751
       512-483-5828 (fax)

Austin Travis County MHMR’s intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services
assist individuals and their families to choose and access quality and cost-effective
services and supports to best meet their unique needs and preferences. This is
accomplished through an extensive array of services and supports provided by Austin
Travis County MHMR or through a network of private and public agencies and
organizations in the Austin and Travis County area.

2.     Melinda Paninski
       Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS)
       2416-A S. Lamar
       Austin, Texas 78704
       512-442-4550 (fax)

       Christopher A. Wright
       Division for Blind Services
       7515 Cameron Road, Suite 120
       Austin, Texas 78752

The Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) assists students with
disabilities in training, and obtaining and maintaining jobs in the community.

3.     Virginia Guerra
       Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS)-
       Medically Dependent Children’s Program (MDCP)
       6400 E. Hwy 290, Suite 100
       Austin, Texas 78723
       512-706-6061 (fax)

Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) was established in
September 2004 as a result of House Bill 2292 (78the Texas Legislature). DADS strives
to provide a comprehensive array of aging and disability services, supports and
opportunities that are easily accessed in local communities.

The Medically Dependent Children’s Program provides services to support families
caring for children and young adults who are medically dependent and to encourage de-
institutionalization of children in nursing facilities. DADS employees provide case
management services

4.     Adria Dawidczik
       The Arc of the Capital Area
       2818 San Gabriel Street
       Austin, Texas 78705
       512-476-9054 (fax)

The Arc can help you chart the best course for your child to increase independence as
adults. As one of the few providers of programs and services to citizens with
developmental disabilities the Arc helps coordinate a range of community integration
services and support to help individuals with special needs achieve and maintain personal
independence.      For school age children, our services include family and caregiver
support such as ARD support, juvenile justice advocacy, transition support, parent
mentoring, educational classes, respite and academic coaches. The Arc also provides
adult support including case management, guardianship, and art therapy classes. Please
contact us to see how we can best serve your child and your family, and visit our Web
site. The Arc would like to hold a parent panel discussion at a later date. If you are
interested in attending this discussion, there will be a sign up sheet at our table so that we
can notify you of the date.

                                   Private Agencies

5.     Rob Peek
       Empowerment Options, Inc.
       1106 Clayton Lane
       Austin, Texas 78723
       512-338-4493, ext. 120
       512-338-1555 (fax)

Empowerment Options is a Home and Community based Services (HCS) provider in the
Austin and surrounding areas, providing customized community based services and
supports to persons with Mental Retardation, Autism or Pervasive Developmental
Disorder. Services provided include group home support, in-home support for those
living with family or on their own, foster care services, nursing and professional services.

6.     Jeanine Pinner
       Texas Parent to Parent
       3710 Cedar Street
       Box 12
       Austin, Texas 78705
       512-217-3558 (cell)
       512-458-8600 (TxP2P office)
       512-451-3110 (fax)

Texas Parent to Parent (TxP2P) provides support and information to families of children
with disabilities, chronic illness and other special health care needs, and the professionals
who work with them. TxP2P is a statewide nonprofit (501c(3)) organization. For more
information, visit our website: or call 866-896-6001 (T/F).

7.     Sharla Carter
       Prepaid Legal

Prepaid Legal gives parent’s legal protection for their children with social deficits and

8      Jessica Linedecker—Lead Case Manager
       Kenmar Residential Home and Community Based Services
       13581Research Blvd., Bldg. 1
       Austin, Texas 78750
       512-336-0800 Ext. 202
       512-336-0812 (fax)

Kenmar Residential is a home and community based service waiver program that
provides the following services: Residential living options (group homes or foster care),
Day      Habilitation   Programs,     case      management,      nursing,   Community
Integration/Supported Home Living Services, Supported employment, Therapies (speech,
psychology, PT/OT, social work, dietary, audio logical), and dental

9.     Sandy Lantz
       Marbridge Foundation
       2310 Bliss Spillar Road
       Manchaca, Texas 78652
       512-282-1144 ext. 1204

Marbridge is a year-round post-secondary residential training and education program for
young adults and adults with developmental disabilities and cognitive challenges.
Summer camps are also available for young adults starting at age 16.

