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									                                    ICMART LETTER
                        EDITOR: Dr François Beyens, rue de l’Amazone, 62, Brussels 1060, Belgium.
                        Tel: +32 2 539 39 00. Fax: +32 2 539 36 92. e-mail: fbeyens@arcadis.be.

                                                                            FOURTH QUARTER 2004

1. Minutes of the General Assembly which                   b. Reports by the Vice-Presidents.
took place in Sidney, Australia, during the
ICMART 11th World Congress, on Saturday                - Dr Walburg Maric-Oehler:
October 2nd 2004.
                                                       We all work together as a team, in promoting the
      Were present: Drs Walburg Maric-Oehler,          idea of ICMART whether nationally or
Helmut Liertzer, Bryan Franck, François Beyens,        internationally. Of course my main work takes
Chin Chan, Daniel Traum, Nickolay Nickolaev,           place in Germany, and we try to bring all our
Linda Kluger, Gilbert Lambrechts, Frantisek            interests and ideas together, with the help of
Para, Marshall Sager, Mauro Cucci, Giovanni            Rainer Wander who has joined us at this
Garofano, Aysegül Öztürk, Mike Cummings,               congress. I still enjoy working for ICMART and
Wellington Tan, Harry Bong, Steven Aung,               supporting the tradition, which includes helping
Carlos China, Rainer Wander, Varão Nolasco,            François who has been at this task for more than
Alcilo Amado, Gabriella Hegyi.                         twenty years. Regularly we have new blood
                                                       joining us, like Marshall Sager who accepted to
The president, Christer Carlsson, was excused.         continue the Education Chapter, a subject on
                                                       which we all worked together. I remember many
    a. Introduction by François Beyens:                of you coming to Berlin in 2001, trying to
                                                       improve the cooperation between different
Dear Friends, Dear Old Members, Dear New               continents and countries. This the work we are
Members, Dear Future Members,                          continuing every year in Mainz, in cooperation
                                                       with Mainz University, as a dialogue between
How many General Assemblies of ICMART                  mainstream medicine and acupuncture.
have you attended? How many moments,
especially at the beginning, where we would            - Dr. Bryan Frank
wonder what would become of ICMART? How
many times did we discuss its future? And here         In the name of the Bureau I would like to thank
we are, after so many years, more active and           the Australian Medical Acupuncture College for
more present than ever, although with more and         the efforts they have made regarding the
more work to do.                                       organization of this congress In Sydney

I am pleased to see that two other founding            I enjoyed the last two years working with the
members are present, Helmut Liertzer from              Bureau and the other members of the Board. We
Austria and Harry Bong from The Netherlands,           had the pleasure of participating in Congresses
a good sign of continuation and support.               like in Brazil, and it is hard to think that already
                                                       one year has gone by. I have participated last
We are however at an historical turning point of       March in the Pan Pacific Medical Acupuncture
our evolution. ICMART is not only growing in           Confgerence with representatives from Australia,
quantity but also in personality and presence, not     New Zealand, Canada and the USA. During the
only because more associations are joining us,         summer I presented a paper at the Congress of
but because we are more aware of our                   the World Society of Pain in Tokyo, and I look
responsibilities and of the tasks we start and         forward to the Portuguese congress next year. It
eventually succeed.                                    is a pleasure to be part of this organization. Our
                                                       next AAMA congress will take place in Atlanta,

in the beginning of April, we will let you know   which puts the total of ICMART member
the details. Through the pathways of ICMART.      associations as 84!

                                                  Unanimously approved.
    c. Report by the Treasurer, Dr Palle
    Rosted:                                               e. Election of the members of the
In the absence of Dr Rosted, François Beyens
reads the results of the accounts.                - President: Dr. Bryan Franck (USA)
                                                  - Vice-Presidents: Drs. Walburg Maric-Oehler
The current account started in 2002 with          (Germany) and Nickolay Nickolaev (Latvia).
13.000,63£, and ended with 19.784,83£. In 2003    - Treasurer: Dr Palle Rosted (UK)
it ended with 26.301,14£. The High Interest       - General Secretary: Dr François Beyens
account registered the sum of 22.944,76£          (Belgium)

