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Marks and Spencer retains green crown among top UK businesses, according to latest
                                survey of UK opinion formers

London, 15 April 2008 – Marks and Spencer has retained its reputation as the greenest of
the FTSE 100 companies despite a growing cynicism towards the eco-friendly image
portrayed by UK businesses, according to a UK-wide survey of opinion formers.

The first Chatsworth FTSE 100 green survey of 2008 polled UK national and trade journalists,
sustainability experts and political groups in an attempt to measure how successful large
corporations are perceived to be in tackling green issues in a changing economic

The results reveal an increasing cynicism as to whether UK business will ever aim for
anything more than ‘greenwash’ without clear leadership and legislation from the government
on environmental issues.

•   BP (38%), Tesco (21%) and British Airways (10%) are still considered to be most guilty of
    ‘greenwash’ by respondents

•   Marks and Spencer (51%) remains the top ‘green winner,’ followed by new entrant BSkyB
    (9%) and HSBC (7%) which continues to lead in the banking sector. BT Group (6%) are
    another new entrant

•   Tesco, Unilever and BP are no longer considered green winners by opinion formers

•   40% of respondents believed that Marks and Spencer had run the best-publicised green
    campaign in the last six months, although 10% believe them guilty of greenwash

•   BP, which had the most heard about green campaign six months ago, has dropped
    considerably from 40% last year to 14%

•   Half of respondents believe that the current level of media coverage is contributing to
    green fatigue amongst the general public

•   David Cameron (41%) is seen to be the political leader most committed to environmental
    change policies, followed by Nick Clegg (30%) and Gordon Brown (28%)

•   National governments (48%) are expected to take the lead on environmental issues,
    followed by the individual (19%)

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Nick Murray-Leslie, Chatsworth, comments: “Marks and Spencer continues to be seen as a
leader on green issues and remains our top green winner. This reflects their high-profile Plan
A campaign which has been praised for setting out very clear and achievable targets rather
than attempting to boost green credentials through publicity stunts that gain maximum
coverage but have little substance.

“The general public is much more aware of both the issue and the role big business has to
play. As a result they are increasingly scrutinising businesses’ sustainability programmes. It
should be every company’s priority to make sure they communicate honestly and effectively.

“Supermarkets continue to come under particular scrutiny because of their prominence in our
day to day life. Our findings shown that the brands with the most well-publicised sustainability
campaigns are also thought of as green washers, so the correlation between investment in
publicity and a positive perception by the public does not necessarily always apply.

“Some new entrants on the green winners list, such as British Sky Broadcasting group, are
beginning to harvest the fruits of their labour. Six months ago BSkyB was voted as one of the
top five companies with the most heard about green efforts, and as a result of honest and
effective communication on green issues on their media platform they are now highly
regarded by opinion formers.

“BP continues to be named as the worst green washer in the FTSE 100. Although without
doubt starting from a more difficult position because of the nature of the oil industry, BP was
chosen last time as having the most heard about green campaign.

“This time round it has been criticised for failing to live up to the eco-hype it created, with one
respondent believing they have completely lost interest in researching renewable energy
sources. This serves as further proof that once a company positions itself in the limelight it
must follow through on its promises and continue to communicate this to the public.

“A massive majority of respondents believe that national governments are responsible for
taking the lead on environmental issues. The prevailing opinion is that some businesses will
continue to do the bare minimum unless the government steps in with clear changes to

“Unfortunately Gordon Brown is not perceived to be fulfilling his green commitments, and so it
is left to UK business, and indeed the individual, to lead the way. This survey makes it very
clear that the public really does believe in fighting climate change, and so the brands that will
emerge as the most respected during this time of economic change are those that commit
themselves to real green action and honest communication.”

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                                              Chatsworth Communications Tel: +44 (0)20 7 6814070
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For a full copy of the survey report, further commentary or interview, please contact:

Nick Warren
Chatsworth Communications
Tel: + 44 (0)20 7681 4070

Notes to editors:
Survey methodology

•   A targeted group of 1,500 opinion formers from across the UK were invited to complete the
    FTSE 100 Green Winners and Green Washers Survey
•   The survey group included journalists and commentators from the UK national print and
    broadcast press, the environmental and business trade media, political groups and
    sustainability experts
•   The survey was carried out online and opened at 9:00am on Tuesday 25 March and
    closed at 5:00pm on Wednesday 2 April
•   Participants were assigned a unique identifier code to prevent duplicate responses

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