10.    Peggy Hicks
       The Retreat at Holy Cross Lutheran Church (Day habilitation
       4622 S. Lamar
       Austin, Texas 78745

The Retreat is located on a 4 acre park on the grounds of Holy Cross Lutheran Church.
Our building is beautifully designed with an interior of soft blue colors with clouds
painted on the ceiling, a large fish aquarium, Love birds, live trees, glider swings,
benches, comfortable padded chairs and plenty of room. We do not accept violent
consumers. All the employees have been with the company for several years. There is no
staff turnover, which helps the consumer feel secure and comfortable with the same
familiar faces every day. Staff ratio averages 1 attendant for every 8 consumers.

The Retreat cont’d

Our activities include; craft sessions, classroom sessions (math, spelling, general health
information, social skills, safety issues). Various games including Bingo, ring toss,
puzzles, volleyball (for those physically able), and electronic games. Computers are
available for those interested. We have story reading everyday, snacks, and on Fridays we
have popcorn and watch an exciting movie. An exercise program is available, which can
include walks around the property and/or playing games outside (weather permitting). A
playground is available for those physically able to participate in climbing, going down
slides or swinging. We also get together to celebrate birthdays once a month with cake
and ice cream. Our goal is to make everyday exciting and fun by having a happy place to
go to and enjoy.

11.    Allen Gould and Ketan Ajmera
       D & S Residential Services, LP
       225 S. Commons Ford Road
       Austin, Texas 78733

D & S offers services to individuals with developmental disabilities of all ages. We
provide 6 bed IDF-MR group homes. We also provide a full array of HCS services to
include 4 bed group homes, Foster/Companion Care and Supported Home Living. In
many parts of the state we provide Texas Home Living Services.

D & S has been in business since 1991 and serves over 850 individuals throughout the
entire state of Texas. We also provide services in Tennessee.

D& S has a placement team member that will assist in explaining the process and finding
the best possible services based on the needs and desires presented by the families and

12.    Leigh Dunson
       Mary Lee Foundation
       1336 Lamar Square Drive
       Austin, Texas 78704
       512-442-6077 (work)
       512-922-1587 (cell)
       512-442-6825 (fax)

The Mary Lee Foundation provides a residential program for individuals with disabilities.
This is a place where individuals with developmental disabilities can live away from their
families. We have group homes and supervised apartments where they can gain
independent living skills with 24 hour supervision. We also have a day habilitation
program for individuals with disabilities. This is an opportunity for individual’s with
disabilities to learn independent living skills, participate in community activities and have

13.   Pat Collins
      Optimum Residential Services (Progressive Life of Austin)
      2579 Western Trails Ste. 140
      Austin, Texas 78745
      512-892-2524 (fax)

Optimum Residential Services operate five ICF licensed group homes housing 6
individuals in each home. We provide active treatment programs to individuals to meet
each residents needs. We contract with outside agencies for physical, occupational, and
speech therapy services.       Additional services include nutritional management,
psychological services and behavior management. Our facility nurse coordinates every
resident’s medical services with primary care physicians and any needed specialty area.
Our business office assists with ensuring residents remain eligible for benefits including
Social Security income and Medicaid benefits. Additionally, the resident’s trust funds
are managed by our office manager in conjunction with the individual and their guardian.

                                Vocational Job Resources

14.    Kim Stevenson
       Exceptional Employment Services, Inc.
       1825 East 38 ½ St.
       Austin, Texas 78722

15.    David Power
       Austin State School/VRC Industries
       2203 W. 35th Street
       Austin, Texas 78703
       512-374-6040 (fax)

VRC Industries provides employment and training for people with developmental
disabilities, and serves as the vocational services department of the Austin State School.
Client workers are paid a piece rate or minimum wage depending on the position that
they have. VRC focuses on mailing services, assembly, and packaging and also serves as
a Community Rehabilitation Program through it’s affiliation with the Texas Industries for
the Blind and Handicapped.

                          Trusts, Estate Planning, Guardianship, Etc.

16.    Renee Langley
       Stemark Associates
       11101 Sierra Montana
       Austin, Texas 78759
       e-mail: or

Stemark Associates assists parents with planning for the future needs of their children,
setting up special needs trusts, residential options, and guardianships.

