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					                    A Parent’s Guide to Head Lice

    Head Lice 101: The Basics                     Tips for Manual Removal of Lice

   Head lice are small insects that live in          Work in a well lighted area or use a
    people’s hair and feed on blood from their         flashlight.
    scalp. Lice glue their eggs or nits to hair       Use a grooming comb or hairbrush to
    so that the nits do not get brushed off.           remove tangles. Slightly damp hair is best
    Lice die quickly without feeding so they           for removing nits.
    cannot live very long away from your              Divide the hair into sections and fasten off
    child’s head. Nits take six to nine days to        the hair that is not being worked on.
    hatch.                                            Use a lice comb to detect and remove lice
   Head lice are very common. More than 12            and nits.
    million people, mostly children and school        Go through hair sections from the scalp to
    personnel, get head lice per year                  the end of the hair. Nits are usually found
   Direct head-to-head contact with an                close to the scalp.
    infested person is the main way head lice         Dip the comb in a cup of hot, soapy water
    are transmitted, but they may also be              or use tape to remove lice, nits or debris
    transmitted by sharing hats, scarves,              from the comb.
    headphones, combs and other hair                  Sift through the same section of hair and
    accessories. Lice cannot hop, jump or fly,         look for attached nits and live lice.
    but they can crawl rapidly.                       Move on to the next section until the
   Head lice cannot live off a human host for         entire scalp and all hair has been checked.
    more than 24-48 hours. Head lice cannot           Screen the infested person every day for
    live on pets. Head lice cannot reproduce           10 days and regularly thereafter.
    in carpets, furniture or other household
   The best treatment for head lice is manual
                                                      Numerous products for the treatment of
     How to Avoid Head Lice                            head lice are available without a
   Watch for signs of head lice: frequent             prescription.
    head scratching, complaints of itchy              Talk to your health care provider about
    scalp/head, redness behind ears or on              treatment products or alternative
    back of neck                                       treatment options.
   Teach your children not to share hats,            No product is 100 percent effective for
    headgear, scarves, headphones, combs,              getting rid of all the lice and nits.
    barrettes, helmets and hairbrushes and to         It is very important that you follow the
    avoid direct head-to-head contact.                 label directions on the product exactly.
   To kill lice on bedding and clothes, wash         Using a head lice treatment product will
    and dry them as you would ordinarily.              not prevent head lice. Only those people
    Never add any pesticide. Vacuum                    infested should be treated.
    materials that cannot be washed.                  Do not treat in the bathtub or shower, but
   Wash stuffed animals or vacuum them                have the person lean over the sink. This
    thoroughly. Never spray them with                  confines the treatment to the scalp.
   To kill lice on brushes, combs or hair
    accessories, wash them in hot, soapy
    water. Never spray them with a pesticide.

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