                                                  Other Members of the Board:
    d. Admission of new members:
                                                      -   Dr Rainer Wander (Germany)
- Portuguese Medical Society of Acupuncture.          -   Dr Mike Cummings
President: Dr. Jorge Gonçalves.                       -   Dr Gabriella Hegyi (Hungary)
                                                      -   Dr Chin Chan (Australia)
- Romanian Acupuncture Society.                       -   Dr Maeshall Sager (USA
President: Dr. Dumitru Constantin.                    -   Dr Frantisek Para (Czech Republic)
                                                      -   Dr Mauro Cucci (Italy)
- British Dental Acupuncture Society
                                                      -   Dr Gilbert Lambrechts ( Belgium)
President: Dr. Palle Rosted.
                                                  Unanimously approved.
- Medical Acupuncture Society of New Zealand:
Delegate: Dr. Wellington Tan.
                                                          f. Next Congresses:
- Acupuncture Medical Society SOMA-SP, São
                                                  The XIIth World Congress of ICMART will be
Paulo, Brazil:
                                                  hosted by the American Academy of Medical
President: Hong Jin Bai.
                                                  Acupuncture (AAMA), on the East Coast in
                                                  spring 2006.
- Section of Acupuncture and Traditional
Medicine of the Medical Doctor’s Association of
                                                  Unanimously approved.
President: Dr. Ljubica Konstantinović
- Japanese Society of Veterinary Oriental
                                                  - ICMART International Medical Symposium of
                                                  Acupuncture and Relatred Techniques 2005:
Delegate: Noriko Shimizu
                                                  hosted by the Czech Medical Acupuncture
                                                  Society of the Medical Association of J.E.
- Transylvanian Association of Integrated
                                                  Purkynĕ and the Society of Acupuncture of the
Quantum Medicine.
                                                  Slovak Medical Society.
President: Dr. Joseph Mezei.
                                                  In Prague, 20-22 May 2005.
                                                  Symposium Secretariat: Guarant International /
- Armenian Association of Traditional and
                                                  ICMART 2005, Opletalova 22, Prague 1, 110
Alternative Medicine.
                                                  00? Czech Republik.
Delegate: Dr. M.N. Avagyan.
                                                  Tel: +420 284 001 444
                                                  Fax: + 420 284 001 448
- French Federation of Medical Acupuncturists
                                                  e-mail: icmart2005@guarant.cz
for Continuous Medical Training.
                                                  Website: www.ICMART.cz
President: Dr. Christian Mouglalis.

Remark: this last federation has together 26
medical acupuncture associations in France,

Other Congresses:                                    g. Legal changes

- Annual International Symposium on              Several legal changes will be made to the bylaws
Acupuncture and Electro-Therapeutics: October    to be in compliance with Belgian laws. No
13-16, 2005. Columbia University Sqchool of      changes are substantive to the operation of
International Affairs, Dag Hammarskjold          ICMART, and permission was given for the
Lounge, 420 West 118 St, New York.               General Secretary to make these changes as
Information: Prof. Y. Omura, 800 Riverside       needed.
Drive (8-1), New York, NY 10032.                                         
Tel: +1 212 781 6262, Fax: +1 212 923 2279
                                                 Conditions for obtaining the ICMART
- The American Academy of Medical                Diploma.
17th Annual Symposium, April 1-3, 2005           To acknowledge a high level of education,
Location: Hilton Atlanta, Georgia, 404/659-      training, practice and status in the field of
2000                                             national/international medical acupuncture
Information: AAMA                                /related techniques.
4929 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 428
Los Angeles, California 90010                    a. Must be a full member of an ICMART
Tel : +1 323 937 5514                            member association.
Tel: +1 323 937 5514
Website: www.medicalacupuncture.org              b. The applicant should write a formal letter
E-mail:cjdowden@pacbell.net                      asking for the diploma, with a Curriculum Vitae,
                                                 including activities concerning acupuncture
- Barcelona, Spain, June 3-5, 2005: Second       and/or related techniques:
International Medical Congress on Acupuncture,
with the cooperation of ICMART.                          - Relevant medical and acupuncture
Information:                                             qualifications.
Department de Congressos                                 - Active and/or passive participation
COMB/MediViatges                                         in national/internationalmeetings.-
Passeig de la Bonanova, 47, 08017 Barcelona,
Tel: +34 93 567 88 60                                    Organisation or participation in the
Fax: +34 93 567 88 61                                    organisation of such meetings.
E-mail: congres@comb.es                                  - Publications, research, teaching,
                                                         lectures, promotion or
- Mainz Acupuncture Symposium, June 24-26,               representation.
2005. Organized by the University of Mainz
(Germany), the German medical Acupuncture        c. The diploma should be awarded, when
Society (DÄGfA) and the Fujian University of     possible, during a World Congress or
TCM (China), with the cooperation of             International Symposium of ICMART
Information; Dr. Walburg Maric-Oehler,           d. Pay, when accepted, the sum of US$ 200 to
Louisenstr. 15-17, D-61348 Bad Homburg,          ICMART for administrative purposes.
Fax: +49 6172 69 04 41                           A reduced concessionary fee may be approved in
E-mail: maric-oehler.daegfa@t-online.de          some circumstances.