17.    David Bader
       O’Connell, Bader, Lightbody & Associates
       Merrill Lynch
       111 Congress Avenue, Suite 600
       Austin, Texas 78701
       512-879-1096 (fax)

David is a Wealth Management and Certified Special Needs advisor. His company
specializes in helping parents who have children with disabilities plan for their children’s
financial security. Mr. Bader’s company works together with Social Service groups,
parents/guardians and Special Needs Trust Attorneys to ensure the future well being for
children with disabilities.


18.    Special Olympics Texas
       Mike Sullivan
       7715 Chevy Chase Dr.
       Austin, Texas 78752
       e-mail: Mike Sullivan
       e-mail for Eanes: Pegi Pickett
       e-mail for Lake Travis: Stephanie West at

The mission of Special Olympics Texas is to provide year-round sports training and
athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with
intellectual disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness,
demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills and
friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes and the community.

 In the Eanes School District, athletes may begin practicing with the team at age six, and
competing at age 8. In Eanes, athletes bowl in the fall semester, play basketball from
January through early March, and have track and field from late March through May. If
you are an Eanes parent and are interested, you need to download a Special Olympics
medical form from the Eanes web page ( under “forms and
publications” and submit that form to Pegi Pickett.

 If you are a Lake Travis parent, please contact your district’s special education office at
512-533-6460 for more details.

19.    Caroline Nelson
       Family Liaison, Special Education
       Eanes Independent School District
       512-732-9000 ext. 20423
       512-329-3691 (fax)

 Ms. Nelson will provide more information about summer camps that are offered and
how to ask for accommodations to meet your child’s needs so that they can have a
successful and enjoyable experience.

20. Laura Stock
    Dream of Hopes Ranch
    P.O. Box 26836
    Austin, Texas 78755
    Two Locations:
    4515 Keota Drive                 16250 Oak Grove Drive
    Austin, Texas 78749                   Buda, Texas 78755
Dream of Hopes Ranch, Inc. is a day camp for anyone who has mild to moderate mental
retardation, who is emotionally and physically well, and whose behavior is within our
guidelines. Activities include bowling, swimming, field trips, and crafts. Camp sessions
are Monday – Friday, 8am to 6pm, and are limited to 10 campers per week.

21. Arlene Gomez
    Camp C.A.M.P
    P.O. Box 27086
    San Antonio, Texas 78227
    210-671-5225 (fax)
C.A.M.P.'s mission is to strengthen and inspire individuals with special needs - and those
who care for them - through Recreation, Respite, and Education.

Camp C.A.M.P is a series of six one-week camp sessions for children and adults with
special needs who may not be eligible to attend other camps due to the severity of their
disability or medical condition. We also include activities for campers' siblings without
disabilities. Camp C.A.M.P. is located in Center Point, Texas, along the Guadalupe River
and provides a wide range of overnight camping experiences. A well-equipped infirmary
is available for 24-hour care. Campers sleep in large, wheelchair-assessable climate
controlled cabins, along with counselors. Campers experience typical summer activities,
such as horseback riding, swimming, canoeing, outdoor cooking and arts and crafts.
Sessions are filled on a first come, first serve basis.

Depending on the need of the camper and availability of volunteer counselor, we strive
for a counselor-to-camper ratio of up to 1:1. For siblings without disabilities, our ratio
may be 1:5 or higher.

22.    Colleen Southard
       Charis Hills Camp
       498 Faulkner Rd
       Sunset, Texas 76270
       940-964-2147 (fax)

Charis Hills offers this group of kids, those with special learning needs, an opportunity to
come to a place of acceptance. Here they meet others, both children and their counselors,
who share similar experiences who are on the road to success. They have the opportunity
to learn new activities in an environment that is safe, physically and socially. They are
supported and encouraged in ways many have never experienced before. They learn that
success is something they too can achieve with hard work.

23.    Kent Cummins
       Kent Cummins Magic Camp
       7306 Scenic Brook Drive
       Austin, Texas 78736

The Kent Cummins Magic Camp is a fully inclusive day camp for children between the
ages of 6 and 12 (we do make age exceptions on a case-by case basis), running from 9:00
A.M. to 3:00 P.M., Monday through Friday. Before and after care is available from 7:30
A.M. until 6:00 P.M. All of our regular sessions are two weeks long. After more than
fifteen years of experience, we have observed that campers learn three to four times as
much in a two-week session!

