FKCC Ceramics Department Celebrates Thanksgiving with Art of the brush

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                            Amber L. Ernst-Leonard
                            Interim Director, Public Relations

    FKCC Ceramics Department Celebrates Thanksgiving with
       “Art of the Brush” Workshop, Baron Mural Tribute
Key West, FL, November 4, 2009—Florida Keys
Community College’s Ceramics Department and
its student club, Mud-Pi, will host a three-day
open house extravaganza over the Thanksgiving
holiday weekend, November 27th-29th on the
Key West Campus. The weekend centers on
the “Art of the Brush” workshop, led by
returning master potter and brush maker
Professor Glenn Grishkoff, November 27th- 28th,
from 10:00AM-4:00PM. Events also include a
celebration dinner and unveiling of a mural
honoring the late FKCC arts patron and local
artist, Jack Baron, on Saturday evening.

Professor Grishkoff will lead interested brush
makers through the process of creating exotic
brushes in the most popular two-day
workshops that Mud-Pi has ever presented.

“Glenn is literally back by popular demand,”
says Ceramics instructor Jay Gogin. “His past
workshops have been enthusiastically embraced by FKCC students and the community.”

Grishkoff’s brushes are inspired by his many trips to Japan, but have a uniquely “American West” feel
that comes to this native Californian through his many years of teaching at the University of Idaho—
making this workshop a truly “west meets east” experience.

                                                   All materials used to create the brushes are “green”
                                                   and come from a variety of unexpected sources—from
                                                   zoos to river banks to junk sales. Grishkoff spends
                                                   countless hours gathering exotic animal furs, hairs,
                                                   feathers, and bones, all of which are harvested in an
                                                   animal-friendly manner. The handles are also made
                                                   from a range of unusual materials, including bamboo,
                                                   sticks, roots, and driftwood. Cords, wires, strings, and
twine bind everything together to form functional art brushes, which are themselves pieces of art.

As the workshop is in progress, Gogin will be firing FKCC’s famous “Japanese Wood Kiln”—a three-day
process that uses nothing but “recycled” local wood salvaged from garden trimming or storm damage.

There will be a free celebration dinner on Saturday, November 28th at 6:00PM. Afterward the Mud-Pi
students will present their newest wall mural, “A Tribute to Jack Baron”, located in the ceramics glaze
room. The late and beloved Jack Baron and his partner, Robert Burton, generously donated to the
Florida Keys Educational Foundation, FKCC’s fundraising arm, to improve the Ceramics Department.
Burton will have the honor of unveiling the mural for its first public viewing.

“Jack enlivened our island with his vibrant colors,” shares Gogin. “We feel he would be proud of the
dynamic splash of Key West color that bursts from this new high fire creation.”

The open house is free and open to the public. Participation in the “Art of the Brush” workshop costs
$30 for materials. For more information, contact Jay Gogin at 305-809-3223.


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