                                                        Bryan L. Frank, M.D., FAAMA
                                                                       P.O. Box 30415
                                                        Edmond, OK 73003-0007 USA
                                                                    FAX 405-341-5342

                         October 28, 2004

                         Dear friends and colleagues,

                         Sydney was a very special time for all of us at the XI
                         ICMART World Medical Acupuncture Congress. I wish to
                         commend Dr. Chin Chan, Convener, and the Australian
                         Medical Acupuncture Society f or their leadership and
                         hosting of the Congress.

                         As with so many past ICMART Congresses, this was a
                         special time for friendships to be rekindled, new friends to
                         meet, and exploration of ancient or more current wisdom,
                         new horizons, and challenges to address- in all, a great
                         ICMART experience!

 ICMART                  As we move beyond Sydney with many wonderful memories,
 International           and on to Prague in May 20-22, 2005, I hope you experience
                         fresh success with your patients and new insights and
 Council of
                         understandings in acupuncture and related techniques.
 Acupuncture and         I want to thank Dr. Marshall Sager and the Education
 Related                 Committee for their continued efforts to examine standards of
 Techniques              training in medical acupuncture and look forward to their
                         further reports. I also thank the ICMART Bureau and Board
                         for their ongoing support and welcome Dr. Nickolay
                         Nickolaev of Latvia as new Vice-president of the Bureau.

                         Finally, I commend Dr. František Pára, M.D., Ph.D.,
                         President of the Prague ICMART Symposium 2005 and
                         Ladislav Fildán, M.D., Scientific Secretary of the Symposium
                         for their efforts in bringing a special event for us in May,
                         2005. I look forward to seeing you all there

                         Sincerest regards,

Society Headquarters:
Rue de l’Amazone, 62
1060 Brussels, Belgium   Bryan L. Frank, M.D., FAAMA
Tel. 32 2 539 39 00      President (2004-2006) International Council of Medical
Fax 32 2 539 36 92       Acupuncture & Related Techniques
http://icmart.org        President (1999-2001) American Academy of Medical

           Education Chapter, chairman: Dr. Marshall Sager

     Common Educational Elements - Core Aspects of Training
Western medical anatomy and physiology relevant to medical acupuncture

By its nature, acupuncture is an invasive medical paradigm or technique. Consequently, it is
imperative that anyone practicing acupuncture be well versed in the somatic, visceral,
neurophysiologic and neuro-anatomical implications of thrusting needles into various body
points. As a consequence of Western medical training, a physician has a thorough and
extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Furthermore, as physician healthcare
providers, we are held to a higher degree of diagnostic and therapeutic accountability. This
increased standard further underlines our expertise and responsibility. These common medical
elements added to appropriate acupuncture education and training distinguishes us as Medical

Acupuncture points and different ways of point selection

Acupuncture point technique and location selection is dictated by the various paradigms,
methods and technical therapeutic applications of acupuncture in general and by the
practitioner in particular.    Segmental considerations, applicable neuro-physiological
pathways, traditional concepts and myofascial trigger points are but a few of the particular
acupuncture approaches that will influence and determine point selection.

Substantial commonality and significant diversity exist within ICMART. Our diversity
reflects national and regional practice preferences as well as individual practitioner custom.
Our commonalities include our Western medical knowledge, our additional acupuncture
education and training and our devotion to the health and well-being of our patients. These
common goals will lead us to mutual understanding and consensus.

Safe needling and other techniques

All Western physicians are knowledgeable and trained in safe needling techniques. Of
course, sterile and preferably, disposable, acupuncture needles should be used. The
acupuncture site should be clean and free of obvious infection. Additionally, whenever
bleeding occurs, proper care should be taken to prevent the transmission of infection.

The application of laser and/or electro stimulation require special training. Appropriate
considerations as to indications and contra-indications should be made when utilizing these
modalities and techniques.