This life skills camp uses the fascination and fun of magic to raise self-esteem, improve
self-confidence, instill positive values, increase eye-hand coordination and recognize the
benefits of reading. Approximately one fourth of the campers have special needs.
Scholarships available: attendants free.

24.    John Brinson and Liz Darley
       Odyssey School Summer Program
       4407 Red River
       Austin, Texas 78751
       512-236-9385 (fax)
Odyssey School offers remedial and enrichment courses which are open to students in
grades 5-12 with learning differences. The Odyssey School Summer Program keeps
children's minds active, refreshes their academic skills and offers a chance to have fun
while learning. The summer program is an excellent way for students to maintain skills
over the summer, get extra help in specific academic areas or get a "head start" for the
fall. Our teacher to student ratio is 10 to 1 but is reduced to 4 to 1 for students in
academic language therapy classes. .

Academic-focused morning courses include written language, hands-on math, and
reading comprehension. Afternoon classes include art, computer, social skills, cooking
and drama.

25. Nancy Donley
    Soaring Eagles (Rawson-Saunders)
    2600 Exposition Blvd.
    Austin, Texas 78703
    512-476-1132 (fax)

The Soaring Eagles Summer Academy was developed to help learning disabled students,
grades 1 to 8, maintain their language arts and math skills while increasing their self-
esteem. Students participate in small group, hands-on activities in math, language arts,
organized games/movement, keyboarding, sign language, and science or creative problem

Full day and half-day programs are available. The morning program emphasizes
academic skills: math, language arts or Academic Language Therapy (ALT), organized
games/movement and keyboarding. The afternoon includes art, sign language, and other
hands-on activities in science or creative problem solving.

All Soaring Eagles classes are taught using multi-sensory teaching techniques by trained

26.    Candace Razo and Linda Swank
       Swank Enrichment Center Summer Program
       6207 Bee Caves Road
       Suite 360
       Austin, Texas 78746
       512-330-1785 (fax)

Swank Enrichment Center Summer Program offers an Academic Program and an
Interactive Metronome Program. The Academic program is an INDIVIDUALIZED 36-
hour program running throughout the summer. We like to make this program experience
as flexible as possible so we offer times starting in June and ending in August. You may
pick any 36-hours within those 3 months. Your child can come from 2-4 hours per day to
complete his or her 36 hours. The program will be made up of multiple centers that will
be individually based on the client's needs and learning style. Within the centers, we will
focus on the academic endeavors for the upcoming fall and spring semesters. The Swank
Summer Program will be a multi modality experience that every person will benefit from
no matter the age group.

The Interactive Metronome is a brain based rehabilitation assessment and training
program developed to directly improve the processing abilities that affect attention, motor
planning, and sequencing. Research shows significant results in people with ADD,
ADHD, PDD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Dyslexia and sports training.

27.    Susan Walsh
       West Austin Athletic Club Summer Programs
       1024 Patterson Lane
       Austin, Texas 78733

West Austin Athletic Club has great programs planned for this summer to
keep your children and teens active. WAAC has a range of programs
available to help kids learn & improve their swimming, try new sports, and
improve their tennis. New this year are Change the World Camps which will
look at small scale recycling, wildlife conservation, and economics. All
programs are coached with enthusiasm and encouragement. All of WAAC's
1/2 or full day camps provide kids a fun week.

                 Colleges/Universities/Trade Schools

28.    Mariah Bukowski
       Austin Community College VoCAT
       5930 Middle Fiskville Road
       Austin, Texas 78752
       512-670-9387 (fax)

VoCAT provides a continuing education college experience for individuals with special
needs. We strive to foster independence through education and focus on progress rather
than perfection. All classes are held at the Austin Community College Highland
Business Campus. Visit our website for registration and more information on our classes!

29.    Spencer Zuzolo
       Austin Community College-Game Development Institute
       5930 Middle Fiskville Road
       Austin, Texas 78752

30.    Martha Dorow/Admissions Coordinator
       College Living Experience (CLE)
       11800 Stonehollow Drive, Suite 200
       Austin, Texas 78758
       512-339-7879 (fax)

Since 1989, College Living Experience has been providing post-secondary support to
students with a variety of learning and developmental differences. Utilizing a strengths
based approach, the CLE team supports students’ efforts to develop stronger independent
living, academic, and social skills--while moving toward adulthood and greater overall

31.    Terri Gutierrez
       Southwest Center for Higher Independence
       6487 Whitby Road
       San Antonio, Texas 78240
       210-696-2410 ext. 132
       210-696-0231 (fax)

The Southwest Center for Higher Independence (SCHI) is an 18 month transitional
program in San Antonio, Texas. Students come to SCHI after high school from all over
Texas. We teach them how to get a job, keep a job, and how to live independently. We
serve young disabled adults, 18 years of age and older who have any disability, including
LD, MR/DD, Asperger’s, deaf/hard of hearing, visual impairments, seizure disorder, CP
and some mental health disorders. Students start with dorm living and progress to an
apartment on campus. They work on-campus and progress to job placement in a
community setting.

32. Shante Tasby--Admissions Advisor
    Texas State Technical College (TSTC)-Waco
    3801 Campus Drive
    Waco, Texas 76705
    254-867-2255 (fax)

TSTC is a technical college with broad based institutional learning and hands on

33.    Brenda Jones Wilkens
       Blinn College
       902 College Avenue
       Brenham, Texas 77833
       979-209-7558 (fax)

Blinn College is a 2 year college offering many transferable courses into major
universities or colleges.

34.    George Norton
       University of Texas at San Antonio
       Services for Students with Disabilities
       6960 N. Loop 1604 West
       San Antonio, TX 78249
       (210) 458-8000
Based on the philosophy that all students should be assured equal access and opportunity
at the University of Texas at Austin, Services for Students with Disabilities works to
eliminate physical, instructional and attitudinal barriers by providing reasonable
accommodations and fostering awareness within the University community.

35.    Jenni Ward—Assistant Director Office of Disabilities Services
       Texas State University
       429 N. Guadalupe
       San Marcos, Texas 78666
       512-245-8100 (fax)

Texas State University is a 4 year public university that offers 110 undergraduate

36. Lance Leissner -- Recruiter/LEC Assistant
    Lon Morris College
    800 College Avenue
    Jacksonville, Texas 75766
    1-800-259-5753 (main line)

37.    Victor Natera
       Sul Ross University
       4400 Horizon Hill Blvd. #701
       San Antonio, Texas 78229
       210-564-9369 office
       432-294-2436 cell

Sul Ross is a 4 year university located in West Texas near El Paso, Texas. We are best
known for our Agriculture Resource Sciences, Criminal Justice, Business and Education
programs (to name a few). We are also known for our small class sizes; 13 -1 student to
teacher ratio; and for our cost = $6,000 per semester including: books, 12 hours tuition &
fees, room/board.

38.    Liesl Klinkerman
       Concordia University
       11400 Concordia University Drive
       Austin, Texas 78726
       512-313-4639 (fax)

Concordia University is a 4-year private, Liberals Arts university in Austin, Texas.

39.    John Sperry
       East Texas Baptist University
       1209 N Grove
       Marshall, Texas 75670
       903-923-2001 (fax)

40.    Nikki Ceaser
       Northwestern State University (LA)
       Natchitoches, Louisiana 71497
       318-357-5567 (fax)

41.   Nancy Westbrook
      LeTourneau University
      8501 N. Mopac, Suite 100
      Austin, Texas 78759
      512-795-1401 (fax)

LeTourneau University is a co-educational, interdemoninational Christian
university built upon a foundation of Biblican authority, which seeks to
glorify God by integrating faith, learning, and living. LeTourneau is a
comprehensive academic institution, offering undergraduate, graduate, and
continuing education, and setting standards of excellence in engineering,
technology, the liberal arts, business, aeronautical, science, education, and
the sciences.

42.   Penny Kimas
      Oklahoma Baptist University
      900 W. University
      Shawnee, Oklahoma 74804
      4050878-2046 (fax)

43.   Dustin Meiron
      Tarlton State University
      Stephenville, Texas 76402
      254-968-9572 (fax)

44.   Jennifer Duncan-Senior Assistant Director-Office of Admissions
      University of Arkansas
      Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701
      479-575-7515 (fax)

The University of Arkansas, the state’s flagship campus, resides on a hilltop
overlooking the scenic Ozark Mountains to the south. Since the University’s
founding in 1871, the campus has grown to encompass more than 130
buildings on over 400 acres and now houses some of the nation’s best
academic programs ranging from animal science to creative writing among
many others. The U of A is also home to some of the top academic colleges
and schools in the nation including the Sam M. Walton College of Business
and E. Fay Jones School of Architecture. The University offers a quality
education that competes with the best of schools while maintaining a 17:1
student to teacher ratio and student population of 19,000. One of our most
prestigious traditions is the famous Senior Walk: the names of more than
125,000 graduates chiseled into nearly five miles of campus walkways. The
University is also proud to be the home of the Arkansas Razorbacks,
members of the SEC.