'Proper' training

Each physician member of an ICMART affiliate organization should possess an active
medical license. Additionally, above and beyond his/her Western medical education, said
physician should have undergone formal acupuncture training in the application, appropriate

use and integration of Medical Acupuncture into his/her biomedical practice and be legally
permitted to perform Medical Acupuncture in the jurisdiction in which he/she practices.

Some form of testing/evaluation/examination

It is recommended and expected that all physicians formally trained in Medical Acupuncture
will have undergone some type of testing or appropriate evaluation so as to assure the public
and their colleagues of their competency to practice.

Use of acupuncture in Western medicine

The utilization of acupuncture as a medical paradigm or technique in the Western clinic, by a
trained physician, can be very effective. Medical Acupuncture can be use adjunctive to, or as
a substitute for, traditional bio-pharmacology or surgery. When employed adjunctively,
Medical Acupuncture can compliment and enhance the effect of drugs, reduce their side-
effects, and decrease their dosage. Frequently, when a patient fails to respond to multiple
medication or surgical interventions, Medical Acupuncture alone can be effective. Medical
Acupuncture is used extensively with patients: in acute and chronic pain, as well as in those
with functional and reversible organic disorders. Therefore, a Western trained physician, who
is also trained in Medical Acupuncture, can offer his/her patient’s either/or a combination of
Western medical treatment and Medical Acupuncture – the best of both worlds.


The goal of promoting scientifically sound inquiries into the clinical efficacy, physiological
mechanisms, patterns of use, and theoretical foundations of acupuncture remain, in general,
elusive. This is because acupuncture treatment is a procedure, not a drug. It is akin to
surgery or a psychotherapy session. For this reason it has been very difficult to subject
acupuncture to the gold-standard of randomized blinded trials, and almost impossible to
conduct truly double-blind trials. However, the experience of physicians who are conducting
research into bio-pharmacology could provide cross-over methodologies which could be
utilized to facilitate acupuncture research in the future.

We must recognize a pluralistic approach to research methodology. This would include non-
randomized studies, empirical observation, case studies, evaluations of practice-based data,
and practice-based outcomes research. Also included would be epidemiological and
surveillance studies, behavioral and quality of life studies, meta-analysis, etc. Of course,
future investigators in acupuncture research must follow appropriate research protocols and
provide subjects with the same protections as in conventional medical research.

                   Acupuncture Charter Berlin.

Acupuncture has been practiced in China for over 2000 years, resulting in a wealth of empirical experience.
Interest in the technique grew tremendously in the West over the latter half of the 20th Century, and to an even
greater degree in the last 10 years.

The growth in medical acupuncture took place as a result of its perceived efficacy in acute and chronic pain, as
well as in functional and reversible organic disorders, and addiction and as a result of considerable recent

Much high quality evidence now exists to support its clinical use for a wide range of problems based on
randomised controlled trials and systematic reviews. Basic scientific research has determined many of the
neurophysiological and neuropharmacological mechanisms by which acupuncture works.

Medical acupuncturists make an orthodox diagnosis prior to treatment and only use acupuncture when indicated.
Patient safety is of paramount importance.

The full integration and regulation of medical acupuncture has not followed as rapidly as has the growth in
public interest and pragmatic use of the technique. Acupuncture education and research has, for the most part,
taken place outside the orthodox medical teaching centres, and thus it has often been ignored, or encountered
strong resistance.

The development of medical acupuncture has not progressed at the same rate in all countries. The degrees of
integration of acupuncture, medical and traditional, within national healthcare provision have differed widely.

The participants of this ICMART symposium and DÄGfA / DGfAN jubilee congress in Berlin, 14-17 Jun 2001,
strongly commit themselves to the following:

1.   Setting up unified international western quality standards of medical acupuncture in education, practice and
     research according to the principles of orthodox western medicine:
     - To optimise the effects of acupuncture and the safety for patients
     - Following evidence based medicine (EBM)
     - To critically appraise TCM theory as applied to acupuncture
     - For application in all appropriate medical specialties
     - To integrate acupuncture into modern medicine and health care
     - To synthesize two complementary visions of Man

2.   Strengthening relationships between national medical acupuncture societies in Europe and throughout the
     rest of the world

3.   Further collaboration with the World Health Organisation

4.   Extending national co-operation with:
     - Universities
     - Medical institutions
     - Institutions of healthcare
     - Health funding organisations
     - Other medical organisations of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine
     - Patient organisations

                                                                                       Berlin, 17th of June 2001


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