                                  Unable to Attend
                          (Information available at Table # 45)

       Nicole Harmon
       CORE Health Care
       P.O. Box 419
       Dripping Springs, Texas 78620
       512-894-0801 ext. 23
       512-858-4627 (fax)

CORE Health Care is located in Dripping Springs, TX and provides care for individuals
diagnosed with autism, psychiatric disorders, brain injuries and other special needs. The
licensed professional staff provide physical, occupational, speech, cognitive and
psychotherapy with a personalized program for each resident focusing on quality of life
and independence. CORE specializes in helping individuals with prolonged, difficult-to-
treat, and often complex psychiatric and developmental disabilities. The safe and home-
like long term care environment encourages each resident to achieve higher self-esteem
and greater personal growth. Our Community Re-Entry Program, based in an apartment
complex in Austin, offers residents a chance to live more independently in the
community while continuing to receive support and structure to prevent a stay at a more
restrictive setting. Our continuum of care is designed to maximize each person's well
being by developing leisure, social and vocational pursuits that the individual finds
meaningful and consistent with their life goals.

       Jane Leifeste
       Austin Resource Center for Independent Living (ARCIL)
       825 East Rundberg, #E-6
       Austin, Texas 78753
       512-832-1869 (fax)

ARCIL is a community based, private non-profit center for independent living. Our
services are designed to help people with disabilities to achieve maximum independence
and equal community access. We work with people with all types of disabilities and
assist youth transitioning from high school to the community in implementation of their
transition plan. Our core services include independent living skills classes, peer support,
and advocacy along with information about and referral to community resources.

  Michael Zavala
     McBeth Recreation Center
     2401 Columbus Drive
     Austin, Texas 78746
     512-327-6585 (fax)

The mission of the McBeth Recreation Center is to provide a variety of quality programs
that challenge, support and teach leisure lifetime skills for the citizens of Austin with
differing abilities. McBeth will focus on quality, diversity and meeting the needs of the
disability community while living within our means. The goal of the staff is to provide a
variety of meaningful recreation experiences that will enhance quality of life. A class
schedule may be viewed at

       Ann Hart—President
       Austin Autism Society
       P.O. Box 160841
       Austin, Texas 78716-0814

The Austin Autism Society is a local chapter of the Autism Society of America. Our
focus is parent support and information and referrals. Other activities include legislative
advocacy and family social events. Anyone touched by autism is welcome to join and

                        Summer Camps Unable to Attend
                        Information available at table #19

       Liz Cass—Education Program Coordinator
       Armstrong Community Music School
       901 Barton Springs Road
       Austin, Texas 78704
Armstrong Community Music School of Austin Lyric Opera provides lifelong access to
the musical arts through instruction and performances for all regardless of age, skill,
ethnicity or income. They offer 4 summer camps and an advanced summer vocal

 MoMo (Music on My Own) has 2 sessions; June 8-12 and August 3-7 and is for children
ages 5-7. This camp is aimed at nurturing basic musical abilities and fostering a genuine
love for music making.

MUSICAL SPLASH! is offered June 15-26 and is for children ages 8-12. This summer
camp is to help the children dive into the wild world of music by creating, producing and
starring in their very own musical drama.
OPERA ODYSSEY is offered July 13-31 for children ages 8-12. At this camp, the
students become experts in the exciting world of opera by creating and starring in their
own production.

SONGWRITER’S WORKSHOP with Darden Smith is offered August 3-7 for
students ages 12-18. Renowned singer/songwriter Darden Smith will show them how to
cultivate their own songwriting style.

       Camp for All
       6301 Rehburg Rd
       Burton, Texas 77835

       Administrative Office
       10500 NW Frwy, Ste. 220
       Houston, Texas 77092
Camp For All is a unique camping and retreat facility that works in partnership with
special needs groups to enrich the lives of people with chronic illnesses and disabilities.

       Camp Kodiak
       Winter Address                              Summer Address
       4069 Pheasant Run                           General Delivery
       Mississauga, Ontario,                       McKellar, Ontario
       Canada, L5L 2C2                             Canada, P0G 1C0
       905-569-7595                                705-389-1910
       877-569-7595                                705-389-1911
       905-569-6045 (fax)                          email:

Camp Kodiak is an integrated, non-competitive, residential camp serving children &
teens with and without ADHD, LD, NLD and Asperger Syndrome. Approximately 80%
of our campers have one or more of these challenges. Approximately 20% do not.
Campers come from all over North America and from abroad. The primary objectives of
Camp Kodiak are to build confidence and self-esteem, to improve social skills, to foster
independence and to provide an exciting and satisfying camp experience. This is
achieved by providing a safe and nurturing environment, a mature, professional staff, a
very low camper-to-staff ratio and a program that is designed to ensure success. Staff
never miss the opportunity to recognize and celebrate these successes.

       Camp Summit
       2915 LBJ Freeway, Ste. 185
       Dallas, Texas 75234-7607

Camp Summit seeks to enrich the lives of individuals with disabilities by broadening
their experiences and improving their social skills while increasing their capacity for
independence and providing opportunities to have camp-loads of FUN. For children who
are physically challenged, developmentally delayed, dual sensory impaired, multiple
disabilities. Ages: 6 – Adult.

       Shireen Conner
       Easter Seals Camp Eskimo

A therapeutic respite day camp offered in central Austin for children ages five to fifteen.
Licensed professionals, along with camp volunteers, provide rewarding experiences by
offering activities such as: swimming, field trips, crafts, potting and planting, painting,
group activities, and much more.
The camps will take place the following dates in 2009:
June 15 - 19
July 13 - 17
August 3 - 7
Not only does the camp experience provide fun for the kids, it provides respite relief for
parents and caregivers.

       Texas Elks Camp
       Rt. 5, Box 185
       Gonzales, Texas 78629
       830-875-5455 (fax)

Texas Elks Camp provides camp opportunities for any child with a disability not
requiring one-to-one care who is a resident of Texas. Some of activities offered include;
swimming, fishing, horseback, team building, etc. No charge. Ages 7-15

       Texas Lions Camp
       P.O. Box 290247
       Kerrville, Texas 78029

Texas Lions Camp is a residential camping facility for children with physical handicaps,
type 1 diabetes and cancer. The camp is located on over 500 acres in Texas Hill Country.
Each week is designated for fun, exploration and challenge, swimming, riding, arts &
crafts and much more. All children must be residents of Texas and have a Lions sponsor.
Any Lion in your area can do this; just get in touch with one or call the camp for the
name of a Lion near you. Most disabilities served, prefer 70+ IQ, but depends on the
child. Call for more information.

                      Colleges/Universities Unable to Attend
                      Information available at tables #46-47

       Cathy Tremaria
       Austin Community College
       11928 Stonehollow Drive
       Austin, Texas 78758
       512-223-4881 (fax)

As one of only 50 community college districts in Texas, Austin Community College
provides access to high-quality education at affordable tuition rates. ACC offers
university transfer curriculum, technical certificate programs, two-year associate degrees,
foundation skills and English as a Second Language courses, and a highly diverse
Continuing Education program.

       Texas Lutheran University
       1000 W. Court St.
       Seguin, Texas 78155

       Kima Light
       Northwood University
       1114 W FM 1382
       Cedar Hill, Texas 75704
       972-291-3824 (fax)

Dan Meek
Schreiner University
2100 Memorial Blvd
Kerrville, Texas 78028
830-792-7226 (fax)

Southwestern University
1001 E. University Ave
Georgetown, Texas 78626
512-863-5788 (fax)

Midwestern State University

St. Edwards University

University of the Ozarks

Tyler Junior College

Mary Hardin Baylor

McClennan Community College

Texas Christian University

Hardin-Simmons University

Dillard University (LA)

Stephen F. Austin University

McMurray University

University of North Texas

University of Colorado (Boulder)

Loyola University (LA)

Sam Houston University

Navarro College

Eastern New Mexico University

Dallas Baptist University